How Long Shall You Work & Little Bit About Me

Today I am me-er then Me! :p
Today I am me-er then Me! :p

I work eight to ten hours daily to make someone else richer and in return I get paid for my hard work. We employees are rarely appreciated & mostly overworked yet for obvious reasons we keep doing our jobs. Fortunately today I do not wish to talk about the job that we all hold to support ourselves monetarily, that will be topic for some rainy day. Today I am going to talk about the job/jobs that we love doing.

For example, I am writing here because it makes me happy. I feel alive when words pour out of me. Some say if you love doing something it’s not actually a job but I say if I spend a few hours of my daily life on something that I love to do and if God forbid I get paid for it then that makes it a wonderful job. So how long you have to work at something you love till it becomes enough?

“Work until you no longer have to introduce yourself. | Unknown

We all love to work for our employers because it gets us instant recognition, a ready-made tag, “Hi-Hello, I am so & so at so & so ____(add your employers name)___ . I ask myself a lot of times, “so this is it? I am done? This is what I want to do for the rest of my life?” Hell I even know my retirement day and God it gives me chills, I feel like I am already in my coffin. How long shall I be able to work like this? No idea! I ask myself if I could put this same 10 hours of my day into something I love and be recognized for it? Even if I do not make money out of it,it will be a thrill! It’s tough taking out time to write like this, but it’s becoming more fun as time passes.

“That is the sort of bravery I must have now.” | Veronica Roth

So here you go folks, the main reason why I started my blog is open in front of you. I want to write and I want people to see it. Even though I barely have any readers and I feel like I am submitting my articles to a void that is full of robots who are having the time of their life laughing at me in some gigantic black hole that’s made for posts of people like me, newbies! It’s funny but you must have the strength to support your own work. Believing in oneself when you have no idea why you are doing what you are doing is perhaps a great risk and task! But it’s glorious to have the bravado to listen to your heart’s calling.

“Be steady and well-ordered in your life so that you can be fierce and original in your work.” | Gustave Flaubert

Fierce and Original huh Mr. Flaubert? You know I find it very hard to feel like I am original at all because I feel like I sound like everyone else out there and I have not said anything new by writing on my blog. To be fierce is something I have to achieve through perseverance. I am at a stage in my life where everything is happening all at once and I can’t focus on my writing. It drives me crazy how there’s always something and I can’t concentrate, I can’t focus but I don’t regret not having time to write once I get home because I get to spend time with my dear family. Family > Anything else! Always! <3 But I promise you Mr. Flaubert that I will work hard and focus on my writing and one day I will produce an original work.

So today I wish myself all the best for the days to come. May I write to my heart’s content and then may I write a lot more.

I thought not to post this post but I am going to post it for two reasons:

  1. To give you a reason to do something you love. After all I am embarrassing myself publicly, so come one you gotta get out of your cocoon now! Do something you have wanted to do since forever!
  2. So I can remain humble and strong in my quest.

Thanks for reading. Ja mata ne` (See you).

19 thoughts on “How Long Shall You Work & Little Bit About Me

  1. Kudos Hemagini…I deeply appreciate this post from u…drew so much in parallel to it 🙂
    Embarrassment for? writing ?….even when u write so damn good? …keep going do wat u love doing …may b u can set an example

    1. Wow you digged an old post, thanks so much for going that far reading :), appreciate it.

      I think my writing is still in the baby stage, so sometimes I feel like stopping because others write so well, but I don’t because if I did I will feel horrible. Thanks so much this encouragement Saaransh, I really need it.

      Have a wonderful day buddy 🙂

  2. Why I blog? Well, at first my main reason was the same as your reason. “I want to write and I want people to see it.” It must have started very early in my life. I have been a school teacher of science for my career. Blogging is a way to continue to teach after I retired.

    “…I want people to see it.” Some people do see what I write. Honestly, it is rather a disappointment how little people say in response. I enjoy dialogue. Too many people click a Like button and move on. True here in blog land and facebook and etc. They must move quickly to go see more and click more Likes.

    Thank you for taking some time to actually stop and type some words. Have an interesting day.

    1. 🙂 I, just like you love it when someone stops and writes something about what they just read or saw in a picture. I don’t care if the message isn’t long. Sometimes I feel like a “LIKE” is just easy way to scroll away and people hardly read all of it.

      Thanks so much for stopping by and mostly for finding my old posts and reading them.
      God bless you. Have a happy Easter weekend. 🙂

  3. I have quit my job just a few months ago and have started working on things that make me happy – reading and writing full time, earning zilch! 😀 I so agree with you when you say we need to go out and do something that we have wanted to do since forever.

  4. Heyyy nice blog …..ur not embarrasing urself your doin wt u luv , u luv wrting right..?? Keep writing ur super duper talented….keep writing keep smiling ….god blesss u …..

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