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Improve Self Image with these simple steps.

Self image is crucial for success in life personally as well as professionally. For you to stay in constant focus of who you are and what your values are is rather difficult in every era. When you believe and are strong on your values people will come to break you down or some bad incidents might make you question yourself. It is hard to be oneself when we have our daily lives out on display on social media platforms. Even though we know the truth, it is totally easy to believe in our negatives and the positives of others.

On top of that professionally daily we have to deal with lots of work pressure and competition for future development. Now, only if it depended on your work ethics and your ability to get a task done well. Added to that is peer pressure, the necessity to lick the a** of your superiors, the ability to say, “Yes, sir” even when you do not mean it. My God it is so easy to forget who you really are.


The world is full of charlatans and gypsies who claim they can show you glimpse of your future. Crazy as we are, we are ready to pay those people in hundreds if not thousands to tell us for a fleeting moment what we won’t believe anyway unless it is negative. In which case we will lose precious amount of sleep thinking about it. If it is good, we forget it in some days and try to see more negatives. 

I know who I am. When I see in the mirror I see me.

Tracy Morgan
Takeaway: Value the person you see in the mirror. 

The importance of seeing one for what they are is unfathomable. If you have seen the movie Avatar (if you haven’t, where the hell have you been living all this time? Watch it.) You see Neytiri tell Jack, “I see you.” In fact during the whole movie there are a lot of scenes with “I SEE YOU”, it is important to see, recognize and value others and let them know it. But more importantly, for one to achieve that one has to first acknowledge their own value. 

Events and some miscommunications makes you believe that you are not valued or not important. However, that isn’t the whole truth. It is well known that you tell people about your own value. People learn from you how to treat you and how to value you. Today, I want to talk about a few points which can help you improve your self image aka value in your own eyes. Irrespective of whether you have been through difficult situations, traumas, depression etc you can change and blossom into a stronger and better you. Improving self image is the first step in becoming stronger you. 

self Image Subtle-art-of-not-giving-a-fuck-mark-manson-self-image

Here are my few strategies that can help you improve your self image. While you put these into implementation don’t forget to be positive.

Tips & Tricks for Self Image Improvement.

  1. Think positive thoughts. Quite a lot of time I find myself having a wrong thought about myself. It is very difficult to control your thoughts. Since lately I have been paying more attention to this and I have come to know that only by letting you thoughts flow, will you come closer to a calmer mind. So, how do you control then? Simple, you don’t. You only control one little thing, your attention. By paying attention to a thought you give it power to come into existence and to create more thoughts based on it. So the next time you feel like you are not important, just ignore it, take a deep breath and whisper, “I am important.” Focus on a better thought. 
    “If you like to be wise with your money, learn to be more wise with which thought you give your time to.” – Hemangini Patel
  2. Make a journal. If you can make a bullet journal to jot down all of your good qualities that would be even better. Write down all your personal and professional qualities. Throw modesty out of the window and just be good to yourself. Think about all the good stuff about yourself and write. Write for months if you need to. Make it a weekly practice. A daily reminder of your good qualities will in long term add a deep happiness inside you as you slowly walk the path to a strong self esteem and self image. It will also serve as a practice for step 3.
  3. Be gentle with yourself. Often times we forget that we are our own worst critics and belittlers. The negative self talk in our head makes us value our own price a little less over a long time. Before we know it we lose our values and then we wonder, “what happened to me?” So be gentle with yourself. Every time a negative thought pop-up in your mind make a note, do the same for a positive one.
    Don’t just believe people about your self image either, if someone says something negative about yourself ponder on it, don’t just believe that they are right. Make notes in your journal on how many times you took your own side and how many times you failed to find a positive outlook. Then work on it, work on yourself. Daily. 
    Just remember that a person who knows their own value and self image can appreciate the world better. You are already on the right path if you are reading this. So, start a journal and put sweet reminders about gentleness for oneself.
  4. Serve others. Whether you believe it or not but our value and self image depends a lot of how well and how often we serve others. Donating to a worthy cause, volunteering to something you believe in. Do something that isn’t going to profit you monetarily. Learn the value of others. When you leave your comfort zone and do something for someone in need, you give. You give your time, efforts and energy to something you believe in. In turn that experience enriches you with a strong sense of community and your importance in it. Serve others, serve your mental health and strengthen your roots. 
  5. Learn the art of not giving a F*ck. Yes, I love that book. The Subtle Art of not giving a F*ck by Mark Manson is an amazing valuable book which teaches you to ignore some things which are poisonous to your self image. You might think this contrasts with my first point but deep down it doesn’t. Think positive thoughts doesn’t mean thinking false thoughts. Be brutally honest with yourself. Tell your truth, wear your heart on the sleeves and come what may, grow strong. If you imagine your self to be a whining little baby, you will be so. Improve your self image by being honest, thoughtful and stop giving a F*ck about things that don’t need your time or attention. Live. 
  6. Practice pep talk with self. Yep, it is important to talk to yourself when you are conscious. Look into the mirror and repeat some self affirmations daily. For example, “*Your Name* you are important” , “You are strong” , “I forgive you for….”. Do this for a few days and it will for 100% surety increase your self value. Harvard did a study from 2007 to 2011 about ‘talk to the person in the mirror’ the results of study were published in their journal and here’s an interesting article about the Questions you need to ask the person in mirror.  

Have the strength to learn the truth about yourself. Digest it. Learn from it. It will lead you to self improvement if you think logically and use it for your own betterment. 

Hemangini  Patel

Granted that many things happen which leave us feeling mediocre and less important but don’t let it bother you. Don’t just ignore the negatives, pay attention. At the end of the day all you need is to value yourself. If you value yourself what others do doesn’t matter. If you can look into the mirror with confidence and trust for the one you see, that’s it.

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  1. This is a fabulous post Hemangini. Lots of very wise words and practical advice on how to be our best self. I’m currently in the middle of reading Mark Manson’s book on The Subtle Art … and I agree, it’s reassuring and liberating. All the best to you.

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