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Dear Facebook, This is Why I Don’t Quit You!

You are under no obligation to be the person you were yesterday, a month/a year ago or even a moment ago. You have every right to grow, no apologies to anyone.

That being said, in a world where technology changes every single day. It is hard not to have any feelings regarding your own social media persona when you are on many different social media platforms. Happiness is a state of mind but do we have time for it. Gaining presence in social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc is a dream come true. Having that Blue Verified mark is part of that dream. Today I want to talk about Facebook specifically. Over three years ago I myself stopped going online on Facebook for almost a year.

While I was going through a difficult phase of my life and truly I didn’t feel motivated enough to go online on Facebook. Previously I deleted my Facebook profile twice for a few days over some small fights with my then friends. I really don’t feel the need to use Facebook for more than an hour or 30 minutes a day then and I don’t feel the need to go online on Facebook at all now even though I have my own pages to manage.

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The usual posts on Facebook are like these, people getting married/engaged/having baby, getting new jobs or how they are tired of their jobs, How bosses are annoying little pricks, someone moving out of country, 5 people checking in at places you have (miraculously just now) wanted to go, someone scoring high in their boards etc. Compared to them your life seems so little, so pathetic and you wonder when will you get to do all of these as well. Sometimes, I do that too and I also whined about it at times. But now I realize, that Facebook posts by others about their lives only means they want to share it. All those people are your friends with whom you converse only once in a while or not at all.

Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self-esteem, first make sure you are not, surrounded by assholes. Well said by Sigmund Freud.

Are we indeed surrounded by assholes? All of them? Think it.

Many people take around 100-200 selfies and chose one of it after heavy editing to put as their profile picture only to replace it a week later with another amazing picture. Posing for selfies with groups is a trend. About that I am thankful that I am Selfie Owl. Facebook Selfieslazy. I hardly take selfies and I don’t have the time to indulge in editing activities for my pictures, happily. I don’t check in at any places I go to since I find it unnecessary to touch my phone during such times and also because I don’t have Facebook App installed. Teehee…

Just who are you trying to impress?

I go to Facebook through my laptop and go through the usual process of replying to messages, sending a request to any new person I might know and liking people’s statues and pictures. I hardly publish much myself and my pictures are next to none(around 7 in 3 years, go figure.). So basically my Facebook life is near to ZERO POINT FIVE right now and I love it that way. But even then I do not delete/quit my Facebook Life.

Why don’t I quit Facebook even though it seems like I don’t prefer it?

Reason 1. It’s a place where I stay connected to most of the people. After my conduction training as a Banker, I rejoined Facebook and put up my first picture since the inception of Facebook because I wanted my colleagues to recognize me instead of seeing a anime girl picture.

I got to connect to many different groups. There I learn about books that others read and I am a huge fan of a group which is all about SNAKES. Just fun to know more about the wild. I can just be on GoodReads or I can buy a book about wildlife so why bother? It’s fun to get to know some things from others. You can lose a number or lose your phone but you can always have a backup at Google Drive(Virtual) and Facebook where the person is there themselves.

Reason 2. It’s a fun place to learn many new things that others share. No matter how ‘techie’ you are, you can not get to know every article and every interesting thing happening everywhere. Thankfully, most of our friends share articles and fun posts from here and there which we can read in our spare time. Facebook doesn’t have to be just a social media platform.

Reason 3. Believe it or not, real conversations can happen on Facebook. The Snakes group I talked about earlier has most amazing people who are willing to impart information if you need it. My reading group is all about books and the amount of people that converse there is huge. Here we share moments like, “Oh my God”, ‘you too?’ ‘Isn’t this amazing?’ ‘Wow, I never knew about that.’

Just to get to know things that you didn’t think about or knew about is fun.

Reason 4. Because at the end of the day, that is where you can find some of the most genuine, trustworthy and most loyal people who you don’t even know in reality. Yep, that’s the funniest part about Facebook. There are tons of fake profiles and liars. Among the Tsunami of such people, you find some shores that give you solace and love. I have been through both kind of people and really, I don’t feel like I should quit facebook for that.

