Important things to remember for service industry worker & customer

The service industry comprises of people providing services and products on behalf of the company they work for. Customers are most important to this industry sector and they try their hardest not to lose the customers. It’s very important that you understand the basic on which this post is being written. Remember the last time you went to the post office and the lady behind the counter asked you to buy tickets of so and so amount so that your letter can reach a certain place? Or remember the last time when you went to a bank and the person behind the desk asked you to fill up a form which seemed maddening and you asked the person to fill the form for you but they denied and you felt like kicking them in the butt? Yep, that’s the service sector. Not always pleasant.  With that, let’s begin.


An angry man enters the premises with one question in his head, why isn’t he able to open his bank account statement.

Angry man: What kind of service you people give? I am not able to open this statement no matter what I do.

Banker: Sir, please read the mail it must have a password or hint for the password.

Angry man: No there is nothing like that. You people suck. You guys are sitting on my money, getting paid and you don’t even send me a statement right. I am an old man how am I supposed to keep up with technology.

The amused banker looks at the man’s slowly aging grey hair and smiles, the man is only in his forties. Well, what can be done.

Banker: Sir, please open the mail and show it to me.

The man swipes away on his cell for few minutes and then pushes the phone in the banker’s hand. Banker reads the mail and tells the customer to follow the steps given in the e-mail so he can see his statement.

Banker: Sir, please put in your birth date in the password box and you will be able to see the statement.

Angry man snatches his cell away and tries what the banker said. He is now looking at his statement and all he says is, “You people should provide better services so we don’t have to suffer like this.”

The bankers take a deep breath and exhales, thank god it’s over.

Online Banking
‘Of course the bank didn’t credit your account. You can’t make online banking deposits by putting cash into the DVD slot.’


If you are working in service industry have you ever come across people who keep putting words after words like bullet in your head whenever you see them? Do you ever ask yourself what did you do to deserve it? Do you ask yourself what, just what can you do to make it better? In the end you tell yourself it’s just your job and you can’t control the system so you gotta give whatever answers you can for the moment.

It’s so hard today to manage customers. The competition is tough and the customer is God. Well yes by all means customers are Gods and we want to serve you best and better so that you stay with us and stay happier but would it hurt to treat someone nicely? I see people behaving badly with waiters and volunteers etc and I feel like why do you do that? It’s not a reflection of who I am but who you are. I don’t mean to brag but I have always been nice to people in the service industry and now that I am one of them I know how it feels like to work with the system and provide ample of services nicely so that even the customer can feel better. It doesn’t always work though. I have cried many times because a customer behaved badly, I told myself many times I want to change my service and be at a place where I could be treated better but what I find is, all the industries are the same. The colleagues don’t always help and the customers are mix batch of good and bad peas as well, gotta work with what you got. But at the end of the day, I do ask myself, why is it so difficult to be nice?

Being in the service industry & getting served by it.

Trust me, the other side of the counter is where you wouldn't want to be when someone rushes in throwing anger at you.
Trust me, the other side of the counter is where you wouldn’t want to be when someone rushes in throwing anger at you.

To the service people;

  1. We all know you faced a storm to reach to the office today, so did the customer. Please be kind to those who come to receive your services. Be gentle and kind, if nothing it will help you sustain the customer.
  2. Do not let anyone make you feel bad about yourself because they are unhappy about your company’s policy or services, because let’s be frank, would the company be any better if the person saying bad stuff was the boss? LOL I don’t think so. So, stop beating yourself up, it’s your job, do it and do it well, leave the rest on the systems.
  3. Don’t worry about always making a good impression. Sometimes you have to be a little bit rude and angry too. It’s okay. We all have  those bad/ good days at work.
  4. You won’t always be appreciated for the work you do. Learn to pat your own back whenever needed.
  5. Don’t fall for your colleagues making fun of you or putting you down. Keep your chin up and stay strong. They are gonna need you and you are gonna need them. Don’t worry though, if you are extremely lucky you will find friends in your workplace too.
  6. Please be patient.

To the customer;

  1. Please be gentler? We understand that you faced a sand storm to reach this office but please be gentle if we ask you to fill up a form and attach a copy of your ID proof. It’s for your own sake.
  2. If you feel neglected or bad about the services you receive by all means, please go ahead and file a complaint. Organizations are getting much more strict with the staff and taking good care of the customers. The thing is, you need to speak up. You can always find information on how to reach the higher management with your queries on the websites of the organizations.
  3. Do not give bribe or “muh dikhai ka paisa” to any sarkari naukar (government servant) or non government servant. Bribe system won’t exist if people do not support it. Imagine having to go to an income tax office and not having to give any under table packages of sweets filled with your hard-earned cash. There are lines (mobiles and landlines in India) which can help you file the complaint or write it directly on twitter or Facebook or e-mail the prime minister.
  4. Remember to file your tax on time & show your middle finger to whoever tries to break your peace.. 🙂
  5. Please remember, you are important to us not because we get paid but we are humans too and we care about you whether you feel it or not.
  6. Please be patient.
Financing... Service industry
If you consider all the risk you don’t have any fun. Yeah, that’s life. Don’t miscalculate risks with your finances.
Service Industry jokes
Yes, right.

Wheew… Taking any side is so difficult. It’s like the guy says in Jurassic world movie, “Hey, I am just taking orders” and people just paid to be there.

Have a good time ahead. 🙂

Take care.

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12 thoughts on “Important things to remember for service industry worker & customer

  1. I think the trouble with rude customers and rude staff members is that they have such an impact. I could meet 200 pleasant customers/staff members and 1 nasty one, but it’s the nasty one I’ll remember.

  2. Oh boy do I know exactly what you’re talking about! :p I worked in so many stores and service-jobs I lost count. In the end, it’s all about respecting each other, and accepting we’re all only human and we make mistakes.
    Sometimes all the rules drive me crazy, especially as a lot always seem to contradict each other… :/ But whatever the case, always keep your cool and wear a smile.

    1. always keep your cool and wear a smile… lol doing it daily has made me more tolerating of my relatives too. haha

      thanks for the visit Samantha… It’s always delight to have you around. 🙂


  3. This is a great peace and more people need to read this! I never minded when I worked jobs in the service industry but It taught me a few things. Thre biggest thing I think was to tip well. If you can afford the service, you can afford to tip well that means 15% and that’s pretty much a standard. If you go somewhere often like the same girl cuts your hair, tip her more even. And remember those in service jobs who put up with you and don’t get tipped, on cash register etc.

    1. So true.. there are people in service industry who put up with others bad manners and not even get anything in return… Sucks to see such things happening. That’s what made me write this article. I never really spoke up when some people behaved badly with the service person or customer but now I see the day to day goings of this and it really pisses me off. there’s just so much injustice.

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