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Here’s What You Learn By Watching National Geographic’s Before The Flood Movie.

National Geographic has made a climate change movie with Leonardo DiCaprio, it is “Before The Flood”. It seems the filming began somewhere around the shooting of “The Revenant” also starring Leonardo DiCaprio. Leo takes us on a journey of our world in this 1 hour 35 minutes. We also get to see how people protested that Leo doesn’t deserve to be UN Messenger of Peace. Before The Flood movie is about the climate change we are facing and can see it happening on day-to-day basis but still be in denial of the same. It’s about how our politicians and giant corporate snakes poison our minds into feeling that, “no the environment is doing just fine.” So, that the corporates do not lose the consumers and the politicians can keep getting the big bucks.

Being employed in a public sector I understand that consumers are important to the well-being of an industry and even more important for its flourishment. That’s why we can see so many different marketing propagandas to lure more people in.We also have to market things to bring in more customers and sell more of our products. The private sector is even more pressurized than we public ones are.

But more than that I see that people do not care about what they are consuming as long as it’s cheap and looks promising. Have you ever seen a person at the mall who buys some more because there’s discount or it’s cheaper? Don’t get me wrong, not all those products are bad and not all those people are bad. Those people are just doing what they need to do to keep their jobs. It’s up to the buyer to buy the bullshit or not. 

Now take all the people who protested about Leonardo becoming the UN messenger of Peace and divide them groups of who plants minimum one tree per year to someone who plants none or those who are working towards a better environment to those who are showing it. How many can you get out of say 2000 people? If each one of us plants one tree a year that will be more than 7 billion trees in a year. Do you think climate change will accelerate at the rate it’s doing right now?

At this point I want to make this clear, I am not advocating Leonardo DiCaprio but at the same time I do not hate him either. There are a lot of things he did wrong and is doing wrong but that’s not my business. He isn’t my role model. I would rather have those IIT/IIM students as role models who are working hard to invent something to help the economically less privileged people get some energy that doesn’t involve burning cow dungs to make food.

Here’s what you can do to help…. Your surroundings BEFORE THE FLOOD TAKES OVER. 
  1. Stop asking what others have done. Yes, it would be great if Leonardo donated 50% of his income to the well-being of the environment but I don’t expect him to. I wish and pray that my neighbors didn’t make such huge houses and plant a few trees themselves. Most of them don’t simply because they don’t want their house to get dust from the gardens, yes right. New houses are built on the full space of the plotting area because; the bigger the better. It leaves no space for any plantation. Believe me or not those are the people who talk most about climate change and how the government should do something about it. Why can’t you do it?
  2. Plant more trees. Goes without saying, right?
  3. Use public transport instead of a private vehicle. Car pooling still a new concept in India and many don’t believe in taking part because they may get late waiting for others after office.
  4. Stop using all those products. Can we please stop consuming like a hummingbird? Hummingbirds need to feed a lot because of their body type. We need to consume (anything and everything, clothing, cosmetics, stationary, electricity, food etc). Seems as though our brains are shrinking to the size of hummingbird’s eggs.
  5. If you can not stop wasting your food shift to Netherlands. Because they have the rule that if you go out to eat and leave food on your plate you will be fined. I am not kidding, check it if you want.

Enough advising, what have I done? I planted 50 saplings this year in the nearby hill region after the first rains. It took a lot of energy and many days of rest after it but it is well worth it. Many of those saplings are doing great. My home? There are 9 large trees, 91 potted plants (Yes! I counted.) and many more saplings growing on the land.  More than a decade’s love and care given by my parents. Despite being in full-time jobs that take more than 14 hours of their daily lives. Next, I am planning to turn my balcony into another garden.

We read articles like this, “Come, Hate your life! This town in HP has the cleanest air in India.” Why can’t we get there in our city instead of sighing out of disappointment?

All I want to say is, even though we are all very busy we can create our own gardens. Rooftop gardens, wall gardens, hanging gardens, balcony gardens etc. It takes time, it’s like playing with lego bricks, take your time and build something fun. But imagine the greenery, the peace you can feel sitting there sipping a cup of hot tea/coffee or even beer guys.

Before The Flood may not be the best environment movie and Leonardo DiCaprio may not be the best-suited person for UN. But that’s not the point. What do you think? Comment below and let me know your bright ideas. 🙂 You can watch the movie Before The Flood by clicking this LINK.

What do you think? Comment below and let me know your bright ideas. 🙂

Have fun.

2 thoughts on “Here’s What You Learn By Watching National Geographic’s Before The Flood Movie.

  1. Actions speak louder than words and so, kudos to you for planting 50 saplings 🙂
    You have rightly said that people seldom care about environment. I planted only five in my small garden, they are doing fine and welcome me by nodding their heads each morning…:-)

    1. hehe thank you. 5 is great, it feels great to see the plants/trees leaves swaying with the wind and birds and small animals living on it. Love your enthusiasm for nature. You are doing awesome Maniparna. 🙂 Keep it up.

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