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Biblia Koshodou No Jiken Techou A Light Novel – Manga & Series Review

Biblia Koshodou No Jiken Techou. Manga.

Written by Mikami En and illustrated by Nakano Biblia Koshodou No Jiken Techou begins like most case files do, with a guy looking at a girl. When Goura Daisuke’s grandmother passes away he and his mother decide to sell the book collection to a second-hand bookshop. One book in particular was gifted to her, autographed by the author. Daisuke looks for a shop and comes to a local second-hand book shop for evaluation of the books. According to the manga a beautiful woman named Shinokawa Shioriko a woman with long hair, cute spectacle eyes, surprising shy and an other worldly penchant for books takes care of the bookstore but in the series the looks are changed. Gouriki Ayame who plays Shirokawa Shioriko adapts a different look – cute pixie cut and isn’t four eyed.

Biblia koshodou no Jiken. Light Novel. Series.

Once Daisuke visits this weird bookshop manager his life changes like trees change as spring arrives. Daisuke has a phobia, phobia of books, he can’t stand books and is not really interested in reading one. He has been this way since childhood.

Biblia koshodou no Jiken. Manga. Light Novel. Series

But once he meets Shioriko, he goes from being an unemployed man to being employed at the very shop. His detest in books slowly changes as he takes care of the books. He gets drawn into the world that Shioriko’s words paint as she solves mysteries related to the books. He becomes her help in maintaining the shop and solving the mysteries surrounding the books and those that read them.

Biblia koshodou no Jiken. Manga. Light Novel. Series

Begins the story of a bookshop owner and a book phobic who solve the mysteries together with their accomplices.

Manga is a wonderful read. So how is the TV series?

Biblia Koshodou No Jiken Techou. Series.

Biblia koshodou no Jiken. Series
                                                                   She said it. 
Biblia koshodou no Jiken. Series.
Gouriki Ayame plays Shinokawa Shioriko. The beautiful owner of Biblia Koshodou Bookshop. Her character development is slow but it keeps us guessing. Whats her story? Who is she? How did she develop her knowledge of books to such extent that she can tell about a book in details just by looking at it?

From the first episode one is intrigued into watching it further. The actors, the scenery and the wonderful bookstore that’s dream of every bibliophile. Each episode takes a unique case, a beautiful place and lots of drama. A woman’s heart is like an ocean, hiding deep secrets. This series takes it a notch deeper.

The drama is very well done, the characters talk through their expressions.

It’s a mystery series which doesn’t have horrific content, instead its beautiful. The stories unfold in the most unusual way and Shioriko’s explanation of each case, each book and each person brings us to wonder just how does this girl solve it? How does she know the books so well? Who taught her?

in books slowly changes as he takes care of the books and gets drawn in. Series
Each book has a story beautifully wrapped between its pages but what about the stories of its owners, the stories that are passed down through generations without knowing the truth that hides between the pages of the book?

In spite of everything Shioriko is still a human. Beneath her quite and shy exterior there’s a bubbling story, which come as a huge twist at the end of the last episode.

There might be a romance building up between the lead characters Shioriko and Daisuke but with Japanese drama you never know! Almost makes you want to own a bookshop.

Biblia Koshodou No Jiken Techou
A kitchen in the back of a huge bookshop, yes I God has answered my prayers! Plus Shioriko understands why we book lovers end up buying too many books.

Watch it for – the rising excitement you would feel as the case begins. To perversely eye the wonderful bookshop that you will wish to have. To get swept into the mystery of the book shop owner’s life which is yet to be solved and needs a second series. :p

Biblia Koshodou No Jiken Techou
Like charities, some mysteries also begin at home. Well, in most cases!

Whatever you decide, watch the series of read the manga. Have fun. 🙂

PS. If you can solve the mystery in the last episode, I am all ears!

9 thoughts on “Biblia Koshodou No Jiken Techou A Light Novel – Manga & Series Review

  1. Do you know where i can read the manga? On mangafox there are only 4 chapters, but i read that the series has 6 volumes in total.
    I really like it and i want to read more of it…

  2. I’ve never read a Manga, but I think, I should go for them. This one sounds quite interesting…a bibliophobic working in a book-store, a beautiful manager… well, I’m hooked. I’ll try to lay my hands on it. Sadly, I don’t watch television….only the news and sometimes, the advertisements… 😀

    1. haha a bibliophile working in a bookshop is dream come true for many of us… lol you can read it on mangafox.
      Sadly, these shows are not shown in India. I watch them online. 🙂

      Have fun. 🙂

  3. You visited and asked how do I find time to write. It was a lovely and very sincere question. I write in a journal every day, finding quotes and other things. I used to write literally over a thousand words every post and not photographs! Yikes! My youngest daughter is 30 and she said “people like visual posts, poems and photos are popular.” So, although I love writing, I realize people will comment and interact more if it is short. So there are a few thoughts. I like how you told me you work hard, but sad such long hours. 🙁 You are such a nice “aunt” for your niece, too. Hugs, Robin <3

    1. awww.. such a sweet comment. Thanks a ton for this Robin. I found some time to write today. You must have tried many ways until you reached here, salute to you. 🙂 I think your daughter is attentive and very caring to have given you real thoughts about your blog. Cheers to supportive families. Your writing is like that of a young girl, I never thought you’d have a daughter of 30! You go girl! Rock on. 🙂

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