Love simply is. A story

It was an evening like any other. I was sitting at my desk finishing my work when suddenly my dead phone started to ring. It was him. I wondered why was he calling me, everything between us was already over. Severed by the grim sea of traditions that has been separating lovers in my country for ages. I look at his smiling face and I wonder how many girls will be ready to swoon over him and his kind heart. A tear formed into my eyes which I swiftly blinked away into nothingness. Nothingness was what left of my once happy-childlike-sweet relationship with him. It pains me even today. I almost slide the green button and then hold it until it dies down. I realize I do not want to talk to him. I loved him, it’s in the past and we decided never to talk again, I won’t break it, not now. He broke me once, I won’t give him the same power now.

Love, once so eager to fall for the this four letter word now I ask myself what is love? What does bring except sleepless nights, anxiety and agonizing pain. People say love is happiness, the reason to live. I ask the moon as I wait for my bus, is it really? Love has never brought me happiness, it has always ended in pain. It’s the battlefield from which I return scarred no matter how hard I tried. A voice inside me whispers, “Love simply is. You loved him with all your heart once upon a time. Now, let it all go. Don’t cry anymore. Stop suffering and let’s walk on, our journey is still young.” I nod as I see a light approaching. It’s my bus.

I take a the last seat as I always do. Plugging in my ear phones I start listening to the songs I downloaded last night. It feels good to watch people and just get lost in music. Life is moving.