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The Last Chai: Bringing The Nation o A Halt By Varun T

Varun’s book is like a special blend of tea. Every time you read it, it is a bit different. During the course of two months I read it twice. Every time I read it, it felt new even though I knew the outcome. India is a huge nation and to write a political thriller revolving around the Prime Minister himself is a cool thing if pulled off correctly. Varun T does just that, his book gives you many surprises, smiles and gasps.

The Last Chai Varun T

Book Title : The Last Chai: Bringing The Nation To A Halt

Author : Varun T

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Summary : 

We have seen Ajay Kamte as a CBI specialist in the last book Pychon by Varun T. Now, Ajay has become director of SPG, a special task force in place for the security of nation’s beloved Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Doshi. The present Indian PM is very famous and his enemies are many. SPG is in place to make sure that the PM remains alive no matter how difficult the situation is.

Even though he is very strong, since many nights Ajay has been having difficulty sleeping. A Muslim boy (Is he?) tried to poison the PM by mixing cyanide in his favorite beverage ‘Chai’. The whole nation is under tension. Opposition and wanna be famous reporters like Poorvi Acharya are leaving no leaf un-turned to make sure they give the latest scoop to the public.

Meanwhile the PM Narendra Doshi has to visit Pakistan for a meeting where the plotting International enemies are waiting for him. The employed hassasins who have entered India through Bangladesh boarders have spread throughout India. What are their plans? Will they be able to get the enemy before the enemy gets the best of the nation? Will PM have his last ‘Chai’ in Pakistan or return alive?

Review :

The Last Chai by Varun T is a political thriller. It revolves around Narendra Doshi who is the PM of India and is up for re-election in the year of 2019. The book is heavy with NAMO philosophy & also his cabinet ministers and security. The book gives us a PM that we crave for, someone who is ready to take strong steps in order to build a stronger nation. Narendra Doshi’s head of security Ajay is nothing you can imagine.

The story reminds us of a lot of historic events in Indian Political History as well. My Special summary for this book reveals a lot I think.

If I talk more than this then I will be doing injustice to future readers. Be in suspense, the forgotten feeling of ‘What will happen? What has Varun T planned after this? Will Narendra Doshi survive? Oh My God, I am going to explode.”

The book is very well written. Grammar and sentencing for each paragraph is good. Although, the cover doesn’t do complete justice to this book it is still good. Character development wins the reader. It is the best thing about this story.

I guess all 2017 Amazon writing contest winners have written some serious masterpieces and they should be read more and more.

Recommendations : 

If you cringe at the name of political fiction, I urge you to read it. If you would like to know more about present political scenario in India and just how many surface levels are there, this book is for you. Politics is also like an ice berg, no one knows what hit them all they see is that the tip of the ice berg is still far away. It never is.

Like Varun T says,

‘In politics, there are no permanent friends or enemies, just permanent interests.’

Lastly, I have no personal connections to the author of the book Mr. Varun T. However, this review is written in exchange of a free copy of the book. I recommend this book to all book nerds. Even if it is your first time reading this book, you will be drawn into it with the special blend. Trust me, just read it.

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