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Finding Dory – Movie Review

First of all, did you know that Dory is actually a member of Royal Tang fish family? I certainly didn’t know until I set myself up to do this review. Coming to the big question, “Did you see Finding Dory?” “NO?” “What are you waiting for? Divine intervention?” haha Just kidding.

The movie has an unusual guest at the before it begins. Pixar Studio was busy trying to gift us something wonderful to take home in addition to Finding Dory. As a result we find ourselves marveling at the new family addition in Pixar. The short story is named “PIPER” (click on the name to watch its teaser! I promise it really iis just a tease!). Although it’s less than it seems, it’s about a baby Sandpiper chick who seems to be really hungry. Can you believe, it took Pixar 3 years to make this 6 minute short film. The result is something to feel delighted about as the movie screens. I have a new-found respect for animators after watching Piper, the movie is ART in motion. I say my money on the ticket was well spent just with this movie. Here’s a picture of the little chick.

Piper Short Film Pixar Studios
Believe me, it’s hard not to fall in love.

 Because, we have all been waiting for Finding Dory for ages!

On Sunday morning I woke up with a hot body thanks to Viral fever and I really did not feel like going anywhere. My boyfriend had been bugging me to go watch it since two days. I was in two minds for this movie due to my love for Finding Nemo. Would it be better than Finding Nemo or would it shatter the wonderful image of these marine creatures life? Would it be as I expect it? Would it be something new? Then I found myself saying, “it’s an art, take a chance!” lol Okay I am being mighty. I just wanted to watch it. Finally I decided to go, all by myself since my brother was away and sister is busy in her family life.

I was more than excited, it had been years since I went to a movie alone. I made a joke of myself entering the multiplex! First I almost ran off the parking duty guy and then I told him I’ll go get a ticket then pay the parking as I rushed off. Sweating like a pig I reached the ticket window, ‘Do you have the top most seats empty? I am a tiny girl you see, it’s difficult to watch if I am in the center!” Hell yeah! The guys beside me kept staring as if I’d been to the complex for the first time. Laughing, the man simply kept the chart in front of me, “which seat do you want?” I picked one and then inquired about why I couldn’t book online as he gave me my ticket. It was fast! With a shawl over my shoulder, sweaty forehead and out for adventure looks, I wonder if I scared him or made him laugh.

Finding Dory. Dory-Charlie-Jenny
Have you ever seen a fish so cute? Maybe yes! Nemo! But Dory? It’s another dimension. Here’ checkout this video of Baby Dory.

The movie has it’s emotional feels and it hits you right in the guts. There are so many questions that one will ask themselves as they watch the movie. Charlie and Jenny are loving parents to their forgetful daughter Dory. How baby Dory gets separated from her parents? Why couldn’t she go back earlier? All is explained very well in the movie.

Dory finds friends in the most unexpected places. Destiny was calling for her I say! Hank is just a simple Octopus, oh wait, no, it’s nothing! Hank is just looking for a way out of the Hospital and to the Fish Exhibition in Carolina, USA! Nemo and Marlin are on the quest to save their beloved Dory from harm. The over protective and controlling Marlin is the usual. This review is so difficult I don’t want to reveal anything and I also want you to watch the movie. How do I accomplish this?

Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. – Dory

Hank and Dory
You know how Dory does it? Just by being her!
Sting Ray Migration. Finding Dory
As much beautiful as it seems, it makes you want to take a Scuba Diving lesson and dive in to see the actual creatures hiding under the sea. Sting Ray migration is one of the many wonderful scenes.
Hank and Dory. Finding Dory. Pixar Animation
Dory strikes the most wonderful deal of her life with an Octopus in a fish hospital. Which she probably won’t remember! Wanna check? Watch the movie.

According to the statistics the movie is doing very well on the box office. It might seem that it is due to the hype among Finding Nemo fans but believe you me, this movie is something else. It’s not the average movie of make-believe, just the way Nemo was a breath of fresh air. If you have the chance then grab it. Watch this movie. The movie has lots of twists and turns. You won’t regret watching Finding Dory, nor throw tomatoes at my post! 😛 Given that I went alone, I found myself wiping tears under my 3D glasses and laughing lots. It was fun time.

PS. To Indian cinema goers, Finding Dory is awesome. Please watch Finding Dory in Hindi. It’s double the fun.

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    1. I’ll watch it in English later on. I saw it in Hindi first, for the fun of it. English will have it’s own fun. I hope you have fun. Will wait for your comment. 🙂

  1. I absolutely loved Finding Nemo and I have to admit that when I heard about this movie I wondered whether anything could live up to it. But I’m so glad I read your review. You made me want to go and check out Dory, who was always one of my favorites in the first movie. Thanks so much. Can’t wait to watch it now. 🙂

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