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Europa by Richard Hywel Pinto. Book Review.

Europa by Richard Hywel Pinto is an Indian sci-fi novel. When I came across Blogadda post for review copies I immediately filled it up. Indian quill in sci-fi novel kingdom? Must read it. The simple cover of the book is catchy, it draws you in right away. I received a signed copy of this book, too.

Book Title: EuropaEuropa by richard hywel pinto

Author Name: Richard Hywel Pinto

Pages: 198

Publisher: Story Mirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd.



The year is 2250 and we are witness to a historical trial of one of the Silver Fleet’s youngest and most promising captains – Captain Richard Sparks, who has been accused of murdering a fellow crew member during the Silver Star’s lengthy trip to Jupiter’s moon – Europa. But the crew are divided as to whether the Captain is to be blamed for the fiasco or whether there was a bigger conspiracy on board?

Can another murder on board the Silver Star be attributed to the unusual mission that the ship is on? Does someone want the crew of the Silver Star to fail in their mission to locate one of her sister ships, reportedly lost near Europa? And just how many of the crew can Captain Richard Sparks trust, if he is to be believed as being innocent?

Meanwhile, a shadowy organization back on Earth contends with a dangerous, corrupt and ambitious Indian politician, with the Europa mission being used as the counterweight. Will this affect the crew on board the Silver Star?

All trials are not as simple as they seem – not when the accused has a story to tell and some people will go to great lengths to protect what actually happened on EUROPA.

Stars: 3/5


The book is a fabulous piece of imagination for the first time author Mr. Richard Hywel Pinto. It is a breath of fresh air in India’s jam-packed love fictions. So, why just 3 stars? Read on.

The book opens with Captain Spark’s bedroom. Just your usual morning but sadly Captain Sparks it is the day of judgment. He is on trial by SEUSA. The top-secret space organization for which he works has deemed him a murderer and put him on a trial.

The prosecution is sure to win and the defense lawyer Mr.Cheung loves to take on challenges. Otherwise, there was no one who wanted Captain Spark’s case. So, Captain Spark is charged with the murder of his crew member on board the 408 days long trip to Europa. Unusual events keep occurring on their spaceship Silver Star.

Their mission is to rescue a team of scientists who went to Europa before them and lost contact with the base. Question is, are they still alive? Why is it so important to go look for them? In the beginning Captain and his friend, Duncan (his best friend) both doubted why sparks were promoted to being the captain at the beginning of the rescue mission?

It was a dangerous mission, to begin with, so why go with a rookie captain? Because not all is what it seems. SEUSA has its own agenda and there are few others like large corporates and politicians who want their share of power in future. Yes, aliens are also involved.

To make matters worse, there is a murder on Captain Spark’s ship way before they reached their destination. Someone killed the German scientist who was dealing with the samples that were to be brought back from Europa. Again, we are faced with a question, who are involved with the bad guys and who are Captain Sparks to trust among his crew?

What I loved about this book is the imagination. Science, fiction, aliens, politics, action, revenge and court scenes, this book has it all. Mr. Hywel sure loves movies and has written a novel worth making into a movie. The quick changes between the timelines and the events taking place on the Spaceship/on Europa and Earth are well placed. It is not a risk to the flow of the story.

Plus, the book has a lot of characters thrown into it. Although, to a focused reader it is not a problem but too many characters begin to make noise. Lastly, the climax of the story should have been better developed not cut short. I loved the climax none the less but still, I wanted more. Isn’t it great? Leaving the reader wanting more?

The main thing I disliked about this book was poor editing and printing mistakes.

The story grasps the interest of the reader at the very beginning and loses it fast enough. Three cheers to Mr. Richard Pinto for coming up with a new concept.

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If you love sci-fi and want to cheer and check out Indian authors who are daring to march into this untapped field. I request you please pick up a copy of this book and read/review it. So that your words can help someone else pick up one such book.

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