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Dreams and fears

I hear and read everywhere that “If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough”. More often I fear the dreams that I want to achieve so badly. But isn’t that what dreams do at times? Paralyze you with fear and make you feel as if your dreams are too big and you may not be able to achieve it. Yet, desire to achieve dreams is a thing only few people have. Dreamers differ a lot, I will get into details about it later. Dreams are light as a bird’s feather and you can feel delighted in their thoughts, dreams are heavy as a big giant ogre at times and all you feel is being paralyzed by the size of the giant!

One of the bloggers I follow on twitter once posted, “Many wanna be blogs start on Facebook just to vanish in few days”. Was he right? Not just blogs but it happens with a lot of passionate and creative people who dream of doing something. Many times people try to follow their dreams and when they fail, they give up or try again until they succeed or finally quit it. Those who stick to their dreams find success or find happiness in their pursuit of it. A lot of sacrifices and pains are faced by the ones who pursue them. Dreams… So far they have been the greatest sensei (teacher in Japanese) in my life. If you turn out to be less qualified for your dream, your dream will teach you how to get there, but when dreams teach people it takes an iron will to still stick to your dreams.

Sometimes we run away from our fears and sometimes we face them. But just imagine if you made friends with your fear and did it anyway, won’t you learn a lot? I fear that no one will read what I write and that my blog will remain the void of Giant Google Monster until the end of time and beyond. That is just as great fear most of us i.e beginners feel and fear to vanquish it because if you do it you will have to go through the consequences and if you don’t, well who can blame? But to some it’s different. Dreams live inside you and eat you up for not seeing them through, for not giving yourself a chance to do it, what is the worst that will happen? you will fail? but if you don’t try, you fail by default. Maybe if we made friends with our fears and set with them until we start to communicate with them and maybe just maybe, begin a new life with them in tow, maybe the future will surely be bright then we can imagine.

Wouldn’t that be wonderful to have a strong base on which to build your life once again, only this time, as you dream it? There is a power in fear but you can either learn cast them with your iron will or you can let them overpower you.

As I said in the beginning of my post, there are two types of dreamers.

  1. Those who want to realize their dreams.

  2. Those who want to dream. Just dream.

I guess my favorite author’s books explain the best.

What dreams maybe...
What dreams maybe…

Life can be a lot of things if we can be brave enough and don’t give up. Dreams and fears – two powerful words but you can chose to give power to the one you want more. You have to want it with all your being.

If you are someone who doesn’t want to give up and live your dreams then keep going. I hope you find the journey enchanting and encouraging.

2 thoughts on “Dreams and fears

  1. Gud one . Who will say ur beginner…..keep it up……..very nice…u asked ? U suggested and told lot f things….bout dreams….stilll finding answers …deep inside me……whether i hv already quitted my dreamz….r m living my or someone else’s dream….well…don knw at this very point f my life what i used to dream ….juss goin wd flow….f life…bt ur blog has wrked like a euphoria moment f my life…..will strt wrking on my new dreamz…..😊…n will not dissapoint u…willl cum back again on ur blog keep writing keep dreaming…….n i knw ull achieve ur dreams one day….😊

    1. Thanks Ashish. 🙂 You are a sweetheart. All the very best with your endeavors dear, have the courage, anything is possible as long as you don’t give up. give yourself time. 🙂

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