I Write. Because You Exist.

Someone must have said this before.Β Someone must have felt this before. Someone must have written this before. But no matter; I will say it again, I will write it again. I write, because you exist.

You. Yes, You – you changed my world by becoming a part of it. One day, like the unexpected breezy rain, you gushed into my life on the wings of the wind.Β You shook me gently and woke me from a slumber I didn’t realize I was in. You filled the empty spaces in my heart like pure rain water smoothly runs into the cracks of the river banks and fill up the reservoir for the coming summers. Yet, in the summers you stayed, like a giant oak tree shelters many, you sheltered my lost belief.

Is this love? I kept asking. I told you, “I love you.”

I was frustrated that you never spoke of the love you felt for me. Oh no! I only read it in your actions that spoke to my aching soul. Truth smiled upon me, the beauty of your tranquil love; revived the words in me. Such stupidity you had to endure yet you stayed.

I wrote in vain, I wrote for what it seemed like a century. Maybe, just needed a soul to recognize the tiny voice within me. I turned on the lights to look for something & I found you staring back to me. A wandering soul, I was. You gave me a home. You became part of my adventures. I can still not wrap my mind around how you and I became us.

You saved my words and you nurtured them, even though you didn’t know how to. Maybe you are as clueless as I am. I just want you to know….

Β Because You Exist. I will keep on writing.

43 thoughts on “I Write. Because You Exist.

  1. I absolutely LOVE the quote on your featured image. Love really does provide one of the most profound inspirations for writing. From falling in love to heartbreak and everything in between, I’ve found that love has inspired some of the world’s most beautiful writing.

      1. I’m also doing well. Thanks for asking πŸ™‚
        And the book’s coming along nice and good. Done with the developmental editing and now my editor is starting with the Substantive editing. So hopefully I’ll have the ARCs ready by November end πŸ™‚
        Have a great day!

  2. aw that’s the second best reason to write. The first best will always be writing for oneself because at the end of the day, oneself is the only person one has to satisfy with one’s story πŸ™‚ Got a little convoluted there but I think you get what I’m saying πŸ™‚

  3. Wonderful post! There would always be someone who’d recognize the voice within us. Keep on writing dear, you’re touching souls and spreading kindness in this cruel world. Hugs!

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