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Want Early Retirement? Do You Hate Your Job? I Certainly Don’t Hate Mine.

Early retirement is a dream to many, but does that possibly imply that we hate our jobs? Not necessarily. Can I not be interested in early retirement and also like my job?

If you check early retirement on Google and LinkedIn you will find hundreds of people who want to retire early, most of them want to escape the pressure and continuous oppression. Also, I am one of those people who wants to retire early but the main reason is not because I do not like my job.

Why I love my job?

  • It gives me opportunity to meet people from all the walks of life.
  • It’s challenging to be able to take care of daily banking needs of hundreds of people everyday.
  • When someone walks in with a melancholy face and you can send them off smiling, you know you are doing something important.
  • In the past 5 years I have worked with 5 different bosses, more than 100 different staffs and 4 Bank branches. If something my work has taught me flexibility and much important things about human nature.
  • I have learnt that if you treat a person well, whoever they are you will have a place in their heart forever.

However much I love doing my job, being in a position to guide, help people and make lasting relationships that goes beyond work, I still feel that I need to leave before I turn 50. It is because I have other things I want to do while my bones can still handle tough jobs.

Challenges & Positive Aspects of Retirement

Financial independence is also one of my concerns. Moreover, I have a few projects like Color Me Green and lots of travel to do. That is why early retirement is on my radar too. However, early retirement will come with its own challenges. First, lets take a look at what is life-like after retirement.

  1. Family, Health & other passions are important.Most of us have hobbies or passions that we want to develop further than just weekends. Sometimes painting, acting, dancing, travelling, body building etc end up being more than a hobby.Why not follow a passion once you are have saved up enough to live a proper life? Why not take up a side job with that? Spend more time with family. Take good care of your health.

    After all the 9-5, increments at job, praise by boss, millions in retirement account, home or car is not going to be something that makes you more proud of a life well lived. It’s mostly the small things in life that matters the most and early retirement gives you time for those small things.

  2. Take a look at the first image of this post.
    Like the first post image says, “Don’t confuse what you do, WITH WHO YOU ARE.”

    Images of my peers talking about how proud they are of being a banker even in their retirement fills my mind. It certainly is not something that I look forward to doing. That’s how many of my peers have ended up having a miserable personal life after retirement. They can’t stay at home or do something else than their day jobs. At home they feel disappointed as if they are no longer important.

    Unknowingly their job became their identity.It is important to know that your job no matter how beautiful and amazing, it is something temporary. You can bring your full joyous form at the job but know that one day it will end up as a life long affair suddenly forgotten. I am more than what my job title.  I am proud of what I did during my tenure and not the fact that I hold an important managerial position.Who you are without your job is who you are.

  3. After retirement life comes to a temporary halt.

    For the first few months you plan your finances. Once you have invested your retirement amount there is not much to do except taking care of yourself, maintaining relationships, connecting with more people, taking up new hobbies etc. Remember those years as a youngsters when you passed up lot of travelling opportunities, those family/friends gatherings and neighborhood meetings etc? Maybe, early retirement or simply retiring at 60 is a path to all those missed opportunities.Remember,Everything that happens to you is a reflection of what you believe about yourself. We cannot outperform our level of self-esteem. We cannot draw to ourselves more than we think we are worth. ~ Iyanla Vanzat

  4. Age does not define you.If you go to Retirement and Good Living Blog You can find tons of retirees doing something new. One retiree commented he learnt skiing at the age of 60 and has never had such fun. Age does not define you in a true manner. I have come across a few blogs run by retirees. One of them is travelling in a Yatch.

    Many times we make things difficult for us by just thinking instead of doing. Doing makes things easier.Being young in age is less important than being young in heart and spirit. Read Youth and Age by Samuel T Coleridge. Yes a few bones might get cranky but spirit of youth will keep the pain at bay.

  5. Retirement does not mean you are done.Be it early retirement or permanent retirement from a job, it does not mean you are done with the world. There is always more you can do or contribute towards. You can take up a new job to give back to your community. The options are limitless, as you are.quote My Petridish Early Retirement
  6. Volunteer work is always important.Giving back to your community is as important as living for yourself. Volunteer work for community causes, teaching children for free or helping your new neighbor settle down.If you are an Indian you can volunteer to teach at MAD or with charity organizations CRY, PAN INDIA. If you are more interested in nature or animals best thing is to volunteer with the local Nature Clubs. Not only it will teach you new things, you will make few trustworthy animal & human friends.

