Mysterious thing time

I took a test a few days ago, it was just an online fun test, it told me how long I will live. I almost want to believe it since it is based on a lot of calculations by the scientific community but I do not. I don’t think in today’s world how much time we have left can be said as easily. The chances of me dying by cancer are lesser than me dying from a vehicle accident. Not kidding, there’s just too many vehicles on roads now, if not that then I might die of pollution. haha

No one knows how much we will live.. We like to think time is a commodity to be used sparingly and that we will never die. I love what Dumbledor said to Hermione in the Harry Potter And The Prizoner of Azakaban….

Mysterious thing, time. Powerful, and when meddled with, dangerous.

Mysterious thing time…

Mysterious Thing Time

Precious thing, Time…

Everyone waits for the right time

It zigzags past the waiting lines

It runs with the one working at their goals

It’s an ever flowing river that cannot be stopped

Disturbed those silent tides, creates havoc or miracles

Powerful enough to drown who ignore it

Yet kind enough to give a few chances

Flawless, distributed equally among all

Riding on the wings of winds unseen, unnoticed

It flies past us daily, we run to keep up

No one gets enough of it…

If only we could have it again

So much we have to do

So much to accomplish

So much and so little time

Time’s mystery that need not be solved…

Just enjoyed.

It’s a gift to be unwrapped

It’s a gift to be used Make the most of it….

Today-Time-Tides… Use them wisely.


Time… Only those who die young, knowing they are going to die because of some disease, knows how important time is. Two of my friends died so young and at the peak of their lives.Getting old is a gift. It’s a miracle that’s denied to many people. Just look around you, you will find at least one young person who died because of some reason. Life is painful bitch, no need to aid it in its crimes. Our time is limited here. Have fun with it. 🙂



23 thoughts on “Mysterious thing time

  1. Our time IS limited, we better make the most of it while we’re still here! You never know when your time’s up, so live every day as if it’s you last, don’t put your wishes or dreams on hold, but make them happen instead. Great post, Hemangini! 🙂

  2. I always say I wear my age like of badge of honor, I am thrilled that I have made it this far. Younger people tend to look down their noses at older people, and all I can say to that is, let us pray that they have the pleasure of living a long life to appreciate being older!!!!!
    PS: I like the Dumbledore quote!!

    1. True… Most young people don’t listen or have much interest in old people in my country either… Which is sad because one day they ll grow old too.. I just wish I get to grow old enough to see what happens 😉

      thanks for visiting 🙂

  3. oh I love this post and this is really true. We always say so many things to do, so little time.

    We always look at the future and we ignore today. We always want to prepare for our lives tomorrow and we don’t live for today.

    Start living before you start dying – said Portgas D Ace, a character in One Piece (anime)

        1. Great! HI fi fellow anime lover. 😀

          I hardly have time since I am binge watching Japanese dramas these days! haha guilty as charged, I’ll download it and watch lot of episodes together..

          have fun watching 🙂

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