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Logan. In The End, Time Beats Us All.

This post isn’t a movie review about Logan, the last Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) movie. It is about the abundance of thoughts springing through my mind after watching the movie. 17 Years of my life, Hugh Jackman’s life and Patrick Stewart’s life – one crazy obsession – the perfection of play and the heroism.

Precisely 3 years ago, X-Men sent Wolverine back to 1983 to stop Mystic from assassinating Bolivar Trask whose death leads to the creation of sentinels (robots designed to kill Mutants). Wolverine succeeds and future of X-Men changes.

Fast forward 3 years and you find that the future didn’t change so much. Somewhere along the time line things happened, time changed its gears and another enemy of X-Men appeared. In the movie timeline, no new X-Men have been born for 25 years, only those who were bred in labs to be rats to the hands of the same scientist who designed a virus that killed the real X-Men. Wolverine, Professor X (Charles Xavier) & Caliban are the only remaining (or so it seems) X-men.

So what changed? X-Men dies at the hand of seemingly normal humans anyway. What changed? TIME.

Time gives life to heroism and sucks it out too.

Due to some unknown reasons Wolverine’s old friends(other mutants) have died, his only friend is Professor Charles Xavier and Caliban. Once world’s most powerful telepath is now suffering from neurological disorders, causing loss of control over his psychic abilities and surviving on stolen medicines.

Continuous medicines, the sad but crippling need to hang on to others for support, the hearing aids for ears, watery eyes, once ironed skin now wrinkle, loss of everything. Age – spirit stays young, the body grows older, there’s acceptance of it all but the days of youth keep flashing back. Caliban has changed, previously an enemy he has become a friend to them now.

Now, Wolverine has to wear spectacles. Professor X has to keep taking medicines to keep his psychotic brain activity at bay. Old age has caught up with all of them. The power of their youth has been taken away, the vulnerability of old age has arrived. In old age, a person has lots of money (or in this case not) and time. Wolverine’s healing factor doesn’t work as good as it did, his adamantium is rotting inside his body and his scars take longer to heal.

Everyone thought (including me) that Wolverine is never going to die nor is he going to get sick. Many people didn’t like this movie, negative they thought the hero doesn’t seem like a hero anymore, this is bullshit. Yes, true, hero has grown old. Time has chased him in the corner again.

Logan. Beauty and the beast. Movies 2017 Disney Marvel

Once firm pink petals of the rose

Are withering with time

The wrinkles in time asks just one thing

Is this all?

Tired of the many losses life has offered him, Wolverine seeks death but it cheats him every time or he cheats it? He doesn’t even hope to die anymore. Once powerful Professor Xavier dies but wishes till the end that Wolverine gets to live a life he never had but could have had. Life has dragged him around everywhere.

When I saw Logan at first I thought, maybe he is going to die in this movie, I hope he dies but I also hope he doesn’t. Don’t get me wrong, I love Logan but I have felt his suffering in my own bones and that part makes me understand why he wants to die so bad. There’s still hope, right? Hang on.

Enters a Mexican woman, Gabriela, with a child (Laura or X 23) in tow. The child is mysterious and when her powers are introduced you go WOW. God, please let Logan live just one more time. Your prayers are heard – whatever time he has got left, he lives and embraces death like a friend. His death reminded me of Dumbledore’s death in Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince. How both have less time and things to do before they depart.

Logan March Marvel Movie
Initial Movie poster of Logan

Logan gets to be a hero that he truly is. Defeated by times he lived like a wanderer, always moving, away from his loved ones. Protecting even when he acted like he didn’t care. Caring even when some pushed him away. Gentle but ferocious, a lone Wolf. The movie scene that Laura and Professor Xavier watch together makes all the sense. It goes something like this,

Shane: I gotta be going on.
Joey: Why, Shane?
Shane: A man has to be what he is Joey. Can't break the mould. I tried it and it didn't work for me. 
Joey: We want you Shane.
Shane: Joey, there's no living with... With a killing. There's no going back from one. Right or wrong, it's a brand. A brand sticks. There's no going back. Now you run on home to your mother, and tell her... tell her everything is allright. And there aren't anymore guns in the valley.

 This dialogue is from an old western classic named ‘Shane’, released in 1953. Shane is identical to Logan minus the powers. He is a good man but brand sticks on him. He is what he is, a skilled gunslinger with a violent past.

Shane is a wanderer who meets and befriends a boy named Joey and later on his family. He learned that this family and the rest of the valley people are being threatened and bullied by a cattle baron & his henchman. So now it is up to him to decide whether to move on from here or stay and help. With the golden heart of his, he stays and helps.

The dialogue being featured in this movie has a special significance. One can try, one can run, one can deny but the things we do brand us. Both Shane and Logan walk a path of violence (by will or by force is another thing) and it has ‘branded‘ them. Both have tried but they can not get past their ‘branded life’.  It is director’s hint to the viewers, that the same goes for Logan.

Just like the deities of Hindu mythologies (As a matter of fact all mythologies everywhere) man grows old and withers away with time. Deities took birth as men, lived as one and died like them. Exactly as superheroes. Some life stories are so strong they are written into novels, comics, or epics.

When the youth is burning like the mid-summer sun, when the muscles are strong and the eyes are strong the superheroes can take one on one or ten on one villains at a time. They give a run for life to everyone. But what happens when one grows old? When does power start diminishing? How the time that we felt will never run out, runs out? The powerful friends die or are dying and there’s not much you can do about it? Where does the heroism go then? Immortality means nothing to a spirit that has lost its battles too many times to count.

Logan. A Masterpiece.

Poetic. Entertaining. Brutal. Real.
Thought Provoking. EPIC.

To be true, Hugh Jackman poured life into Wolverine (Logan) on-screen. His voice, his face, his ragged, tough acting and his everything brought Logan to life. If it wasn’t for him I don’t know if I’d like Logan as much. 17 years ago it started with Hugh Jackman and it comes to an end with him. 17 years of gym, early mornings and a strict diet for the role of Logan. Only Hugh Jackman can understand what it must have felt like, we can only imagine the time. That is the magic of TIME. One of an essential thing we are all given equally. 

Why such a long article?

This movie brings the quietly ignored person sitting in the corner to light. That person is TIME. I have never felt so many questions in two hours of screen time.

Why I loved this movie?

It is a superhero movie, with strong action sequences, emotional scenes and explanations without any dark days or nights like Superman or Batman. No super villains, only science. Cities not turned into dust. Nakedness, but no vulgarity. Still, it is a family movie. Lessons, so many.

What I took away from this movie?

Everything that is famous one day, will go to the dustbin some other day. Logan is like a burning sandy river patch with lots of trees but burning sun. It is a reminder to keep fighting even when the world has forgotten about you. Keep fighting even when you are not what you used to be before time clutched its feast around your throat.

Powerful action with waves of pain. Don’t forget the clock is ticking, get going.

Logan Hunger Games Goodbye

PS. If you stuck with the post till the end, I humbly thank you for your time. 🙂 I hope you liked something here. Wanna leave a comment? Tell me what you think.

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  1. I liked the movie. Yes, the characters have grown old, but the wick of life has not burnt in them. No one in this world has immortality and this is reality.

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