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Reason 5. Learn some self-control and don’t blame Facebook. I hear people blaming Facebook for not getting enough time to be with family. I seriously can not understand their point. How can Facebook interfere with your family/friends time? Don’t you have that much control over your mind and fingers? Give yourself a break, learn Facebook’s place in your life. Let it be just what it is, a social media platform, not a place to live life.

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Reason 6. Let people (Friends) be. Yes your few friends are sharing so much but there are also those who are not as active, did you notice them? Why sulk about your life being pathetic just because someone else is having fun in theirs? Aren’t we all supposed to have a good life and enjoy it as much as we can? So understand that everyone is living their life, they do not intend to make you feel inferior nor do they want to see you unhappy.

We all walk our different paths.

Drifting apart and coming together.

Looking at the same stars every night.

We are the same & different.

Let’s celebrate life.

Reason 7. Learn that at it’s Mark Zuckerburg’s way of earning money not just a social platform. Yes, Facebook has algorithms to show those posts first which are paid or are trending. Due to that your posts and pictures (yes that time-consuming selfies) get pushed down or out of people’s feed. It also does that with posts that has more attention, they get pushed into people’s feed while the less liked posts don’t. Pretty please stop feeling less pretty and sexy ( I don’t see how it’s relevant) just because your picture or status is not getting as many likes.


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So, before you quit Facebook, learn, get to know. It’s not just about yourself. Life is vast and beautiful. Enjoy it. Follow your dreams. Be passionate about something. You don’t have to fight a social media platform like a Facebook to find time for your family/friends/relatives, they are a priority which also includes yourself. Above all, quit or not, don’t let a social media platform bring you down about your looks, your way of your life and have fun.

If something isn’t fun, its waste of time. 🙂

On that abrupt note, I end my article here. Feel free to leave a comment, in fact, bombard me with it, communication is fun.

Take care. See you soon. 🙂

20 thoughts on “Dear Facebook, This is Why I Don’t Quit You!

    1. haha its awesome to see someone who’s not been there. Facebook is just like any other social platforms, recently they introduced many changes. Not necessary to have it obviously.Stacy, are you on twitter? 🙂

  1. I was on the brink of deleting my Facebook account, when a friend got ill. I now check her wall every day to read up on what’s going on, and even if that’s the only thing I use FB for right now, I am happy I have it.

    That doesn’t mean I won’t quit the platform in the near future, though. Just not yet 🙂

    1. 🙂 I hope your friend is doing well now and hope her conditions improves over time. I am not much bothered about deleting my profile now. Hope you will not leave facebook and we can be friends there too. haha

  2. You’re an adult, Hema, and you understand how to protect yourself – that’s good. Anything made public on any platform can expose you to abuse by strangers. People can post anything – truth and fact may have no part in the braggadocio or claims. It can be a very dangerous territory for children and teens who often don’t know the difference between fantasy and fact. FB and all social media users should keep this in mind, and parents should be especially wary on behalf of their kids.

    1. I agree to that. But mostly parent’s can not tell or control what their kids do and don’t on Facebook or anywhere. Kids are good at hiding and some parents allow whatever their kids do and even encourage them online. I have seen such cases too. I have met many smart kids who are much better(as in strong individuals who care about themselves and others) than me about such things too. But yes there are vulnerable cases too and manipulation exists even on Facebook. Parents do need to take care of kids more regarding this but I wonder to what extent parents can do that. I have been giving thoughts about this lately and what I find is amazing, I have yet to read and ask more.
      Thanks for such lovely comment Sharon, it will be useful to us all. 🙂

  3. I signed onto FB years ago, then was aghast when, after a week i un-Facebooked myself yet FB answered with, “bye – but we’re saving all your info if/when you return”! ugh!

    at the same time, early in 2016 I did return – & I’m loving it! go figure 🙂

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