This article will reach all kind of people, the perfect strangers that I write about. People from different ethnicity and religion, different cultures and age groups will be reading this post. Most of us will never meet each other personally nor would we talk for more than a few times if not at all. Yet, by reading each other’s written words or pictures we converse.

We convey to each other our heart’s desires and our deepest troubles yet we feel misunderstood and unhappy. Most of us will never know what the person living next to us wants the most or fears the most, we won’t know a lot of things about someone who lives right next to us leave alone someone who lives a thousand miles away.

Yet by crossing this initial barrier of ignorance and invisibility, by acknowledging that someone out there is going to read my post, just imagining about that makes me feel the presence of another human being. Just like me, sitting there, reading…

There are too many of us and we are all too far apart.Β 

So true Kurt Vonnegut.

I say this because I feel that we have become immune to everything else but ourselves. Every tragedy, bad news, social issues sounds fake somehow. The person walking two steps from us seems like a perfect stranger, we hardly even recognize that person as a human being. Our power of empathy seems to be taken away from usΒ because there’s just too many of us… Too many to count.

Reason for being unreachable? Invisible walls. There’s so much we want to say, so much we want to gain, our pain, our desires, our feelings, our regrets… All about us… all of it. We have no time for others pain, suffering, feelings, desires etc. Happily, the greatest distance between two people can be merged with time and communication… BUT… We don’t communicate much nowadays. Rarely do we find time for another. Perhaps one day, we will be declaring “BUSY” as the most glorified word of the 20th century.

Today, the wonders of IT industry, it’s glorified children blogs, social media, videos, podcasts and many more things keep us busy and entertained. Keeps us from feeling lonely in an easy way. Are this kind of interactions enough to keep us happy? Does it give one satisfaction like a real life conversation? There are so many fake profiles everywhere, it’s difficult to recognize a genuine person now. We no longer believe in building meaningful relationships with others. We are so together but so alone. At the end of the day, a virtual hug can never replace a hug by someone who truly cares for you.

It’s so easy to get everything ready, prompt delivery, one click away that we no longer care. Drive to liven a relationship, try to have fun, try to make it work and be truly there, are not sought after traits now. Even marriage, divorce, making babies and giving them away is so easy now. The point isn’t about having everything easy, it’s about trying, doing.

New websites pop up every day, everything is one click away. Even a human being. We want things to be perfect, perfect childhood, perfect love, perfect marriage, perfect stories and perfect ends. Seldom, we find ourselves working for it. Instead, the pursuit of happiness takes almost all our lifetime.

It’s not because we are unable to do so. Physical distances mean nothing. It’s about emotional distances, the distance between our souls.Β 

Ray Bradbury Fahrenheit 451 Perfect strangers

We have been hurt so much by so many people we trusted that we are now unwilling to trust people, unwilling to let new people in. Give a chance, to yourself and to the new person, despite having been in hurt’s way once upon a time. If we give ourselves a chance, maybe someday, our story can start with those same words…

ONCE UPON A TIME… Two perfect strangers met and this is their story….

Let me use a famous line, “United We stand. Divided we fall.” πŸ™‚ Chances and choices take us to a whole new world that we often dream of.

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