How To Retire Early.

  1. Early retirement doesn’t have to be a stupid step.Mark Singer quote early retirement my petridish
    The quote explains my 1st point. You may hate your job, you may hate your boss but you have to love your paycheck enough to keep going which is not a very wise way to like your job. Not only that, it will lead you to dislike your life at some point of your life. So, try to involve yourself in your job and learn skills. Remember, skills always get you a long way.
  2. You have to make savings that can earn for you for a lifetime.

    Good planning skills take you a long way. Plan your retirement. It doesn’t have to be a well laid out plan at the beginning. First know how much you will require to maintain your lifestyle and hobbies. Second, plan how you can save that amount. Third, Start executing step two.Save well so that you do not have to worry about keeping up with your expenses and interest income.

  3. Learn new techniques and craft that make you standout.

    Learn qualities that can help you become a freelance worker. Freelancing is not always necessary but you can earn a few bucks while you try to spend some time, working up your mind. Again, remember learning new skills can get you a long way.

  4. Learn how to make passive income.If there is anything better than an active income, it is passive income. There are millions of ways to earn outside of your job. Start a side hustle. Exactly, HUSTLE. A little hustle may someday become your income.For example, Pat Flynn of smartpassiveincome did not start out his first hustle to earn something. He started it so he can learn something new. Later on, it became his passion and passive income.Even if you do not have savings enough to last you a life time, you can always work at your own conditions as a freelancer to meet monthly expenses. Start a blog, YouTube channel, ITSY shop, Amazon affiliation, I don’t know there are like tons of options. WHY NOT TRY? . Whatever you do chose carefully, plan and execute your plans.
  5. Finally, you must read Robert Frost: The Road Not Taken by ZenComics.

Always keep in mind, “Wealth is in the MINDSET.”

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20 thoughts on “Want Early Retirement? Do You Hate Your Job? I Certainly Don’t Hate Mine.

  1. I never thought of retirement yet. But there would always be something which I think I can do till I am all fit and fine and I would like to do that. But then it depends on the priorities at that point in time. Welcome back!

          1. Yes sure! Milte hai jaldi.. ye to months and years se bol raha hu main 😀 madsu pakku jaldi.. good that you decided to take a break and spend some time with important people in life

          2. Mane lage che apne madishu jyare hu Bangalore ne bye-bye kahi dais tyare. 😀 haha haa yaarbreak levanu man to hay but thay evu ke raja j nai made and made to pan bo pareshani thay. You take care and keep having fun. 🙂 See you.

  2. I think there’s too much of an emphasis on retirement in society. This notion of living for a never present future puts us in an autopilot state…and then when (and if) we finally arrive to the retirement phase we end up in poor health, low on energy or not still entangled in worries.

    Your perspective is refreshing, and you’re right — material assets don’t showcase a “life well lived” that’s why we have to continue to create and live life in alignment with our own truth throughout every stage!

    Big love, Xx

  3. Most of the times, when people speak of the benefits of early retirement, they highlight the positive sides only. But, you’ve stated financial stability as a factor too. This is quite important as I think, to pursue any hobby or anything after retirement, we need to plan beforehand financially. A very well-written post, Hemangini… 🙂

    1. Thank you Maniparna. I think we all see the rosy side of being a retired person but no one sees the potential problems that come along with it. It is important to value the pros and cons before going for something. In the end decision is always our own to make. 🙂

  4. I always imagined if I found the right job I’d never retire. I still kind of believe that. So I better get working on becoming a world famous writer, lol!

      1. Thank you, Hemangini. And of course all the best to your dreams and aspirations, too! Who knows, maybe one day everyone will know both of our names 😉 (Just kidding though; I don’t really want to be famous, I just want to be the best person I can be for myself)

        1. “I just want to be the best person I can be for myself” & she lived happily ever after. I think your this thought is the best in itself and for your best interest. I want the same for me, do the best I can with whatever I have got. Thank you so much for your wishes dear, you are a gem.

  5. I used to think that I’d want to retire early, but not so much anymore. I think it’s good to stay busy, not to mention the financial benefit of working.

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