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Logan. In The End, Time Beats Us All.

This post isn’t a movie review about Logan, the last Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) movie. It is about the abundance of thoughts springing through my mind after watching the movie. 17 Years of my life, Hugh Jackman’s life and Patrick Stewart’s life – one crazy obsession – the perfection of play and the heroism.

Precisely 3 years ago, X-Men sent Wolverine back to 1983 to stop Mystic from assassinating Bolivar Trask whose death leads to the creation of sentinels (robots designed to kill Mutants). Wolverine succeeds and future of X-Men changes.

Fast forward 3 years and you find that the future didn’t change so much. Somewhere along the time line things happened, time changed its gears and another enemy of X-Men appeared. In the movie timeline, no new X-Men have been born for 25 years, only those who were bred in labs to be rats to the hands of the same scientist who designed a virus that killed the real X-Men. Wolverine, Professor X (Charles Xavier) & Caliban are the only remaining (or so it seems) X-men.

So what changed? X-Men dies at the hand of seemingly normal humans anyway. What changed? TIME.

Time gives life to heroism and sucks it out too.

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Here’s What You Learn By Watching National Geographic’s Before The Flood Movie.

National Geographic has made a climate change movie with Leonardo DiCaprio, it is “Before The Flood”. It seems the filming began somewhere around the shooting of “The Revenant” also starring Leonardo DiCaprio. Leo takes us on a journey of our world in this 1 hour 35 minutes. We also get to see how people protested that Leo doesn’t deserve to be UN Messenger of Peace. Before The Flood movie is about the climate change we are facing and can see it happening on day-to-day basis but still be in denial of the same. It’s about how our politicians and giant corporate snakes poison our minds into feeling that, “no the environment is doing just fine.” So, that the corporates do not lose the consumers and the politicians can keep getting the big bucks.

Being employed in a public sector I understand that consumers are important to the well-being of an industry and even more important for its flourishment. That’s why we can see so many different marketing propagandas to lure more people in.We also have to market things to bring in more customers and sell more of our products. The private sector is even more pressurized than we public ones are.

But more than that I see that people do not care about what they are consuming as long as it’s cheap and looks promising. Have you ever seen a person at the mall who buys some more because there’s discount or it’s cheaper? Don’t get me wrong, not all those products are bad and not all those people are bad. Those people are just doing what they need to do to keep their jobs. It’s up to the buyer to buy the bullshit or not. 

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Harmony anime Tuan Kirie

Harmony. (Anime Movie 2015) Review

Harmony Anime MovieHarmony (ハーモニー) is a 2015 anime movie from Japanese director Takashi Nakamura & Michael Arias under Project Itoh with Studio 4°C. Project Itoh is based on the writings of Japanese science fiction writer Satoshi Ito. Satoshi Itō died at the young age of 34 in 2009 from cancer. He is very much alive in his works of fiction which are being adapted as anime by different directors and studios. Harmony is one such brainchild of Satoshi Itō.

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Me before you movie based on a novel by jojo moyes

Me Before You, A Tale As Old As Time Itself. – Movie Review

Me Before You… Usual story, girl meets boy. A tale as old as time itself. I believe, stories begin when we venture into the unknown realms of our lives & mostly we are thrown into those realms because of our circumstances. There is not one romance book lover who has not read Me Before You novel. In case you haven’t you can check out my review of the book, Here.

Me Before You a movie based on a novel by jojo moyes

The only problem is, you have to let yourself experience the new things and then decide for yourself. Mostly, we refuse to let ourselves free…

Me Before You movie begins with Will’s accident & then shifts to Lou losing her job. Lou is a sweet, easy-going small town girl with no worries in the world except she doesn’t think she will be able to go explore the world or do bigger things. She believes she will live and die where she was born. Yet, her light doesn’t diminish nor does she blame anyone for it. She has her problems but they are not bigger then her optimism.

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Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt Quote

Tuck Everlasting. Novel by Natalie Babbitt.

Tuck Everlasting, is an everlasting novel about the concept of living over mere existing. Most of us have seen the movie ‘Tuck Everlasting’ as children, Alexis Bledel stole our hearts as the pretty Winnie Foster with it. I have forgotten all of it now except the magnificent view of the forest as Winnie & Mr.Tuck. I read the novel just this year after wanting to read it for years simply because I kept forgetting.

Tuck Everlasting… by Natalie Babbitt.

“Things can come together in strange ways. The wood was at the center, the hub of the wheel. All wheels must have a hub. A Ferris wheel has one, as the sun is the hub of the wheeling calender. Fixed points they are, and best left undisturbed, for without them, nothing holds together. But sometimes people find this out too late.”

Tuck Everlasting begins with this as this and opens into Treegap. In the village of Treegap lies an age-old secret, which will be revealed to Winnie Foster very soon. Winfred Foster is born in the Foster family who owns the Treegap wood, with a “Move on – we don’t want you here” sign you can say they are not very friendly people.

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Biblia Koshodou No Jiken Techou

Biblia Koshodou No Jiken Techou A Light Novel – Manga & Series Review

Biblia Koshodou No Jiken Techou. Manga.

