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Life is like that…. Musing on life and my disappearance.

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Life is like that, a sentence we all get rubbed in our face almost all the time. Sometimes I wonder if I can just lie down on a tree bridge, fall asleep, stare at commuting people and just breath. I do get there at times except instead of my desired tree bridge it is usually my bed. Just breath. For some time now I have been so caught up with my life that I had almost forgotten what it is like to just breath. Slowly I am getting back on my feet again.

Life is like that…. My disappearance.

For the last three to five months I have practically written about 3 – 4 articles. It sucks. I miss writing, and reading needed so much of my focus I gave it up until last month. So, why all that happened?

Life takes you by surprise and hurls you into the sea of unknowns. Just to check your mettle. 

Hemangini Patel 

Since the beginning of this year I have been super sick, I was bed ridden for almost a month at the start of this year. Yep, my new year resolutions to live well went down the drain immediately after January. It took me a month off from office and almost 5 months to get back on my feet and attend office properly. Still I have yet to return to my full health, which is difficult considering I get completely exhausted by the time I return home from my office. Full day I spend with full energy and enthusiasm as I am a public servant. At the end of the day though I feel completely drained and not even strongest sugar syrup can bring me back from my “let me go to sleep now” phase. Exercise and little bit of Yoga is helping a lot but I need more, I miss being healthy and strong. More on my sickness some other time. 

Past months have been heavy on me, but with my better half time passes by like a sprint run. Touch wood I have been extremely lucky to have him by my side, my wonder wall. I am fighting my demons one day at a time. And I intend to keep going until all of them are slain.

No pretending though. I felt really depressed about how my year started and how it has been going on so far. But lately I realize I have been paying quite a lot of attention to what was missing instead of looking at what I have gotten in return. A kind word, a hug, lots of love, constant care and overwhelming amount of support from everyone. Life is like that. It gives you surprises and twists every day. 

Life is like that… Musings on life.

Life is beautiful. Chaotic and nostalgic but a darn beauty. Don’t you agree? Between the choices that life give us and the ones we chose it seems as if it is all an unfair business. Like some utterly selfish business man is giving you only two choices, your life depends on it and only if you are lucky you might get a third choice. Almost as if nothing is going to make sense anymore and you have no idea how long it will take to get back to your wits.

In the most difficult moments of our life, we learn to sail the seas of life. Like a child you just need to be hurled into the pool of life to learn to swim. You might be unsure as to ‘will you make it?’ But somewhere inside you know all along, I can. Just need to push one more time. just some more time. In the end you learn that life isn’t a fair game at all but if you stop, really look and observe, life is a beauty. Yes, your own life, its beautiful.

Hemangini  Patel

Rarely do I go for time wasters but now I have stopped doing time wasting things all together. Don’t get me wrong, I indulge in movies, books, anime,manga, comics and what not but I don’t spend my time on having unnecessary arguments anymore. Number one time waster on my list. Not only does it drain you of your energy but it also puts you in a state of misery. It is tough to undo a fight with others. Best is to swallow hard, think and do what is necessary instead of needless argumentation.

Travel often and observe how people live in different places. Be enthusiastic about life and don’t give up on yourself just because others can’t see your value. Build your value like you build your net worth. Tedious process but worth your while. Like everything else it takes time for us to realize our own value and we must know our worth for others to see the same. Often times we let others look down on us and make us feel bad making us feel deserted and unhappy for God knows how many hours. All wasted time because  of what someone else thinks about us. Does it matter what others think?

Life often rewards us when we are out of our comfort zones. Our of comfort of our egos and out of comfort of our money. Life is out there and I intend on embracing it fully, each moment of it. 

Life is a celebration. Enjoy it.

Hemangini Patel

4 thoughts on “Life is like that…. Musing on life and my disappearance.

  1. Hemangini, I’m so very sorry to read about your ill health and the very long road to recovery. You’ve forged a positive attitude and I hope this sees you to strength, success, and happiness. As my daughter-in-law suggested to me, I will suggest to you: Be gentle with yourself.

    1. First of all thank you so much for this kind comment. I love your advice. Even though I know I should be more gentle on myself, I am not going to get healed overnight , I keep falling sick again and again as my body get exhausted faster and I am accepting those facts slowly. I am trying my best to be gentler with myself. Thank you so much for reminding me one of the most crucial points.

      Wish you a wonderful week dear. Keep blogging.

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