How to Grow Your LinkedIN Profile in 10 Minutes

Welcome to LinkedIN the one place for all professionals to connect with each other and future employers. When you first make a LikedIN profile it is a bit confusing on where to start. There are basically five types of LinkedIN Profiles.

The profile types are Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert & All Star. Now a beginner profile will not be enough to attract new employers to your profile. You should try to upgrade your profile to All Star level. After all doing so is not only free but it will be convenient to your employers as well. Here’s how to get there.

Update each and every detail in your profile.

How to grow your LINKEDIN profile in 10 minutes

Here’s how to add professionalism to your Profile:

  • See to it that the top portion of your profile is your statement as a salesman about yourself. Yes, you are selling yourself here.
  • Update a professional photograph on your profile to improve your visibility. LinkedIN profiles with picture gets 14X more views. Make sure you are smiling and wearing proper attire for your industry of choice.
  • Have a catchy headline. Believe it or not recruiters won’t stay on your profile if you don’t catch their attention in the first 10-20 seconds. Write a headline that tells exactly what you can contribute to the company. Eg. My Profile says; “Assistant Manager at Bank of India since 5 years | Writer at self hosted website”
  • Experience is the KEY feature. Make sure to mention all work experiences you have had previously. Tell the recruiter what you have done for your previous organizations.
  • Volunteer. I have been a volunteer since I was in school and it has helped me immensely with my professional approach. Volunteering not only teaches you how to grow your network, it also teaches you the power of your small actions. Volunteers are needed everywhere. Plus, there are so many sectors in which you can volunteer. You may not know it but many employers like it if their employees have some volunteer experiences that their company is already putting up as CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).
    How to grow your LINKEDIN profile in 10 minutes
  • Get certifications. LinkedIN Profile with certification gets 5X more visibility. Moreover that means your profile comes in the top searches. If you have certification related to your own work experience it is better.
  • Follow the companies you want to work at. Try to find mutual connections who can introduce you to contacts at the new company. Remember you are building a network of reliability so do not try to force yourself on people. BUILD THE TRUST.
  • Get to know your fellow colleagues. Get to know people well that is the key to a good networking skill. Knowing others well helps you build reliable strong relationships. Who knows you might find a mentor who can help you shape yourself better.
  • Ask your colleagues to vote for your skills and leave you a testimonial. It goes a long way.
How to grow your LINKEDIN profile in 10 minutes
You are ready to get set towards a better future. Go for it.

That’s about it for now. I will share more insights once I get to learn them. Thank you for reading. Please follow me on LinkedIN. Read my article on How to Retire Early.

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