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Lose Fear of Fear.. We Are Nothing But Stardust, Wondering In The Universe.

Specks of Stardust. That’s exactly what we are. We are nothing and we are everything…

Lose fear of Fear.

  • I don’t want to live. What is there to live for?
  • Not good enough, Big enough, strong enough, successful enough… ENOUGH! Will I ever be enough.
  • Even I don’t know what I want and it’s driving me crazy, what should I do?
  • The Universe is so big and there are so many people, I’ll never be noticed.
  • I look like a scarecrow gone wrong. Look at her/him, they are so beautiful.

Many of us have heard these questions/lines from so many people for far too many times. Sometimes I ask myself the same. Same boats, different drivers – that makes all the difference. When I say I understand how it feels; I mean it. Been there in past and even now my helplessness towards a certain situation or condition gets me back there. Only difference is, now I refuse to give in.

  • Rich fear poverty.
  • Beautiful people fear getting aged.
  • Scholars fear ignorance.
  • Every men fears death.

Instilled with fear one becomes anxious. What is the need to live after all? Why not? If everything is given to you, more the chance to give.

US, Nothing but Stardust. Wondering the vast universe.

We are tiny. So small but we are big enough to make a significant change or be the beginning of a significant change. Will you be remembered? I don’t know, I can’t promise. But if you do not try, you will never know. 

Be fearless. What’s it that you have to fear? You are one powerful speck of dust. In Universe nothing is meaningless, every tiny piece of dust holds the capacity of life. Just imagine if Amoeba had brains to worry about what it could do, would you exist today? :p Just kidding. You are a universe, because you are made of way too many specks of dust. It doesn’t matter if you are a rich universe with 3 planets that have men or 1 planet that have men. You are a wonderful being and you are capable of anything you want to do.

Lose fear. Be fearless in the pursuit of your goals and dreams. The world will always be ready to ridicule you. Some may even put hurdles in your ways. But you must go about your duties. You might not be zealous or strong all the time. The important thing is to keep going on. 

The opportunities, things you can do etc are abundant and your life may not be enough to explore it fully. Accept that possibility. Like they say, “Own it!” 😉 Accepting something makes it easier & it begins with yourself. Believing in yourself, accepting yourself as you are gives you freedom unlike any other.

Lose Fear

Stop comparing. Comparing yourself with others is poisonous to your self-esteem. Frankly speaking I had that gift as a child, I just couldn’t care less about how well others were doing. You can say, I was lost in my own worlds and was ignorant. Got me thinking about what others are doing great as an adult and my life came crashing down. Don’t know about you but I am better off as a child. Which is why there’s another saying which goes something like this, “Never lose your childish enthusiasm.”

Looking outside is a roadblock it keeps you from focusing on the important things. Focus on the inside, your skills, your talents that you can sharpen. Not just in work but in personal life as well, accept yourself and focus on the important things. For instance, are you are kind? Do people take advantage? Maybe focusing your kindness where it’s needed will help. We have immense capacity to do things that we fear to dream compared to being in the vicious circle for the rest of your life. How come one person have the ability to do that? Believe me, you can.

There’s beauty in boldness, growth ahead of every fear & a genius in someone who never gives up. Drop your fears. Run towards your goals. Reach for the skies.

Nothing is ever going to be in control. Accept it. One must lose fear of being wrong or less valuable. Even less, value is value. Value yourself more. Let others think what they want, if you care about that too where will you be but the pits? Forget about it, their thoughts are not your business. Their opinions, their thinking is for themselves. If the sole purpose to have the status you are aiming is for the society to see what you are capable of, maybe it’s time for a change. Being afraid of what future holds is pointless. Doing something for it, is empowering.

This is your life. OWN IT. Lose fear. Live a Little MORE. 🙂 Dare.


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