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Me Before You By Jojo Moyes

me before you

Sometimes we accidentally come across books that stay with us for a long time, a book that you can recommend without second guessing. Me Before You by Jojo Moyes is a romance novel that I will recommend to my fellow book readers be it a girl or a guy. I read about quadriplegic people are like and what they go through before because I ogle every word I can. Imagine yourself living in a body which you can not control, the only thing you have is your mind, you are trapped in your mind and the company you keep can make or break your spirit. After a motorcycle leaves him in a wheelchair unable to take care of his smallest needs, Will Traynor loses his will to live. He was a millionaire dare-devil, living a full life in London, in Jojo’s words – “Will Traynor ex-City whiz kid, ex-stunt diver, sportsman, traveler, lover. Oh, but he was loved.” It’s clear from the start that Will is now a completely different person to his ex-self. He is a quadruped who can not even take a shit by himself and is stuck in his parent’s grand house. Will Traynor is a man who doesn’t want to live anymore but his parents can’t accept that! Let’s be honest NO parent would agree to let their kid have a willful death. So they desperately look for a way, some chance, someone who can help their kid to restore his belief, to compel him to live till a cure can be found for his special condition.

So, I am asking you – If you feel the things you say you feel – then do it. Be with me. Give me the end I am hoping for.   ~ Jojo Moyes

Enters Lou, a no-idea how to take care of a quadriplegic man or any medical experience what-so-ever, the only thing she does have is willingness to do the work! Lou has her own set of problems, her life is that of a simple middle class English woman. She is scared and confused about her new job since Will seems difficult, but as she gets to know the main character, so do you. And what you learn has the power to leave you thinking about lives you may never wish to live and lives you wish the characters could live. I cried a few times reading this beautiful book. It is funny how some books can make you feel whole and at the end leave you wishing the good of characters born in someone’s mind. Lou brings color into the dull and dark life that will is living but she brings something more which we cry about when we understand their situations.

Me Before You By Jojo Moyes
Me Before You By Jojo Moyes

This is a novel where you can relate with the characters. The story is told by Lou’s point of view a small town woman who is aching to spread her wings but plays it safe. The setting of a snowy village and the inns that serve hot coffee and buns, surrounded by beautiful scenery adds up to the romantic charm of the story. When I picked up this novel I hoped for a no-nonsense novel, something to ponder about after you are done reading! You will fall in love with Jojo Moyes flawless writing style and the way she unfolds story of Will and Lou.

Me Before You BY Jojo Moyes
This is my first book review ever. As its next installment is already out “Me After You” I am more than excited to read it, just waiting till amazon delivers it! You might see a review about it soon enough.

Original Title: Me Before You
ISBN: 0670026603 (ISBN13: 9780670026609)
Edition Language: English
Characters: Lou Clark, Will Traynor
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Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

Next Novel in Series:  Me After You (I’ve yet to read!)


Me before you movie

It’s now confirmed that Me Before You by Jojo Moyes is being adapted into a movie!! Although this is a bittersweet story of two completely opposite people, I am so excited and I hope the movie does justice to the novel and it will be able to show the inner fight of a closed-in person and their care takers instead of turning it into a hocus-pocus romance! fingers crossed

You can checkout the trailer HERE.

Update 1: 

I haven’t been brave enough to watch the movie yet, have you watched? Is it good? Should I watch? LOL Just don’t want to watch it and have my imagined scenes shattered to pieces with the changes in the movie yet. What’s your take on it?