The conversation has reached a whole new level, for example:

“HIiiii, Hows you?”

“Bored man.”

“Whats up with you?”


“So, umm anything new?”

“Not much. Just bored.”

“Ummm… Okay.”

“So hows life?”

“Don’t know…”

grrr!! It’s so easy to find new friends and it’s difficult to communicate. Conversations are a dead phenomenon >.<. In last one year, I have not made one friend of my age that I can say I know this person at all. Most conversations are filled with me energetically asking stuff and people answering them in a bored tone and it annoys me so much that I just feel like never talking again. If you have met someone who you got to know better and have come close to then I am so happy for you.

I feel guilty as charged…but not sorry. I want to hear what makes you light up inside. What your dreams are. What is special to you. Everything you love. Talk to me for hours and I will listen. I’ll listen to you in a way you’ve never been listened to before. I want to know everything about you that you are willing to tell me. Tell me what matters. I find that the best kind of conversations are when you can be heard without any judgment and can actually have fun laughing out about your problems or solving them and just getting lost even if only a few lines are exchanged, you know that someone heard you.

Hilary Duff

To have a good conversation two things are needed. 1. A set of ears that can actually listen. 2. A person who really wants to share.
If you are talking when the one you are talking to is playing a game on mobile. Doesn’t that annoy you?

I really love it when someone can open up and just be plain themselves. I find even silent people, (you know the ones who rarely talk much) they have a lot to talk about if you give the chance. Who wouldn’t like it when someone leaves a little message or a call for a minute, instead of liking my Facebook picture and commenting oh that shirt looks great on you. Same goes for a blog, don’t you like it when someone cares enough to read what you wrote and leave a comment. I have a high respect for people who can actually converse instead of just chat.

I have my birthday hidden from every social platform not because I do not like people wishing me my birthday, but I like it when people who have met me in real and know has celebrated my birthday by accident or in college and school, I like it when those people can actually call or drop a message. How many people do we wish Happy birthdays on Facebook and actually feel it, actually think about that person for a minute and wish them?

Since I decided to stop showing my birthday on Social networks I found that 99.99% people do not remember it. I am guessing none of them have their calendar’s marked with their friend’s birthdays. Yes, call me old-fashioned I am a 22nd-century person and I still use a calendar for birthday reminder… It’s a little bit fun, scribbles on a paper. I hardly talk to many people now, I don’t have so much time and I like to spend it with people who genuinely cares about my tiny existence. In other words, I try to ignore and I am still learning the art of ignorance. Ignorance might be a bliss but like fire alarms cautions has to be used with ignorance too. 

Ignorance is a bliss

A conversation between two people need not be something dragged and unwanted. Feeling a bit insecure about opening up to someone is fine but because of that screwing up every chance to make a good friend is a plain idiocy.

Would you like you if you met you and talked to someone talked to you the way you talk to people? Would that even help you make any friend at all? We all get backstabbed by some friends, we all get f****d up in meaningless relationships. We try to save some friendships but we still lose people. Some are not worth it and those who are will stay or remember you wherever they are and still curse you for stealing those chocolates that their valentine gifted them but you see that is the beauty of life, you are able to converse. Even deaf people have language, I wonder why that is if everyone is going to be afraid and sealed away in your own make of cold dark room, shooing away anyone and everyone who comes their way.

Communication. Will it kill us? Don’t think so. Look at Velociraptors, a highly intelligent & communicative species… 😛

It is difficult to converse and open up once you have been hurt but it’s doable. You can do it. Give it a try. For eons humans have conveyed what goes on in their minds and hearts by gestures, words, paintings and if you want to differ do something instead of letting it all just well up inside you so later only you can dive in and make it difficult for others to help. Communicate, your mom dad said hi to you even before you were a little embryo, they embraced you and brought you till here, man up and get off your sad ass. Here’s a caveman’s painting on his little cave wall to inspire you. Think of why he/she made it when it was so difficult and they had next to none of those communication devices.

Battlestar galactica cave painting

If you see caveman paintings that don’t make any sense, that might have been me. I can’t draw a potato even if I tried.

So from now on how about actually be part of a conversation? Even a silent one, just talking through the eyes. 😉 Isn’t it much fun to be part of something?

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