“Being writer who moves people with her writing is my aspiration. I am still practicing, not good enough.” I said with sparkling eyes. “Dude, seriously?” At an office party I found myself sitting beside a pedigree kid who has been talking about how his father’s huge clothing business and how getting into banking is so not his thing. Honestly, why do people do a job if they don’t need it and are going to whine about it all the time to those who want to do it?

I found myself marveling at the fact that human ignorance and self-righteousness actually knows no boundaries when I told a that I want to be a full-time writer someday. The prompt response I received was, “Dude! Seriously? Isn’t that borish? Sit and make things up? A total waste of your talents you know.” Not wanting to offend the man I racked my brains for a subtle answer. How could he know what talents I have in 3 months? “On top of that It’s too easy to write. Can you tackle a financial formula and give a loan? Don’t think so. I can write a novel if I want to but I don’t. Like I said, it’s borish.” 

At that I found myself fuming, how dare he insult my passion. Unknowingly he was adding fuel to the fire.

Yes. Writing is so easy that it takes world-famous authors a year to produce a good novel. The chartbusters on NY Times and TOI don’t happen in a night. It takes practice and perseverance to be capable enough to keep going when you feel like you can’t take it anymore. Financial formula? Do you know how many non-financial people have written books on financial wisdom and you used them to polish your graduation assignments? Next time you feel like insulting someone’s passion, look at your “borish” self for not even trying. All those lines jogged around my mind and that is why it is difficult to be a writer and be in a crowd that doesn’t get you.

“Hmm.. Being a writer sure is easy. I think you should write that book of yours, if you ever finish it, give me a call.” With that I left the table as his jaw dropped.

After this I am afraid I am not going to be his crush anymore. Unfortunately for him, I couldn’t be happier! Although I would recommend not getting into such fights with your colleagues, it can be pretty harmful in the workplace. Stupid enough people like this can be found anywhere and everywhere. Writing is boring, reading is super boring. They ask why don’t you start gym instead? Yeah, books are gym for minds! You idiot!

Whats it like, being writer?

Only word I came up with is, “Mind Boggling.” You sit in front of a blank sheet and try to put together words that make something. A story, poem, prose, novel, book, magazine, newspaper article, heck even a haiku is difficult to write. It contains a part of someone’s imagination or their experience and sometimes both. Some people will never understand the struggle that creative people face. 

On days your words flow like rivers running towards the oceans and on some grim days you just stare the blank sheet and feel like crying (I know I have!). I read my old posts and ask myself was it I who wrote this? Then how am I unable to write anything at the moment? Sadly, creativity is a mix of little streams that create a river and sometimes the rain is just less. Reading is important to writers. It is fodder for a writer’s mind like rain is for the rivers. Reading enhances one’s vocabulary and grammatical understanding of the languages and gives wings to ones imagination. 

There will be days when I will have no intuition to write what I want to write and in such times I will have to work harder. Times when I can’t find words for the scenes that is happening in my mind, I will have to work even harder. Sometimes even after trying so hard, I might fail at giving birth to even the worst of drafts and I will have to accept that. 

Writing has been my wings since I was young and there is nothing like it for me. Adventures run in my blood but they run so I can write about them.  My words and stories belong to the worlds of my imagination and no one has to like them except me. No one thinks of themselves as a good writer, everyone has doubts and those days when they can’t write. Its okay not to worry yourself too much, instead, just write


On the darkest days.  On the Sunny days.

When there’s no inspiration. When you don’t want to.

Because you need to. I keep telling myself this.

Yes, there are times when I can’t find any time to write. Not my journals nor on the blog. It frustrates me and I feel bouts of unhappiness. But then I write and I am all right again. Its happiness to know that I have stories inside me and I am not afraid of giving them voice. I want to do more, I want to give voice to stories others tell me, I want to be voice for those who feel they don’t have the freedom to speak up. I made the decision to run a blog along with my full-time job because it gives me happiness to write. Maybe I’ll stop when I stop having fun writing.

Like Amelia Earhart said, “Why fly? FOR THE FUN OF IT!” 

In my wildest dreams I see myself walking the streets on a rainy day as I pass by a cafe, glance at the people sitting inside and feel jumps of happiness as I see someone reading my work. Being writer is a confusing trade, being write is tough, being write is amazing, being writer is FUN! FUN keeps us driven. Keep writing you old gibberish self. 

Its one thing to know your dreams. It’s another to follow them and make them reality. 

~ Hemangini

So many dreams die inside us when we are alive but that shouldn’t have to happen. My article about dreams talks about this in details. Even when its difficult, it is possible. Fight for what you believe in. Be ridiculed in the process but never be defeated. Be ______ (fill this blank with anything you want to be and go for it.)

Don’t hesitate in your search for the you. It’s never too late or early.

See you.