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Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton – A Book Review

I have been a fan of Jurassic Park movies & Steven Spielberg for over 20 years and I never had a mental picture of me feeling so cheated after reading just ten pages of the novel. Don’t get me wrong, I love Jurassic park by Steven Spielberg so imagine my surprise when I started reading the book and it turned out to be a whole new level of adventure?

Dr. Alan Grant Jurassic Park Movie

It begins with a quick hospital visit to Costa Rica islands by suspicious people in the middle of the night for what looked like animal scratching but told otherwise by the men in the helicopter? Similarly, another incident takes place on the island where a girl is bitten by a lizard-like creature while visiting with her parents. An American doctor Martin Guitierrez living in Costa Rica tells them it’s nothing to worry about but gets curious when he sees the drawing of the lizard that the girl made. Later on, he goes to look for the creature and accidentally gets a carcass of the same lizard. He sends it to another researcher at a university lab.

Thus begins the hunt for Hammond’s mysterious island (Jurassic Park) and his suspicious activities by the government of America.

Welcome to… Jurassic Park

Hammond is a science lover who wants to bring back the pre-historic creatures in order to create a new business. A new kind of amusement park that will shock the world and make him a renowned thinker of the 20th century. He is working with Dr. Wu a top of the class in his days and someone who wanted to make legends with his genetic research. 

The government had started putting pressure and checks on the organizations doing genetic research. So Hammond buys the island of Isla Number and Isla Sorna to do his work in peace. The government of Costa Rica did not have any such regulation and controls in present.

John Hammond hires Dr. Grant and graduates student Ellie to check out and possibly approve the Jurassic Park. In return, he offers them to grant to run their excavation for baby dinosaur bones at the research center in Montana. Ian Malcolm is a chaos theorist/mathematician that Hammond’s organization consulted earlier. According to him the possibility of success of Jurassic Park is Zero. Donald Gennaro is the lawyer representing Hammond’s investors. (Gennaro happens to be pretty badass! Yep they fooled us in the movies).

Ian Malcolm is as crazy, the theoretical mathematician as we know him to be. I loved Ian Malcolm’s thoughts throughout the novel and looked forward to it. Ellie and Dr. Grant are amazing, brave people who love their work. They are more than their movie selves they are extraordinary people. Both Ingen and John Hammond meet a different and difficult end.

The dinosaurs abilities and activities described in the novel leaves the reader thinking, ‘what if they showed this in the movies?’ Genetics and pre-historic animals come alive with the many descriptions by Michael Crichton. Vvelociraptor are one crazy dinosaur species. Sounds bad but I am relieved they are extinct. T-rex (our beloved Rexy?) has bigger surprises under her claws then you might expect.

Often you find yourself asking who will all get out alive. The movie and the novel differ so much. Chaos theory maybe?

Why isn’t it in the movie? That’s what movies are like – Icebergs.

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The movie omitted so many things. For example, there are more about the T-rex then it meets the eye. (Can’t reveal and no don’t you dare read the Wiki, read the novel.) What’s with the starting scene of the girl and the lizards? Is Hammond a genuine science man or a businessman in disguise? You get your answers in the novel. Velociraptor? I suggest you just read the novel and stay in the awe that they inspire in you. These animals and just not questionable. I repeat I am relieved I am not living alongside velociraptor.

Jurassic Park Movie 1993

Movie verdict– YES! Watch it.
Book Verdict– I BEG YOU TO READ IT. (If you haven’t already.) Here’s a link if you want to buy it. Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton.

Though the movie is super awesome and I will never forget the nights of terror I had to spend as a child unaware of the demise of these huge creatures.

I recommend you read the novel. Clearly, there’s more than what meets the eye. Trust me you will love the novel if you just gave it a chance. It will blow your mind.

It’s rumored that the old movies are coming back to theaters with 3D effects. God knows how much franchises reap off.

I so want to read the second novel –The Lost World, but sadly I cannot buy it right now. Why? Read about it here – The awkward oath.

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  1. I read the book around the time it first came out, and I loved it. But I should read it again, since I’ve seen the movie more than once since then. I absolutely LOVED The Lost World. The movie isn’t anything like the book. I mean they have NOTHING in common except for the title. The movie isn’t based on the book at all. The book is great.

    1. I was pleasantly surprised by the novel and I gave it to my sister now. She is a huge fan of the movie, I think she is going to feel cheated too but will love it.

      It’s kinda sad that movies and novels are so different.

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