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10 Speculations From Avengers Infinity Wars Latest Trailer

Two days ago Avengers Infinity War trailer descended on us just the way Thanos’s ship is going to descend into the Avengers Universe. It seems like just yesterday when the first Marvel movie of Avengers universe was released. Everyone around me is talking about it. We have all been dreading Thanos’s arrival on Earth to gather the Infinity Stones. Somewhere I want Thanos to gather all the Infinity Stones but I am also dreading the death of my favorite heroes.

Avengers Infinity War Trailer is a bit of a finalization of Avengers and as much as I am excited for this movie, it is making me hell lot of nervous. The Avengers Infinity War latest trailer feels like the final step before the movie comes out on April 27. Fans are bursting with happiness, anxiety and the speculation of which hero will die is just never-ending. The final war sequence where Wakanda’s protective visual barrier comes down you can see a ton of Avengers and Thanos’s army fighting. Reminds me of the battle of Middle Earth.

Avengers Infinity War

This scene passes by so fast and we are so busy looking at Captain America and Black Widow that we don’t notice Hulk, Falcon, Captain, War Machine (whom I did notice though) Vision and Wanda in the background till we stop at this panel to look closely.

Are they in Wakanda because they are trying to protect the Mind Stone aka Vision? Because let’s be real. Vision and Doctor Strange are two sitting ducks in this movie. They are going to get fried sooner or later.

Which brings us to our second image;

Doctor Strange Avengers Infinity War

Let’s just say that ‘Eye of Agamotto’ aka Time Stone is gone perhaps. But Doctor Strange please don’t die at the hand of that creepy old weird nosed Ebony Maw. Moments ago this scene we see Dr. Strange helping Ant Man or Wanda in the War happening at Wakanda. So will he be there at the war or will he be taken long before that?

Hulk Buster Suit Avengers Infinity War

Is it just me or you guys think this is Hulk as well? It has been one of those sick fantasies to see Hulk in an armor like this but why does Hulk need an armor in the first place? Can’t wait to watch this suit in action on the big screen.

Black Widow Avengers Infinity War

Hulk comes into the frame right after this one. Hulk and Natasha have been sweethearts since Avengers beginning. Natasha has a soft spot for this ‘Big Guy’. So who is Natasha so concerned about in this scene? Hulk or someone else? By the way, did anyone notice Sargent Bucky Barnes in this frame? Hell yeah, we need all the possible super heroes.

Iron Man Avengers Infinity War

Wonder whose ship is that? I am up for Guardians of The Galaxy. I hope they can help guard Earth. Why the hell does Tony need to go at every other ship flying in on Earth? >.< Why? I mean he is just a little boy.

Yep you got it right, he is my favorite superhero of Avengers Universe. If he dies bring me ton of tissues, I may not be able to watch the next movie if he dies. Please don’t kill him I beg you Stephen McFeely and Christopher Markus.

Tony Stark Avengers Infinity War

We have seen this look on Tony Stark’s face a few times by now. What? Where? Hello, Captain America Civil War. I miss his humorous inputs and ‘don’t care about anything’ attitude, but just look at his face. Listening about Thanos and his dream of acquiring the Infinity Stones from Gamora has put even Tony Stark aka Iron Man in visible tension. Speaking of which isn’t Gamora the adopted daughter of Thanos? As her species comes to an end it was Thanos who adopts Gamora and practically brings her up.

Baby Gamora  Avengers Infinity War

We do see a baby Gamora with Thanos. We get to see Thanos in his gold armor, will he be bringing that to Earth too or our heroes will die like ants in front of him so he doesn’t need it? Well, jokes apart, will we see a glimpse of Gamora’s life back there? After two installments of Guardian’s of The Galaxy we do know a few things about Gamora but up till now we have not seen an image of her childhood. The more the merrier for hungry fans of Marvel Avengers Universe.

Star Lord Avengers Infinity War

As funny as it sounds, two of the most reckless heroes of the galaxy are going to be joining hands in the fight against Thanos as another reckless hero, Spiderman, watches? Oh yes, anything is possible in this movie.

Spiderman Avengers Infinity War

I love how Spiderman is portrayed by Tom Holland. Possibly, I have a thing for him. He is by far the most heroic portrayal of Spiderman than the previous versions, no offense I liked them too. Did I say, the more the merrier? *wink*

We see Starlord telling Tony Stark that his plan sucks. Iconic Avengers scene. Like all the heroes before have done this, disagreeing with Tony Stark. Haven’t we seen this happen a ton of times already? Well, I hope this big ego clashes don’t end up Tony getting killed. NOooooooooo.

Thor Avengers Infinity War

A post about Avengers Infinity War can not simply end without Thor, right? So, Thor is on board with Guardians of The Galaxy and he is angry and ready to fight. We also see his head in Thanos’s hand. Not literally dead and dangling head, his head being crushed by Thanos. By the way, ‘Where’s Loki’?

Loki Avengers Infinity War

Loki knows the whereabouts of the Space Stone. Will he hand it over to Thanos to save his own life or better yet, the life of Thor? Moreover, is that the spaceship on which Loki & Thor were bringing Asgardians to Earth? Are those dead bodies of the last of Asgardian people?

This brings us to the rest of the Infinity stones, Soul Stone, Reality Stone and Power Stone. Reality Stone aka Aether is handed over to The Collector at the end of Thor: The Dark World but his place gets wrecked during Guardians of The Galaxy movie, so where is it now? We know the Power Stone is with the Nova Corps. Whereabouts of the Soul Stone is unknown. Also, the concept of Soul Stone has not been explored in the Marvel Cinematic Universe till now.

As far as we are concerned about Avengers Infinity War’s first installment, probably Vision or Doctor Strange will be the MacGuffin of this story. Assuming that by the end of Avengers Infinity War Thanos will have minimum three stones, Time Stone, Space Stone & probably the Mind Stone too. The next quest comes down to getting the other Stones before he does or maybe stopping him in the next movie.

According to the comics Thanos does get all the Infinity Stones and at a later stage the Creators take it back and divide them into different realms again. Or maybe that happened before the Avengers Infinity War? Well, time to read again. Maybe I am getting too ahead of this article.

Chris Hemsworth said he will be coming back for Thor 4 whilst an Iron Man movie is already in pipeline to be released in 2020. Are these all just deceiving tactics before we see one of them die in the Avengers Infinity War movie? Will Wanda lose another one of her beloved? Who will die is more of a worry rather than how will Thanos get the stones and what he will do with them afterwards.

Let’s end the post with, Thanos – The Intergalactic Super Villain with a soft spot. Gamora does say he wants to wipe out half of the galaxy & we hear Thanos says, ‘When I am done half of humanity will be dead.’

 Avengers Infinity Wars

Hope you all liked reading my thoughts on the latest trailer for Avengers: Infinity War. Do share anything that I might have missed in the comments section below.
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