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My blog- My experimentation with ocean of thoughts

I have read on a lot of websites that one should make a clear image of what they want to publish on their blog. Believe me, it is really very difficult to decide on one blog topic/niche when you have whimsical mind like mine. Specially by the time sleep comes, it goesย wild with ideas and lines! Tell me if yours don’t, and don’t you dare lie. There are so many niche blogs I am confused which one do I belong to??

I am a lover of books, food and travel in general. I do not cook as much so this isn’t a food blog. I do not buy clothes every now and then so this isn’t a fashion blog either. I take a lot of pictures but this isn’t a ย photo blog either! What I really do is,ย I imagine!! Also, I listen to different kind of people all day, read a lot of books, eat a lot (temporarily out of service! tell you another day), travel a lot (mostly on foot). I am going to write about the books that I read after careful selection and sometimes on a whim! I may also write about the anime and manga and movies I prefer, but maybe I won’t. Occasionally I might write about my adventures with food and travel. These days it is really difficult for me to do the later two because I am sort of sick since a long time now and still getting better, but I eagerly await those healthy jumpy days when I can get out and feel the wind on my cheeks without worrying about getting more sick. Well I don’t know how do people live with some really rare diseases and how they deal with not being able to do somethings, it makes me cry to think about their sadness or how they deal with that sadness. I pray that no one has to give up their dreams because of some sickness, never give up, always find a way.


Anne Lamott
Anne Lamott

I have always been a reader. But I do not claim to be a childhood literature lover because I rarely knew a thing about literature then. Heck, I did not even know the word literature till I was 12. My first encounters with books were with my textbooks and the tiny stories that were published in the magazines and newspapers and comics. I used to read my entire textbooks before the school started and I would re-read them all the time because I couldn’t get enough of the words. My papa tried his best to increase my thirst for the written words by gifting me a book or two whenever he could spare some money. I don’t remember my very first book except I used to watch a lot of shows based on books. For example, “Malgudi days” by R. K. Narayan, “Godan” by Munshi Premchand and how can I ever forget the shows based on Epic poems (The Ramayana & The Mahabharata) of Indian maharishis (Saints) etc. So you can see that my childhood was colorful and full of mythological and imaginary characters. Is it still a wonder that I love the written words? I wouldn’t call myself a literature girl because I simply haven’t read all the classics of English literature or I haven’t read more than a few thousand books. I would like to devour more. God! now I want to eat a book for dinner! hahaha…

Since the heading of this post already tells what I am doing here, I will just give you a brief description – I am just diving into my ocean of thoughts and tinkering with the words I find there. Petridish are used in biological experiments with other beings and the results are kept in journals, my blog is my own petridish, a virtual one where I get to experiment with my ideas and do a lot more that I have yet to figure out. Why My Petridish?? I will tell you someday. ๐Ÿ™‚ I am learning to dive and I wish to reach depths someday so I can write better and be a better woman.

So, on this blog:

  • Stories by me
  • Book reviews (Books by quills around the world!)
  • Something inspirational
  • Food and travel stories
  • Tiny stories that I find
  • Sometimes I might write about some social issue if I am really on it!
  • My experimentation with life
  • And something on the “WHIM” ๐Ÿ˜‰
Making my way...
Making my way…

Sorry I took so long to get to the main topic of this post. I hope I am not as much gnirob (read it reverse) as I think I am! I feel so new at this whole blogging thing, I can’t put my thoughts together! I might someday just make a bucket list and do the things right out of the lists, but right now I am living just like that, in the moment. Whatever I can, I do. I want to write all the time, but when I sit to write I take a long time to write a few hundred words. I stare at the screen and think about what I can write. Sometimes it overwhelms me, but what is life without a little fight with yourself, right?


Thanks for being a part of my journey in becoming a better me. If you have something that I can share on my blog, please comment and let me know.

6 thoughts on “My blog- My experimentation with ocean of thoughts

  1. I hope you have regained your good health and are up and running now to experience new adventures.๐Ÿ˜ I really like your petridish and may you keep experimenting in it and attain newer higher glory…lots of love and blessings !

    1. I am yet to be fully healthy but I am on my way to recovery… thank you so much for taking time to read and giving such wonderful comments… I appreciate it ๐Ÿ™‚

      Good morning.. Have a wonderful day ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Carl Sagan said something similar about books and reading way back when he did the TV series, Cosmos. Does the quote by Anne Lamott predate his. I am wondering if he hear it from her first.

    1. Anne Lamott is born way after Carl Sagan and I think Carl Sagan must have said something about it before. We learn from our peers and from views of people who we find worthy of our time and attention… So maybe Anne Lamott may have seen his shows.. Gotta ask, not sure either.

      1. Thanks for responding. He has said that in several different variations at different times. The first time that I heard it was in an episode of Cosmos, it may have been the episode dealing with the burning of the library at Alexandria. I am sure he probably heard it somewhere else as well, and improved on it, changed it to fit in the context of what he was talking about at the time.

        1. I just checked and you are exactly right!! Carl Sagan talked about burning the library of Alexandria and how the circumference of Earth was measured by scientists of that time. It was way back in 1980 which means that Anne Lamott was only 16 and maybe it left an impression on her too? Who knows, maybe should ask her. Maybe she won’t answer but I ll try. ๐Ÿ™‚

          You are right about the second point too, maybe even Carl Sagan heard/read it somewhere or maybe that was the way he felt about the books he read. He was a awesome person for sure.

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