Hey Albert Einstein… Lessons from a great science man

AEIOU… Albert Einstein Is Outstandingly Unique !!

Hey Albert Einstein, it’s me, the one student who failed horribly at understanding the theories of physics and maths, I am sorry I didn’t mean to nod off when my friend talked about your theory, I am really interested but I still don’t understand why, E = mc 2. Yo did all these so nicely and made sure that it looked as difficult as it could, so that we remember you today and celebrate your birthday in your absence. Umm, even though you didn’t like celebrating your birthday, Happy Birthday man, you are a star.

Okay okay I’ll stop with the stupid jokes now. I really do love Albert Einstein but I am horrible at physics. To all those kids who are studying very hard so that they can be next physicists or astronauts I salute you and wish you luck. I didn’t know it’s Einstein’s 137th birthday today when I set down to think about what to write today & I am so happy that it’s birthday of a guy who has kept me mesmerized ever since I got to know that he was a dyslexic. He was a tough cookie, this man! Just imagine having your teacher tell you to stop learning since you can’t learn anything of what they CAN teach. Joke is on you teachers. :/

Albert Einstein suffered a lot as a kid because he did not have the same learning capacity as every other kid. His teachers said he was mentally slow, unsociable and adrift in his own head. He was extra-ordinary kid and his teachers failed to understand that. Although his mother didn’t give up on him. Blessed lad.

Hey ALbert EInstein…. LEssons from the great Science man

This article is for kids and grown ups who are still kids….

Lesson 1.  Einstein believed that teachers ask only about the things that the kid doesn’t know instead of asking about things which he might know. Wow that’s just amazing. I passed through school and college – 20 glorious years of my life spent in the temples of education thinking that I can never be enough because I didn’t know it all. Bummer! Even today teachers do not ask a kid what they do know or what they want to know, the SYLLABUS DOESN’T ALLOW THAT!  Well, kids today are blessed with internet and libraries big enough holding knowledge from all over the world.

Lesson 2. NEVER STOP QUESTIONING. Education starts only after one has forgotten what was taught in school and the important thing is not to stop questioning. Enough said. When I asked questions my teachers told what they knew best and I read books, tons of them at times to understand why the caterpillar has a glowing bum. It was interesting then and interesting now, just there is lack of time now. I miss reading extensively. It used to be fun. Dear reader, please read all you want, watch documentaries and do things you love. 🙂

Lesson 3. Never give up your passions. Albert Einstein escaped the school of engineering because he thought the spirit to learn and creative thoughts were lost in the strict environment that allowed little to know freedom to imagine and wonder. Giving up on a good school and letting go of few years of study so that he can let his creative thoughts live, one tough cookie huh?

Dream Big
Who else will follow your passion for you?

Lesson 4. Imagination is more important than knowledge. It is. 🙂 At the end of the college life when you are stuck in a dead-end job, your imagination makes you a mighty warrior in the world of worriers. Just imagine having to live with reading a book without the scene actually coming alive in your head, nope, can’t imagine. I need imagination to live as much as I need food. End of story.

Lesson 5. Be organized. Einstein understood the fact that too many things only end up in clutter rather than beauty. He owned only few different designs of clothes and mainly he preferred to wear the same kind of cozy but baggy grey sweater and slacks with occasional suits (only when needed). He gave his mind a few things less to think of with this decision. Imagine waking up daily and not having to worry about what you will wear today. haha

Lesson 6. Even if you are an outcast, kid or teen or adult, own it. There is nothing more beautiful than a person who is alive and living his life. So much has been lost already in trying to fit in. Be whatever you can be, be the best you, everything else is a lie. 🙂 

Lesson 7.  The man didn’t like to celebrate his birthday. I know The Man isn’t appropriate but to me he is that. Instead of celebrating his birthday in extravagant manner or spending lavishly on this day he would enjoy it with his family and do things he loved. As someone who doesn’t like the hullahoos of birthdays, I really agree with this man. I’d rather celebrate my birthday by doing something I liked to do instead of going crazy organizing a party and trying to look perfect for the guests who are there for the free food and social comparison. Live your dreams everyday, specially on the day you were born. 

Live life in such a way that when you are at the end of the rope and your life flash back in front of your eyes, you do nothing else but smile. 

Life is just once and it’s more than enough if you dare to live it for what it is in your eyes. Everything else just fades away. Einstein might not have been just your average kid and maybe his brain is still a topic of discussion and research among science communities and us the normal group but he was a man none the less and if he could have been what he was then you can be what you dream to be too. Just keep doing what makes you the best you.



16 thoughts on “Hey Albert Einstein… Lessons from a great science man

  1. Although everyone admires Einstein, we usually don’t go through the the pains of knowing about his past because his work is the one true inspiration. But this here has opened up many perspectives. Thank you for this.

    1. 🙂 gee thanks for the praise.. I don’t think this article is as good but for obvious reasons Einstein’s life should be taught in school so kid’s can do better then suicide when the time comes to failures.

  2. It’s true about schooling today, I think it’s like that across the world. I knew a lot of things but not the things that the teachers wanted me to know so they think you’re stupid.
    I also agree with the birthday thing. I had parties in the past where I just didn’t enjoy myself, and isn’t a birthday supposed to celebrate your birth, the fact you are here. Celebrating to me has always been about doing something I love. If that’s simply sitting down with family to watch a favourite movie and eating my favourite food then so be it :).

    1. I felt the same growing up and going to school, like I wasn’t enough. I didn’t give a damn but yes I did feel angry about it. Even now the situation is same.

      about birthdays, same pinch… I love being with family or just doing something I like.. It’s more fun then giving a party that mean less and demeans the day.
      thanks for visiting dear 🙂 love having you around.


  3. He also had a great appreciation of human failings. He is quoted as saying “There are only 2 things known to man that are infinite…. the universe, and human stupidity. I am not totally convinced about the universe!”

    1. Einstein was a genius who wore many hats… I love his this quote too…The older I grow and the more I work in my current job I feel that this quote is 100% right. lol
      You have a great day. 🙂

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