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Avengers Infinity War. Seven Questions I Can’t Stop Thinking About

Infinity War started with what in the hell moment and continued to give that feeling throughout the movie. Avengers Infinity War left us with too many questions and Russo brothers are absolutely not going to answer these questions before Avengers Infinity War II. Particularly, these few questions are lurking around the empty space that the death of all the heroes left in my head.

*Massive Spoilers Ahead* don’t read if you have not seen the movie.

Q 1. What does it mean by wiping out half the population of the Universe?

When Thanos snaps his fingers nothing happens. For a moment Thor is puzzled and asks him, ‘What did you do?’ Thanos just gets out of there without answering. But the effects of his one snap start. We see Wanda, Black Panther and a few thousand soldiers of Wakanda’s army disintegrate or turn into dust. Did they die? This includes Spiderman, Dr.Strange, Starlord and who not. I wonder if they will return or all their upcoming movies are set before Infinity War.

Q 2. Exactly how many Avengers turned to dust?

Sadness Infinity war

We have no idea because we didn’t see. Where is Ant-man, Wasp, Hawkeye during the whole movie? What the hell was Nick Fury doing till the end? Black Panther is dust but is Shuri alive?

Q 3. What the hell was Nick Fury doing while Thanos wracked havock?

Honestly, we don’t see Fury till the end of the movie. Him and Maria Hill. How can they not have known about Thanos? Or They knew?

Q 4. Why did Dr. Strange hand over the Time Stone?

Dr. Strange Avengers Infinity War

Dr. Strange sent Dormammu crying away with his time trick. So what happened with Thanos? It is silly but we have all asked this question to ourselves, why didn’t Dr. Strange just tie Thanos in a Time Loop. Doing that won’t be able to stop Thanos since he already has Space-Power-Reality & Soul Stone? No idea.

When Thanos’s Minions or sons came to collect the Time Stone Dr. Strange warned Tony aka Iron Man & Spiderman that he will not hand over the Time Stone even if it means Tony & Spiderman dies. Dr. Strange tells Iron Man that there is one possibility in which Thanos can be defeated but doesn’t tell them how. Finally, when Thanos comes for the Time Stone and everyone tries to stop but fails and Iron Man’s life is on line Dr. Strange sacrifices the Time Stone to save his life.

Why did Dr. Strange save Iron Man just what did he see in the future? What does he mean when he says, ‘This was the only way?’ What is the ENDGAME?

Q 5. Ant-man & Wasp takes place before Infinity War or after it?

Will Ant-Man & Wasp take place in the universe before Thanos snapped his fingers or it will be taking place in the wiped out universe?

They definitely travel into the micro particle world and save Wasp’s mother or they will uncover yet another secret?

Q 6. Will Gamora, Loki come back?

Avengers Infinity War

Thanos sacrificed Gamora to get the Soul Stone. Will she be coming back in Guardians of the Galaxy III or her return will be a secret till a few years?

Same goes for Loki. Thanos kills Loki at the beginning of the movie. May have been the saddest death of all in the movie. So, is the God of Mischief alive or he finally rests?

Q 7. Who is Captain Marvel? Where was she during the last 10 years of Marvel Movies? Just how powerful is she? Can she turn the clock of time and defeat Thanos?

Captain Marvel Avengers Infinity War

Well, first three questions will be answered in March 2019. As for the fourth question it will be answered with Infinity War II. Comparatively the cliff-hanger of Avengers infinity War is much confusing than any other Marvel movie ever. The deafening cheers heard when Captain Marvel’s logo shows up on that tiny monitor is enough to know how much expectations are there on Captain Marvel.

Looking at the information on WIKI Captain Marvel is like the Superman of Marvel universe. With Jude Law playing the Mar-Vell Kree hero in Captain Marvel movie, it will be a blast. I loves Brie Larson’s acting in Room excited to see her as the toughest Avenger.

Lastly, take a look at the theatrical poster of this movie.

Avengers Infinity War

Does it make sense that the heroes Iron Man, Captain America & Thor who were the top cards for death are still alive? Will they help Captain Marvel to save the universe?

Well, questions before the movie and after the movie are humongous. Let’s survive till the next movie. If you got answers be king share them in comments.

4 thoughts on “Avengers Infinity War. Seven Questions I Can’t Stop Thinking About

  1. I’m with you. Crazy, sad, confused, stunned and so many more emotions I can’t begin to count. I did really love the movie though. I’ve become obsessed. Questioning, reading reviews, continuously mulling it over in my mind, trying to figure it all out. But, I can hardly wait until 2019. My theory, and I hope it’s correct. The Avengers will find a way to steal the “time” stone from Thanos, turn back time and bring everyone back. Probably too simplistic.

    1. hahaha your comments makes me think of all the things I did after watching the movie. Can’t really figure anything out. So many theories are out there but none makes much sense. It’s all up to Russo brothers finally. I don’t know about Avenger’s stealing time stone but Captain Marvel is coming so she will bring many new surprises with her. I hope we have a grand ending in 2019 if possible without the death of our favorite heroes.

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