Solemn Oath means a dignified promise you make mostly to yourself or someone else. In other words, it also means, ‘you are screwed!’

Remember those tiny voices that start ringing in our heads as the New Year approaches? Yep! I have those too. Some call it New Year Resolutions, which I don’t make as I know I won’t be able to ride the resolution cart through the year.

Solemn Oath My Petridish Micky Mouse

Nope! Just can’t.

Still, I wanted to make an exception in 2017 & as ironic as it sounds, don’t we all love higher difficulty levels? Yes, I have the disease to aim for higher difficulty levels as soon as I land my eyes on them. In this scene, I decided not to buy any new books until the end of June 2017

Bilbo Bagging It would be fun they said

Take new resolutions. It will be fun they said.

I’m a Tsundoku & a bibliophile. Tsundoku means someone who accumulates books/reading materials and keeps making a pile without reading them. Bibliophile is someone who loved reading books and accumulates them.

I have lots of unread books and I still like buying books. I get sick often so reading isn’t as possible as it used to be but gotta read them all later, you know? 😉

How am I losing my mind over it? 

I have never ever felt so bad about an oath before. Frankly, because I never took one. This one is proving to be a huge challenge. Every day I read book reviews by blogger pals, Instagram pictures, Tweets and don’t even get me started with the number of lists I see on Facebook. The biggest culprit is Goodreads! So many books, so little life. *Sad*

Plus, I am sick often and have time on hand to do things like tumbling and insta-gramming. Out of this oath, a huge list of books is taking birth on my Amazon.

How am I coping?

I downloaded new apps on my phone. 🙂 Serial Reader is my best buddy now. I am reading novels that I might never have read. For instance, imagine reading ‘The King of The Golden River by John Ruskin’. Published in 1851 this one is a simple moral story.

The King of The Golden River by John , solemn oath

The King of The Golden River by John Ruskin

I am reading different mythologies through the apps like – Greek/Roman/Japanese/Hawaiian/Indian etc mythologies. Some Indian Vernacular apps as well. Don’t worry, I have not started with another Sherlock Holmes app yet. This year is turning a different page for me in the book world.

If you have any apps you love for reading (Please, don’t suggest Kindle, there’s something wrong with it in my system!) please, suggest me.

Finally, I don’t know about you but I think this will be my first and last oath. Not a fan. Never take a solemn oath that requires more than 1 month of your life.

So What kind of New Year Resolutions/Oath you took this year? Particularly any that you are facing trouble with?