Found In The Wreckage.

Tales as old as time keep finding its way towards our world like the waves of ocean, eventually crashing against the shores and leaving a hazy trail. One such tale, I found in the wreckage that I thought I would become.

My tiny boat wrecked on the rocks near the beach. The waves saved me, it brought me to the shore. Alive but alone. A week has passed by. It wasn’t tough to survive the island, it was tough to remain alive with the demons that hunted me every single day. How long has it been in this tiny boat that was expected to bring me to my death? I succumbed to my injuries and fainted even before the boat passed across the misty orange clouds of justice. Have I lived past those clouds or am I dead? What brought me here? I’m not sure of all that either. But I heard my people say, “No one survives the sea. Especially not magi people. Sea devours them.”

Scared and weak I dozed off at the shore before the rising sun woke me up like it was asking me to live again. I crawled to the shelter of the trees. When I came to, my stomach was growling like a hungry beast. I mustered everything in me to find something to eat, I never thought I could eat a bunch of bananas and that they could be so tasty.

First few days all I did was feast on all the fruits I can find on the island and nurse myself back to health. Nursing myself hasn’t been an easy task, for starters the blood marks left by the whips and stones on my pale brown refused to wash out. Few bumps rested where the stones had hit me. I couldn’t find a single piece of cloth. I had to make do with the coconut waste, leave and some herbs to tie around my bleeding arms and back. I looked like patchwork gone horribly wrong. Good thing no one was around to see me or so I thought.

I never ventured too far into the island. People are scary. After a week I found a fresh water spring not so far from the shore. Suddenly, I was rich. A wealthy bath under the beautiful blue sky was all mine. Wake up, take lazy baths, eat beautifully delicious fruits, watch the birds…  that’s just how my days went.

Often wondered what lay ahead of me, into the island. I started walking away from the shore after my wounds healed. Careful, I never went too far and I always marked places as I moved. For the fear of being lost, I always walk back to my place before the sun sets. On a day full of sun I found a cave near some small waterfalls.

“Hello? Anyone in there?” I walked inside cautiously. The cave was little long and for a second darkness engulfed me before I could see light again. At the end of the cave one more beach laid itself open for my pleasure. Tired I sat near the cave’s entrance looking at the vast ocean.

Soon I found myself floating in the sea of my memories. My screams filled my dreams, screams of unbearable pain as I begged them not to hurt me. It wasn’t my mistake, I told them but they wouldn’t hear it. Like every other girl my age I wanted to live happily with my sisters, playing on our small farm, fishing and playing games. They started hitting my back with the whips and some people threw rocks at me. I cried in pain, I cried till I could cry no more. My back bleeds till it can bleed no more. My mother and sisters watched me with tears in their eyes.

With that my eyes opened, I blinked away my tears. Took a dip in the sea, feels like the water speaks to me. Salt water brings back memories of home. Sitting in the water I kept biting my lips as my thoughts ran wild. Thoughts of being alone on an island are scary but finding people who would banish me from this heaven was even scarier.

Sky was turning red as I lay flat on the beach. Something on the horizon caught my eyes. It was another boat, but smaller than mine. What is it bringing? I stood and waited for it to reach the shore. My palms became sweaty, I was getting anxious as it came near. As the boat neared I ran into the water. What I found in the boat was both scary and happy. A child, no more than two years old tied to a large rock. Maybe left there to die, just like me. I grabbed the boat and brought it ashore. I picked up the baby and walked to the cave. What has this little one done? Surely she can’t use any magic at her age.

Millions of thoughts ran through my mind as I was walking back to my place confused when I saw her. Standing there at the other side of the cave, smiling at me gesturing with her hand for me to come fast. I stopped in my tracks, blinking and looking again to know if what I saw is real when someone touched my shoulder and I jumped with fear.

“Shhhh…. Don’t be scared. You are safe. We won’t hurt you.” She said. I ran out of the cave followed by the girl. The girl at the entrance was wearing the most beautiful clothes I had seen only on a visiting princess once. Her short dress glowed with different shades of green every few seconds, the other one had sparkling yellow for hers.

Huge smiles on their lips vanished when they noticed the child in my hands. “Oh Goodness! This is barbaric. Is she alive?” One of them took the child and checked before I could say a word. The girl in yellow searched for something in her bag, she brought out a pouch of water and slowly poured some in the child’s mouth. Speechless I kept staring at their faces, so one of them broke the silence. “I am Gargi and she is Bhoomi. We were also abandoned to die when we were young. Our boats came across this shores, giving us new life instead of wrecking us. Come, let’s go. We’ll tell you more on the way.”

Found In The Wreckage.
The End

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