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Me Before You, A Tale As Old As Time Itself. – Movie Review

Me Before You… Usual story, girl meets boy. A tale as old as time itself. I believe, stories begin when we venture into the unknown realms of our lives & mostly we are thrown into those realms because of our circumstances. There is not one romance book lover who has not read Me Before You novel. In case you haven’t you can check out my review of the book, Here.

Me Before You a movie based on a novel by jojo moyes
The only problem is, you have to let yourself experience the new things and then decide for yourself. Mostly, we refuse to let ourselves free…

Me Before You movie begins with Will’s accident & then shifts to Lou losing her job. Lou is a sweet, easy-going small town girl with no worries in the world except she doesn’t think she will be able to go explore the world or do bigger things. She believes she will live and die where she was born. Yet, her light doesn’t diminish nor does she blame anyone for it. She has her problems but they are not bigger then her optimism.

By stroke of fate Lou meets Will, a wealthy man who can not live the life he wants to live because an accident rendered him helpless. Will is a quadriplegic, he gets frequent attacks of fever and infection, needs lots of medications and always needs a caretaker. He has decided to end his life and his parents look for a caregiver who can make Will want to live again. They all get their wishes in LOU.

Me Before You Movie 

Emilia Clarke plays Lou while Sam Claflin plays Will. Emilia Clerk gave life to Lou’s character and I can not imagine anyone else in her shoes. Sam Claflin plays the role of wealthy heart-throb Will who becomes quadriplegic after an accident. Our beloved Matthew Lewis plays Patrick, Lou’s fitness freak boyfriend. Wow, Neville Longbottom has come a long way and his acting is just perfect as the increasingly jealous man who can’t see his girlfriend caring for another man.

Relationships break or grow strong when the times are tough. Will’s ex-girlfriend and his best friend are in a relationship after Will’s accident and they even invite Will to their wedding. Lou sees the hurt in Will’s eyes and does everything in her power to cheer him up, including singing him a lullaby.

“I want him to live if HE wants to live. If he doesn’t, then by forcing him to carry on, you, me….. we become just another shitty bunch of people taking away his choices.”

~ Jojo Moyes, Me Before You

Love is sacrifice. How big a sacrifice? With Lou you learn that as well. It makes you do the weirdest possible things with utmost love and care. Ultimately it gives one the ability to put someone else above our own selves.

Will give Lou’s life a new perspective. Maybe Lou was looking for this all along and maybe Will was hoping for Lou all the time closed off in his little world. Will’s world was thrown into turmoil and made small in few minutes but in those few months when he loved Lou, he lived again. Will give Lou a chance. Be careful before you judge, be patient and give it time. This isn’t a movie where a man or a woman fall in love with each other because they are wealthy or happy.

Me before You movie based on novel by Jojo Moyes                                                Just Live Well… Just Live.

Why dislike the movie/book?  The book/movie is disliked by many of us. I read many reviews on GoodReads about this novel and found that so many readers were not satisfied with this, they thought Lou’s character was stupid, the novel is worthless because it gives impression that quadriplegic should die, that Lou would not have fallen in love with Will is he wasn’t a millionaire etc. Although we are all entitled to our opinions, others agreeing to it is not necessary.

Not all quadriplegic decide to end their lives but living as them is tougher than you would imagine. Lou isn’t stupid at all, look closely and you will see the wonder in her character. Yes, maybe Lou and Will’s story could have been completely different if Will wasn’t wealthy. But you know what? Love can happen to anyone, anywhere and there are no tags on it. Me Before You movie/book is a poem in motion, not all poems can be understood, not with the mind alone.

You can see a clip of this movie on my YouTube Channel, here.

Watch this movie for:

  1. It’s false that you need someone only when your life is going bad. Sometimes you need people to stand up with you in your good times and teach you the meaning of good. Lou is living a good life in the town where she grew up
  2. Like breath of fresh air, love can do wonders to your life.
  3. Learn the true meaning of sacrificing your wants/desires for the one you love/family.
  4. Your fear, things in the past & what you grew up believing for yourself – learn to let it all go and be born again.
  5. The beautiful backdrop. Castle, a river that runs through town, small cafe, beautiful houses etc.

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    1. I waited for someone’s review too but got only professional websites so I finally decided to take a plunge myself. I thought the film would disappoint me but it was surprisingly good, better than expected. Have fun 🙂

  1. Great review, Hemangini. I’m waiting to read the book first.

    BTW, if you don’t mind me asking, how did you manage to add the MailChimp subscription form in your side widget? I’ve been struggling with it for quite some time. I’d really appreciate your help 🙂

    1. Thanks so much Heena 🙂 your comments mean a lot.

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  2. I totally disagree with the people that say the book has a message that quadriplegics shouldn’t live! After all Lou is shown to be interacting with various quads on online forums that are happy with their life! Liked the book as well as your review. Guess I should see the movie now 😁

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