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One Indian Girl or Should I say One Obnoxious Girl by Chetan Bhagat. Book Review.

Chetan Bhagat claims to have figured out women with his latest book “One Indian Girl”. He even went through a painful waxing session to learn what it feels like. Honestly, I think Chetan Bhagat will have to take many births to get there for real. That being said, I felt sad for Indian Literature after reading his book.

Here’s why I think One Indian girl by chetan bhagat is the worst novel I’ve read till date…
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Radhika, the obnoxious Indian girl in Chetan Bhagat’s new novel is an intelligent, smart and outstanding employee (A VP) at Goldman Sachs. With a flair for not acknowledging anything good around her, she doesn’t share anything with her family. Her thinking is that she is far above everyone else in her life. No one is ever going to understand her because she is a woman and having brain makes it difficult for men to acknowledge her. She has arrived in Goa for her destination wedding, completely her choice. Now begins her story, how she got here and where she will go. Everything in next 6 days.

One Indian Girl is mean to herself and to others. While being a caring person she doesn’t give a damn about her parent’s or sister’s feelings. I don’t understand how she can claim to be a feminist when she has never tried to make anyone in her family understand her position but just made decisions and they had to go with it. Her Ex’s I can totally agree about, some men are like that. Not acknowledging a woman when they know her to be one.

Debu & Neel her Ex’s. Not acknowledging a woman when they know her to be one but refuse to acknowledge because it makes them uncomfortable. That’s when couples fight & their relationships take turns sour or strong. Debu lives in New York, an insecure 24-year-old man who loves being with Radhika but doesn’t like her high-flying career. Neel is a married lover who can’t see her as a “motherly” figure. In the end, both let go of her (Read dump her in a dramatic way), each time she leaves the country of her work because of her break up. Yes, smart, intelligent women do that all the time.

To my surprise her father is not a patriarchy favoring man, he loves his high-flying daughter and cares for her. Like every typical Indian mother her mother worries about her marriage, lifestyle and the famous, “what would people say?” dramas. Like always, a woman is a woman’s worst enemy. Patriarchy is supported by women who think and believe that no woman should be doing things that their boys/men can do “because they are boys/men”. Like drinking/smoking in front of your in-laws? What would your in-laws think silly girl? Yep! “But their son is doing the same thing maa!” “Yes but he is a boy.” RIGHT.

Debu & Neel are great examples of many men Indian/women anywhere have to face from time to time. Her family is typical Indian family. Both refusing to see her for who she is. What kind of “woman” wants to think about getting back with an ex who didn’t acknowledge her when she is about to marry someone who she refuses to acknowledge even though he might just be the right guy? 

Super simple, typical drama. No lines are worth quoting either. One smart brainy person, Pubjabi family, marriage, sex etc and you get a novel. One Indian Girl screams Bollywood masala movie. I’m sorry to disappoint you Chetan sir but Radhika is just an excuse of an Indian girl. Girl’s & especially women can be much more than Radhika claims to be but fails to be. Especially when they have a high-flying career.

One Indian Girl By Chetan Bhagat

Worthy read? Nope! Even though I respect his previous work “One Night at the Call Centre”, Chetan Bhagat will never get to my reading shelf again.

21 thoughts on “One Indian Girl or Should I say One Obnoxious Girl by Chetan Bhagat. Book Review.

    1. Same here. I would not have read if it wasn’t given to me in Rs.1! lol
      Don’t read. Better re-read some old novels you liked.
      Thanks for the hint. 🙂
      have a wonderful time Maniparna. 🙂
      See you.

        1. hehehe I guess you got lucky! saved your time. 😉

          Have a wonderful week dear.
          Ps. Sorry it took me so long to reply, I was not coming online since few days, Diwali cleaning at home!

  1. Loved your review. You saved my money. Nowadays Chetan writes only with an eye for some producer or director to make films on his novels. I’m sorry to say this but I didn’t like his ‘Half Girlfriend’ Movie masala indeed. I liked his witty one liners in his previous books. He is loosing on that also. Thanks for this review.

  2. Thanks for saving my money will invest on some other reads.. I Liked “Two States” all other works umm.. Am a fan because of that one book and ended up hitting the walls like a bat.. he is an author with potential.. Hope he reinvent soon and comes with a fabulous work. Listen not just hear.. well said.. adding a point.. listen just listen she is not sharing it cause she need solutions.. she just want you to listen.. she is much better in decision making 🙂

    1. 🙂 I haven’t read his books after ‘Three Mistakes of My Life’.. I read this book in the hopes that it would be different since he talked about “having deciphered Indian women”. But it disappointed me badly, I have never written a bad review before, this is the first time I disliked a book so much. Hope he gets his mojo back.

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