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A Brand New Life… My Petridish Has Moved to Bangalore!

Did I tell you I moved to Bangalore, like 2 months ago? Yep, things have been pretty busy, hectic busy around My Petridish. Firstly, you all know that I got married in May this year. It has been 5 months since then and I have no sense of what I have been doing all these months. I had to ask for a transfer in my job place and it took me 4 months to move to my husband’s city, Bangalore. Although Bangalore is now Bengaluru, I like its previous name better.

Bangalore/ Bengaluru as a city… Immigrant’s dream or nightmare?

I moved from a pretty high temperate climate and sea beach to a European weather city. So, Bangalore reminds me a lot of the United Kingdom. Similar to the UK the weather changes in Bangalore any moment. One moment it is sunny and next moment it will rain. Most days I yearn for the Sun. Some of the days, I even pray for the sun(did I tell you I am not actually a believer in sun-god?) To be true, I expected that the sun will be out there in winters and summer but seems like that’s not the case either.

Bangalore as a city has a lot to grow. The city is basically the Silicon Valley of India. Frankly, the main reason I moved here is, yep you guessed it! My husband works for an IT Company. The 5 biggest problems of this city are; 1. Traffic 2. Unexpected rain 3. Less-Trees 4. Underdeveloped rain harnessing system 5. Cleanliness. Getting a home for rental or for purchase is easy compared to these 5 problems. 

Surprisingly, an outsider sometimes notices more than what meets the eye of a person who has lived there all the time. Mostly, people here have adjusted to their environment. Everyone complains but planting trees? Nah, let’s cut that tree and put up a billboard for more income. I have seen it happening on the road I commute on. A giant tree being cut so the place can be given for billboards, it pays a lot apparently. There are a lot of ways to make passive money but cutting down trees to make more bucks? I don’t know, I’d hate to see the gardens of my home being wiped for more Vitamin M.

Renting Vs. Purchasing – I’d say if you are going to stay for a short-term maximum 5 years, what good is buying a home? If you want to spend your life here, why not buy one? The prices of housing are skyrocketing here. I don’t see myself staying here forever. But, it’s a city of dreams. A lot of youngsters come here looking for jobs. Moreover, for many youngsters, they are the first ones in their family to move out for a job. I wish you guys all the best for your future. May all your dreams come true. A stable job, good pay, nice life. I smell possibilities.

Costly? Depends on you. Every city in this world has to offer many options for each kind of earners or savers. Avoid eating at too costly places, instead find something different. Splurge when you feel like. Reward yourself(modern world word) from time to time but remember that dream of travel you have been building funds for.

Enough of that now.

‘Nothing lasts forever. No comfort is forever. If you know this your life becomes a lot easier.’ I accept this as the tagline of most events of our lives. The happiness I felt for finally moving in with my husband fell short when I fell sick like a baby upon my move to Bangalore. I got a viral fever which lasted for 2 weeks before it hiked and went to 105 degrees. Finally, I took leave from my job and rested for 2 days. It did not stop there. Begged my husband to visit any one of our homes. Shamelessly, booked tickets for both my homes.

Remember that jittery feeling you get when you are happy? I felt that after a long time when I visited his place. I like the warmer weather better. God bless that week. It gave me the much-needed strength I needed to carry on with my miserable over work laden life these days. My mother-in-law whom I call maa, gave me so much love in that one week I feel blessed to have another maa in this lifetime. Blessed to be married to this man.

A two and a half hour flight journey stretches to a hefty one night and two days long railways journey to both my home.  Sure, nothing can beat the feeling a person gets while visiting their hometown. वही मजा फिर से पानीपुरी, परिवार और बहुत सारे प्यार से दोस्तों के साथ गपशप, आपको और क्या चाहिए?? (The same fun again. Lots of gossip with friends over Panipuri. Friends-family and lots of love. What more do you need?) Most probably, I will always remain a small town girl in my heart. Miss my beloved small town.

While we move to new cities looking for better opportunities and possibilities. Almost all of us truly, deep down, yearn for our homeland. To all of you, I hope you find peace within you to live on.

Every time I go to a new place it feels like Aladdin all-over-again. So, here’s a song from Aladdin for you which my husband keeps singing to me since the day we met… Enjoy.

A P J Kalam Quote. Reading Book

Problems I faced in last 5 months:

  1. No time to read. It feels like time flies by at the speed of light. One moment the day begins and another moment it ends. Don’t even get me started on the amount of sleep I get. I read a book Karmayan, Untold Secrets of Ravana by Santosh Pandey and Vinod Cherian on my recent trip, I will review it soon.
  2. Not much blogging or writing or even being on social media. I have been absent for so long, I felt like I had forgotten all my passwords.
  3. Every day that passes by makes me feel like I will never get the time to write again or read those beautiful blogs I followed. Missed it so much.
  4. I go to the office with a fresh mind and by the time I come back it’s aching and numb. Hence, I am trying to find a way out of overwork at the office. Let’s see what happens.

With this, I am back to blogging. I expect to be more present in the blogosphere and social media again. How have you been doing? Comment below and let me know. Slowly, I will start visiting my super-strong-bloggers again.

See ya.

4 thoughts on “A Brand New Life… My Petridish Has Moved to Bangalore!

  1. New city, new place, so it’s quite natural that you’ll get very little time to relax on your own for the first few months. But yes, our love will always be the most for our hometowns, where our roots lie… 🙂

    It’s quite a co-incidence that I posted on the city of Bangalore just a couple a days back… 😀

    1. Wow… you posted about Bangalore too? Something good or bad? haha, the city has its good and bads like each city in the world. Yes, I am getting very little time and whatever time I get I am spending with my husband and making the most of my time. Miss blogging though.

      Thanks for such warm welcome dear. Missed you.

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