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Books I Want To See As TV Shows. Top 5 Wednesday.

Books I want to see as tv shows is the topic of Goodreads Group – Top 5 Wednesday for the second Wednesday of September ’16. The group was found by Samantha of Thoughtsontomes and Lainey of Gingerreadslainey. I read the post about Top 5 Wednesday on Megan’s blog Bookslayerreads. I loved her post on characters you want as family. One visit to the group and I instantly fell in love with the idea of writing top 5 things about something I love about the books! I recommend you checkout the group.

So without further delay here’s my Top 5 Wednesday post.

Books I Want To See As TV Shows

  1. The Other Side of Me by Sidney Sheldon 
    To be true all books written by Sidney Sheldon can be converted into a TV Show or a Movie and I promise to watch them all. (Hope the production would be good! lol.)
    The Other Side of Me is Sidney Sheldon’s biographical novel. Trust me when I tell you I did not expect it to start the way it starts. It starts by Sidney’s crushing confusion in the down economy where making ends meet was difficult.
    books i want to see as tv shows
    Sidney was about to commit suicide as he did not see how his dreams of becoming a writer will become reality. A gentle hand, his father, talked him out of it. Thank God or we all would have missed out on the masterpieces that he has written. So how does his father do it? Hmm… Like a wise man, he told him the very lines in the picture above. Sidney.
  2. The Shiva Triology by Amish Tripathi
    Amish Tripathi was rejected by many (famous and not-so-famous) publishers, finally in 2010 his first book “The Immortals of Meluha” was self published. His book has created history in Indian Literature.
    Books I want to see as Tv shows
    Amish took inspiration from the story of Hindu God Shiva’s life. He imagines Shiva to be a man whose actions make him a GOD. I will gladly stop watching Game of Thorns to watch this triology any day.
  3. Little Forest (リトル・フォレスト) By Daisuke Igarashi
    A Japanese manga to be exact which is also called a graphical novel. Daisuke Higarashi paints all four seasons Summer, Autumn, Winter, Fall in vivid colors. A girl (Ichiko) returns to Komori, fragile and soft yet strong-willed Ichiko learns to farm and to grows her own food as done by everyone in the village. Ichiko has a unsuccessful life in the city and returns to the village where she grew up to recuperate. She gathers different shrubs, fruits from mountains and turns them into delicious dishes.

    Books I want to see as Tv shows
    All You need to Know About the tiny mountain village, Komori…

    Little Forest by Daisuke Higarashi
    Ichiko eats and drinks all the seasonal fruits, vegetables, grains, fishes and other products that she can find in the small village. Whenever needed Ichiko helps her neighbours, eats with them and has fun in her own little ways. One autumn day she receives a letter from her mother telling her about why she chose to leave, soon things change for Ichiko. It’s already made into movies but watching it as an episode a day? There’s no fun like that! Reading and writing about food at 3 AM is making me hungry.

  4. The Curious Incident of The Dog in The Nighttime by Mark Haddon
    Published in 2003 this book won many prestigious awards like Costa Book of The Year & Guardian Children’s Fiction award. I already read this book thrice and maybe I will read it again before the year ends. Addictive like panipuri on a hot day.Books I want to see as tv shows. the curious incident of the dog in the night time by mark haddon
    Christoff is a 15-year-old with a condition, Autism Spectrum. He is a special kid, he is gifted at maths and he was told that his mother died 2 years ago. He lives with his father who is having a hard time taking care of the boy by himself. And then there’s his neighbour whose dog, Wellington dies one night attracting Christoff’s curiosity. Soon Christoff becomes tangled in a web of what he has been believing till now and he must solve it before he goes mad. Siobhan is his cool schoolmate who helps him. A Wonderful story if you are not annoyed by the many questions he asks and feel wonder at everything that unfolds.
  5. The Ocean at The End of The Lane by Neil Gaiman
    All of us, bibliophile have read this book by now for sure. It goes something like this, one day an aged man visits an old farm in Sussex, England where he used to live as a child. The man walks into the farm and sees a pond. Suddenly he remembers Lettie. A girl who claimed that the pond is not a pond but an ocean and he is washed anew with memories.
    Neil Gaiman created magic once again with his book. He loves writing thriller/horrors for children.books i want to see as tv shows. Neil Gaiman. The Ocean at the end of the lane

    Mr. Gaiman created magic once again with his book. My first Neil Gaiman book is An Ocean At The End Of The Lane, definitely not the last. Lettie is a brave girl, you will  love her. The story is relatable with our reality, full of magic beyond our comprehension. I hope it will be get a TV Show or a movie, I am definitely taking my niece (she’s turning 1 soon) to watch.

Like a glutton on fast I had to resist to not write the names of LOTR & The Hobbit or Narnia series. LOL. So many books so little time, huh? Well it’s almost 4 in the morning & I need some sleep now.

Share the books you want to see as a TV show. It would be great to know. 🙂 Have a wonderful time.

See you.

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