Challenges Vs. Humanbeanies

“Don’t handicap your children by making their lives easy.” 

Robert A. Heinlein

Challenges are meant to grow us. It’s only us who become obstacles in its way… Don’t agree? How about we take a challenge… Try touching your nose with your tongue. Did you even try? Come on, give it a try. Okay, maybe some of you will be able to do it, I am horrible at it. I can hardly reach above my upper lip. But it was fun. I laughed before I started to write this post. One down.

“Come on baby… Come to mommy.” From the well hidden corners of our mind we can still hear our parent’s calling out to us, to walk towards them. I think to a baby’s mind it must be a little bit of an exciting challenge to walk for the first time, discovering their ability to walk must be amazing. I don’t remember that anymore, it’s somewhere in the dark corners of my mind. But I do remember that my parent’s made sure I walked daily once I started to walk until I became confident and then they wished they could keep me in a prison fort so that I don’t vanish from their eyes.

We are trained to face challenges as babies. To a baby’s mind challenges are something fun but as we grow and become adults our challenges become rather dull. Why do I feel that way?  Reasons being; We challenge ourselves to do our best so we can please our boss, we challenge ourselves to be better so our parent’s can love us more than our siblings, we challenge ourselves so we can feel better about ourselves etc. We end up liking the process and we get tangled in it. Suddenly all the wrong reasons to like a challenge seems good enough and out thirst increase. Until one day we find ourselves at the end of the “pleasing tunnel” and ask ourselves just how did we get there and who are we running this race for. The  challenge loses its appeal and we begin to question, a questioning that has the capability to take us back to our younger selves. To when we were kids and loved riding the cart on a snowy day or loved riding our grandpa’s bicycle because we enjoyed it. We stop trying so hard and look around, everyone is busy running. It’s a crazy circle of rats. Suddenly you don’t want to be a part of it. That’s when the real challenge begins.

You can’t do that, you don’t have what it takes, Is the worst way to get somebody to do something. But sometimes that’s how it begins.

Seneca puts it like this, “Difficulties strengthen the mind as labor does the body.” True. Whenever you find yourself in difficult situation just think that this requires a little bit of “take it on” attitude. That’s how you get to the other side of the problem. These days too many people are sweating it in the GYM and on the jogging tracks. What are they doing? They are challenging their bodies to do better than just gather fats. Easy peasy eggs and cheesy. Nope. It isn’t easy. Ever felt your body pain badly because you did some abs exercise in the morning for a week? It’s nothing. Its going to pain more as you start further exercise to get a 6-8-12 pack. Still want the abs? Go, exercise.


That’s how it is. Wanting something badly is what brings us ahead of the change and changes us in the process. We are never the same once we have crossed the storm, for we passed through it, fought it and came out a victor. Feels great huh? Having gone through some pretty tough challenges in life and have come out a victor.

Nature has been challenging us all, humans and animals equally since the beginning of our lives. First it was the dinosaurs and now it’s us. Please don’t think that I am ignoring the other living beings here, I am just talking about the dominant species here. For some obvious reasons that effing Amoeba who came into the prehistoric times is going to out live me. No I am not jealous just stating my point that I ain’t as flexible as that Amoeba! Just kidding, I am not gonna last as long as the pretty but tiny wonder. I am just a comet passing through the galaxy and I have only a few years around this amazing planet Earth. I am gonna have my fair and unfair share of obstacles on my travels. Gotta make the most of it.

Everyday I wake up is a challenge. I really don’t want to show up at the work. I wish I could do something more challenging like, lie on the ground and watch the clouds pass by. I want to scale some mountains and learn some languages before I just blaze by. I want my tail to shine brightly just for myself, if someone is watching then be it. Oh I am still in the comet mode. Time to snap out. This is a pre-post to something I want to talk about challenge Vs. Humans. What are your thoughts on this? Please share so I can include them. I will duly credit you, so game on master minds. Share your thoughts. 

 “If you don’t participate in a challenge, you lose it by default.”

Akash Raj

14 thoughts on “Challenges Vs. Humanbeanies

  1. I’ve thought (at least once a day) what it would be like to be perfect or have a perfect life. Conditionally, a perfect anything would be without marks, scratches, but in the case of ourselves, and pains. Like the challenges, I’ve noticed that pain has sculpted people’s lives and gives a better understanding (if he/she looks) to the reasoning/cause for pain. Yet, even with the obvious downside, pain/challenges, the upsides become much greater (could be described as increasing exponentially so) when the downside is looked at intelligently. Thus, giving more meaning to the phrase, “No pain, no gain.” So, basically, (<3) loved (<3) this post, page, blog, whatever technicality. Still new to this.

    1. Yes, with the obvious downside, the upside becomes much greater. Thanks for this wonderful comment. I am writing the next article after this one and your comment helps me in it. Thanks 😀

    1. hahaa that was so funny. Competitive dad seemed tired after a full day of work and wanted some me time, arm wrestlled everyone to the bed. LOL

      Thanks so much Dave 🙂 Happy Easter weekend to you.

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