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Advice That Mattered. Reliving Memories.

We all have a few advice that mattered to us as children but ones that we forgot as teen-adults and kept getting our butts kicked because of that. My one such advice was given to me by my sister. She used to tell me, “Look around. Learn from others. Their mistakes/failures/success/actions etc. You don’t have to do them all yourself. Learn from others. Whatever you want to do, believe in yourself.”

Believe in yourself.” Gem of an advice which I forgot with time and in turn suffered a lot before I began to actually understand the deep meaning of those words. I always wrote, never thought I could be writing on a platform where my voice could be heard. It was thrilling to write down few words in the journal and see the words coming together to make a sentence which became part of a paragraph and together they created a story. Even though no one wanted to read it, it still was important to me. As a child I had vivid imagination, being in my imagination castle gave me happiness like no other. With time, reality took over and I stopped writing and reading novels for a span of two years. Most horrible years of my life, thinking about them makes me shiver. 

Sometimes the advice that mattered felt like arrows poking in my flesh. But following those advice has been rewarding.

Later when I started again the words won’t come to me. Simply couldn’t write a full line that meant something to me. I felt anxious and angry. At times I cried because I felt helpless. This time my father’s words came to my help, Forget what you can’t do. Start with what you can.” For a person who used to sit a novel in one sitting I became someone who struggled to get past the first few pages of a novel. It is even worse to find out that you can not write at all, not even your daily journals. It is as if your mind took a wrong turn and has forgotten everything. Stranger as it might sound my weird nightmare was becoming my reality and I was panicking like a king about to lose to his enemies.

During that time my brother gifted me a beautiful journal. “Don’t ever stop doing something that makes you happy.

I started by writing a journals again. Moreover I was going through a very dark phase of my life and it took me months to get back to writing. Writing helped me get out of it but it couldn’t have happened without my family. The silent support of our loved ones, their nagging and their doubts all helped me achieve my dream of writing on a public platform.

My boyfriend suggested that its time I start a blog and give myself a bigger platform to begin anew. “Begin. Experiment and learn. You got it. I know. How about My Petridish?” & so my blog was born. I began blogging at My Petridish and I haven’t looked back. Sometimes I fall back because of my sickness or my job or family matters but I don’t stop. I am not thriving as I want to but I am slowly growing and that’s all I need right now, to grow.

Maa said, “Work hard. As long as you don’t give up, success will surely follow.” Tested and proven advice. My goal isn’t to have a ton of money or climb at the top of a corporate ladder, doing fun things is all I need. What began as an experiment quickly became a source of happiness and never-ending fun activities. Its like having my own little adventure land.

In the end, I want to give a huge thanks to every follower and friends who have given me immense happiness and encouragement with their comments to continue this mad-venture. Without you all this couldn’t have been Possible. It’s always fun to do fun activities with others rather than alone, blogging is one such activity. 

I am blogging about my dreams and the people who helped make them true for the #AdviceThatMattered activity at BlogAdda in association with Stoodnt. I found this contest by chance when my review of “Me Before You By Jojo Moyes” was selected for a feature in BlogAdda post “Collective: A Book Lovers Stash for Monsoon 2016”. Thanks BlogAdda & Stoodnt for giving me the chance to finding your contest and in turn reminding me of the days when I struggled and learnt things. It was fun to write this post.

We all have advice that mattered to us, something that gave rest to the demons in our mind and kept us going. What is yours? Share with me in the comments. 🙂

Have a wonderful time.

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