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Harmony. (Anime Movie 2015) Review

Harmony Anime MovieHarmony (ハーモニー) is a 2015 anime movie from Japanese director Takashi Nakamura & Michael Arias under Project Itoh with Studio 4°C. Project Itoh is based on the writings of Japanese science fiction writer Satoshi Ito. Satoshi Itō died at the young age of 34 in 2009 from cancer. He is very much alive in his works of fiction which are being adapted as anime by different directors and studios. Harmony is one such brainchild of Satoshi Itō.

Plot: The story revolves around three teenage friends, Tuan Kirie, Miach Mihie & Cian Reikado. They live Japan after the world faced a nuclear war which left it handicapped and full of diseases as it ended with the death of many countries. Admedicstration now takes care of people’s health by putting a device in their body which supplies needed medicine to the person through Nano Technology. The device becomes completely incorporated in their body system once they become an adult. It governs them for the rest of their life.

The society now demands that each person cares and acts nicely with others. Miach doesn’t like this system, she meets Tuan and Cian in her school and they become friends. Living in the world full of caring and loving people just because they have to makes Miach angry for some reasons. Miach has a strong impression on both girls. One day Miach proposes that they commit suicide before they become adults. The girls agree but as fate would have it only Miach died.

Harmony anime movie japan

Harmony anime Tuan Kirie

Some thirteen years later now Tuan works as a Health Inspector for World Helath Organization. She is still firm on the ideas that she developed with Miach. There’s nothing she regrets except the fact that she was unable to die with Miach. Due to some unknown circumstances Tuan goes back to Japan. While there she meets now grown up Cian & goes for a lunch with her. What happens after changes Tuan’s life.

Harmony Anime Movie

Why should you watch it? 

  1. For the love of Ideas. A wonderful idea for the lovers of Dystopia or Utopian world story lovers.
  2. Not your general war story where people give orders and deaths happen. It’s something different, it doesn’t have too much action just enough to keep you hooked.
  3. For the deep thoughts that run behind the scenes like water goes with everything. Psychological, philosophical & scientific story is merged with wonderful graphics and animation.
  4. This movie poses lots of questions, which many of us ask but never receive answers to. like, what would you sacrifice to live in a world full of harmony? 

There are many reasons why you should watch it and none to not watch it except if you like action packed thrillers. Harmony will definitely make you think hard about your freedom, the labor and the costs our worlds will face someday. It has surprises, thrilling and blood curdling surprises about the many faces of war and the world that is born from it.

Harmony Anime Movie Project Itoh
Our worlds change in a matter of seconds. Before we know it we are living in completely different worlds. War?? A question?

Well, I loved the movie and like every time, I am open to thoughts and comments on it. So if you have watched Harmony, don’t matter if you love it or hate it, share with me.

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