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Maya’s New Husband By Neil D’silva – Book Review

Mayas new husband by Neil DSilva

Maya’s New Husband by Neil D’silva, is a horror story. According to the introduction, Neil D’silva is a teacher by day and a writer a by night. This is his first story. He won the NANOWRIMO 2014 with this book and he went on to win The Entertainer Literary Awards in 2015. He is also an admin of famous Facebook group For Writers By Authors on Facebook. Pretty nice conversations happen on the group page. If you live in Mumbai maybe you can even join them on their special sessions for writing sometimes.

About the Book:

Title: Maya’s New Husband

Author: Neil D’Silva

ISBN: 9789385137075

Publisher: Author’s INK Publications


Maya's New Husband by Neil D'Silva

Review: Maya’s New Husband by Neil D’Silva

Maya’s New Husband begins with probably one of the most vivid horror scene and it builds on form there. In this nail-biting horror story you will find yourself unable to look away from the book until it’s finished. Who is doing all this and why is the smart, beautiful but simple science teacher Maya dragged into all this horrible mess? The main part of the book is set in the most unseen, unheard parts of Mumbai. Maya lives with her mother Anuradha – a strong-willed, soap opera lover of a mother and her sister Namrata – the younger child, mischievous and every bit protective of her sister but still a free mind. More than once you will find your own talks with your sister and mother unfolding in their lives. In addition there’s Padma, a fellow teacher, who has her own ghosts to haunt.

Maya is a strong woman who listens to her heart and when her heart tells her to love Bhaskar, a fellow Art teacher who doesn’t seem much lovable at first sight, she obeys it. What follows are some thrilling discoveries with some heart racing horrors. More than once I found myself marveling at development of the story.

Warning: It’s not for the weak of heart. Because it has many grotesque scenes and yes I found myself saying this word more than often. But it’s what the story is about, horror. It’s supposed to spike chills down to your bones, it’s supposed to make you feel horrible and disgusted, and it doesn’t fail. If you are looking for a fairy tale or literature that can become classic maybe you should look away right now. 

Interested? BUY IT HERE:

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Kindle Version: Amazon. Flipkart.

Just the blurb is more than enough to grab the copy of this book and read it till you finish it. I don’t read horror stories, especially I do not buy horror novels. I prefer to stay away from horror stories. I picked up this stories for two reason, 1. I read Neil d’silva’s short stories on his website:, 2. I was intrigued by the blurb. It took me so long to finally read it because it wasn’t available in paperback and I don’t like kindle.

My sister asked me to give the book to her as soon as I am done. I asked her why does she want it and she showed me the back cover of the book and said, “How can I not, after reading this?” She loves horror and isn’t afraid of it. Seems to me her review of this book would be better to read. haha I am waiting for her take on this story now.

Mayas New Husband by Neil DSilva

Reasons to buy a copy of this books? Neil has been teaching for more than two decades now. No wonder he penned down such a wonderful horror story enveloping two schoolteachers in a horrible, almost grotesque sort of backdrop. Most noteworthy thing is Maya’s New Husband by Neil D’Silva has been a top seller on Amazon Kindle for a long time now. It’s a wonderful story for a newcomer writer and it’s a gem for the fans of horrors/thrillers.

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