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COCO (2017 Pixar Animated Film). Día de los Muertos Back again.

Coco is one of the best movies I have seen this year. With Día de Los Muertos nothing can go wrong, right? Maybe, not…


Miguel, ‘Music tore her family apart. Shoes brought them together.’ Thus, begins a tale that keeps you smiling and your heart racy until the very last moment in the movie. COCO 2017 Pixar animated film

In the beginning, we learn from a 12-year-old boy, named Miguel that his great-great-grandmother Mama Imelda started making shoes after her husband went off to make a famous musician of himself when their daughter was about 6-7 years old. Their daughter is Coco, Miguel’s Great Grandmother.

Ever since his grandfather (whose name and face no one knows since Mama Imelda tore his face out of the family photo) left to become a follow his music and let the world hear his songs Miguel’s bad luck started. Yep, before he was even born Miguel’s passion became a curse for his family. Mama Imelda banned music since Miguel’s great-great-grandfather left their home.

Instead, Mama Imelda started making shoes to run the home. Soon, she taught Coco how to make shoes and then she taught her husband. Before they know they became ‘The Rivera’s’ Shoemakers for generations. Miguel’s Great Grandmother Coco does not mind him singing but his grandmother Elena is strict as his great-great-grandmother and bans music not just in their home but also on their street. She doesn’t like Miguel going to the Plaza where musician gathers.

Like it always happens, on the day of the dead (Día de Los Muertos), everything is about to change. Miguel’s Music hero Ernesto De La Cruz always said, ‘Seize your moment’. So on the day of the dead, the moment arrives for Miguel. There is a contest for musicians at the plaza, the same plaza where Ernesto De La Cruz started his career.

As luck would have it, Miguel is caught while trying to run off to the Plaza secretly.  Mama` Elena breaks his guitar in anger and Miguel runs away stating that they do not care about his passion. At the Plaza square, he tries to borrow a guitar to be able to take part in the contest but no one gives him one. So, he runs off to the cemetery where his idol Ernesto’s guitar is kept in his mausoleum. However, once he steals the guitar he is cursed. He believes Ernesto De La Cruz to be his great-great-grandfather who he must seek out in the world of the dead in order to be a musician in the world of the living.

COCO Mama Elena

The rest? Is history. Beautiful-poignant-warm-cozy family drama with lots of music. In the world of the dead, he meets an unlikely companion, Hector. Surprises await you in this movie.

The music is adorable. Don’t believe me? Listen to this:-  UN POCO LOCO Feels like being a 12-year-old.

Remember me… Though I have to say goodbye. Remember me. Another beautiful song. One I am going to sing to my niece when I go home. The way Dia De Los Muertos aka Day of The Dead is celebrated is super awesome. The beautiful bridge of Aztec Marigold flowers is just too beautiful.

Remember Me Coco

Recommendation: Please I beg you, take your kids to watch this movie. Take them to watch movies and let them read books. Let them know different cultures and let them grow wings. It’s worth it.

I will be writing a few more posts related to Dia De Los Muertos, so stay tuned. Please, do visit my blog again. Like and comment below to let me know more of your thoughts about COCO & my blog.

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  1. Thank you for your touching Recommendation about this movie and how we’d like to teach our children and grandchildren to experience the world through books and life itself.

    I know I will enjoy this movie.

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