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3 Day Quote Challenge Day III

Today is the final day of my three-day quote challenge and I am frankly speaking thanks so much Samantha for nominating me because I am so sick these days it’s tough to write nicely after a full day at work. I hope what I am writing for this challenges is worth reading because I am struggling to stay awake and it’s only 10 PM. Man I miss those days when I used to stay awake till 6 in the morning and still be roaring to go for another day. Lol I feel like I am crying with my words. Sorry if I bored you. So, third day huh? Can’t believe I made it. Ain’t gonna give any information about the awesome people I quote today, if you want, read about them at your leisure.

So here we go.

                                    quote Challenge Day iii
Robert Frost. Quote challenge
Who doesn’t know Robert Frost? If you have been Googling for more than 5 years you must have stumbled upon him minimum once. If you haven’t the loss is yours. Better go make up right now.
He was one heck of a poet & writer. This quote never fails in making me laugh. So whenever I feel bad I say this quote out loud and laugh. It lightens me instantly. Maybe try it when you are in such situation?

J R R Talkien quote challenge
Didn’t think I will leave him out, did you?? If you don’t know about him you might as well call yourself, ummm, “….” Sorry You can not be put in words since you don’t know about THE WRITER of last century. Maybe I am exaggerating… Nope. 😛
J R R Talking is THE WRITER to me and I love his epic fantasy adventures. His works The Hobbit and Triology of Lord of The RIngs is world-famous and one of the highest sold books in the history of literature. His books not only give us a glimpse into another world but also into the writer and his larger than life love for the written words. I can not say enough about this man. I will need a few hundred posts to say all I have to say about him. So for now, enjoy the quote.


Kabayashi Issa quote challenge
I love Japan. I love Japan’s authors and poets more. There is a whole life hidden in the writings of Kabayashi Issa’s writing. Simple, elegant and swift. If you get time read a few of his haiku and tell me what you think.
This little haiku (yep, not a quote) is so sweet and beloved of mine, I had to share it. Just imagine a snail climbing to the top of Fuji Sama and you were to take the video? LOL Have fun O Snail as you climb Fuji Sama.

Haaa, so we come to an end for the sweet quote challenge. It was so much fun, specially making all the images for the post and thinking what to write with the pictures. I shall come back with a new post soon. Thanks you all so much for sticking with me through this. Can’t thank you guys enough.

The rules are:

  1. Post three consecutive days
  2. You can pick one or three quotes per day
  3. Challenge three different bloggers per day

My three TRIBUTES are:

  1. Charley from Booksandbakes
  2. The4yearoldadult
  3. Pooja from The Weird Brown Girl

All the best for the 3 day quote challenge you three.

I hope I have not bored you to death. I hate being a Gnirob. Have fun day and take care my dear.

14 thoughts on “3 Day Quote Challenge Day III

  1. “I hope what I am writing for this challenges is worth reading”
    YES! You do, Hemangini! These lovely, insightful and witty quotes are surely worth reading and relishing! 😀

    I think finding it hard to keep awake until dawn is a sign of….. aging? 🙂 (Forgive me! But I can relate, eh! :D)

    1. hahhaahaha you made my day! I think it’s more a sign of having a 9-7 day job! All the travel and rush and then the work..

      Thanks so much for encouraging me about my writing. 🙂 That’s very kind of you. 🙂

      1. Yes! I agree, and I can relate! 😀

        You’ve been so inspiring for me, too, so I think it is just a rightful thing to give it back to you. Cause you are an equally great writer and inspiration. 🙂

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