Written by Mikami En and illustrated by Nakano Biblia Koshodou No Jiken Techou begins like most case files do, with a guy looking at a girl. When Goura Daisuke’s grandmother passes away he and his mother decide to sell the book collection to a second-hand bookshop. One book in particular was gifted to her, autographed by the author. Daisuke looks for a shop and comes to a local second-hand book shop for evaluation of the books. According to the manga a beautiful woman named Shinokawa Shioriko a woman with long hair, cute spectacle eyes, surprising shy and an other worldly penchant for books takes care of the bookstore but in the series the looks are changed. Gouriki Ayame who plays Shirokawa Shioriko adapts a different look – cute pixie cut and isn’t four eyed.

Biblia koshodou no Jiken. Light Novel. Series.

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Finding Dory Pixar Studio

Finding Dory – Movie Review

First of all, did you know that Dory is actually a member of Royal Tang fish family? I certainly didn’t know until I set myself up to do this review. Coming to the big question, “Did you see Finding Dory?” “NO?” “What are you waiting for? Divine intervention?” haha Just kidding.

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Joker. Great Villain blogathon. Villain. Dark Knight

Joker. The Dark Villain Rises.

I know what you are thinking, am I stealing one of the greatest movie names here? I most probably am. This is my entry for Great Villain Blogathon-2016, which by the way had me excited since March 2016  and thank goodness I get to make it in time for this year’s entries. I love villains, we all have that soft spot for a villain where we want to take their side, especially if you are a woman. No denying. Obviously we do not want to support or let alone something like that happen to us or the ones we love but we all love and appreciate a good villain in a movie/novel/anime etc.

First, no copies are allowed in this blogathon but I do not know if Joker has been already put up by someone in the Great Villain Blogathon  2016. I do not have enough time to search and then write since it’s already 9 PM in India and soon it will be 12 AM & I really want to write this. So I hope you can understand my sentiments.

So, who do you think is my one selection for the year?


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Dear Professor Snape, We Shall Miss You


I am the character you are not supposed to like. ~ Alan Rickman, Said the man who immortalized Professor Snape in our minds & hearts….

Very often I find myself looking from the holes of my world (That is the reality) into the very fictional world of Harry Potter & What not that my dear Madam Rowling created after having a delusional thought in the middle of a station of a Wizard that lived & then she set down and wrote a seven book series on it that left me thirsty for more adventure in the mere fictional world. I lived with them and today one of the actors who so fondly said, “When I am 80 years old and sitting in my rocking chair,  I’ll be reading Harry Potter. And my family will say to me, ‘After all this time?’ And I will say, ‘Always.” My dear professor Snape who is better known as Alan Rickman or is that otherwise? I don’t have any idea how he would have preferred it for he was a very thoughtful man. I say that as I know him, I don’t actually I just grew up reading everything about him and all the other artists as I grew up.

                  Professor Snape…… The Half Blood Prince

He said that and he died today after fighting a hard battle against cancer at the age of 69, way too soon. But as Dumbledore said, “Do not pity the dead, Harry. Pity the living & above all pity those who live without love.” Professor Snape would have seconded him.

Acting touches nerves you have absolutely no control over. – Alan Rickman

Alan Rickman performed as Snape in hefty 8 movies of Harry Potter series and he is forever carved in the hearts of all of us, youngsters mostly who have read the books and also seen the Harry Potter movies. The reason I am writing this article right now is because when I was told, “hey,  Snape died.” I was like, “What? I know snape died in the movie!” “Yes, but Alan Rickman died!” The reader inside me screamed and got teary, I’ve to confess that I am not the sort of person to cry when an actor dies. This is my first time! I cried when Snape died in the books and the movies even when I knew that Snape is fighting a battle he will lose. I wonder how Alan Rickman was able to act professor Snape so perfectly even when he knew that Professor Snape will be killing Dumbledore & then dying in the act of saving the chose one??

“I can’t believe professor Snape is an awesome man. I just finished Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows and I can not imagine Professor Snape did everything he did since the start of this series for his love for Lilly Potter. I am sold. I am grateful to Miss. Rowling for creating such a strong character that will have effect on me for a life time. I hope someday I will be able to love someone the way Snape loved Lilly.” That is a paraphrased version of something  from my old journal after I finished reading Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows. Today when the man who played Professor Snape to perfection has died and I can not think of anything else. It’s like a part of my world has come to an end and now I have to look for other places. Strange but sure this part of my world will stay in my heart forever.

Professor Snape

Thank you Alan Rickman for giving me the memories of lifetime by doing what you loved with such conviction. Someday I hope & strive to do something even mildly similar to what you have done with your talents & desires for which I can be remembered. This is but a farewell to your soul as you depart to some world that I have no knowledge of. Your memories will live on with us as long as we live and perhaps even longer in our writings.

Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home. 🙂

                                                                    Mischief Managed. 

Today I will go to sleep with Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows in my arms and The Half Blood  in my mind. Maybe I will even dream of the whole book today!

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