Quiet Echos. Looking For Someone To Listen To, At The End of The World.

In the sea of our kind, we are all lone souls. 

Awhile ago, I read about a lone Blue Whale. She is supposedly only one of her kind. She sends out messages at 52 Hertz and she has not been heard in last two years. Being a Blue Whale enthusiast I feel so helpless whenever I read about her. Scientists says whales change their call frequencies they don’t know the reason behind it but they think it’s because of the noise pollution created by our various kinds of ships.

52 Hertz Whale or World’s loneliest whale, that’s what they call her. When I think about her I feel like she is Alice, lost in the wonderland. This Alice is one of her kind and perhaps the most wonderful kind one can meet but alas, she is without a friend. She doesn’t have someone to listen to her calls and no one has replied her quiet echos yet. I wonder if she wants to be Alice at all. Just the thought is immensely painful. I really hope this Alice finds a friend or she already has according to this article. Please do listen to the audio of Alice. Some comments on the sound-cloud site says, “she seems lonely and sad.” I think she is hopeful. The recordings of her voice are quite old, the first one was recorded in early 1989s.

Many campaigns have started and few Hollywood actors have taken interest in this cause too. There are many whale scientists who are searching for her, to record her. Bill Watkins gave more than 12 years of his life to search for her and until the very end of his life he looked for her. Alice, I hope he has found you in his death.

Credit: W.Perry Conway Quiet Echos
Credit: W.Perry Conway


In the sea of our kinds, we are all lone souls. Isn’t it? So much to say but can’t trust anyone. So much to say but not sure how the other would react. So many stories die inside because of fears like this. At times like that the best remedy for ourselves is just that, US. Sometimes we need a dose of ourselves. Once we have taken care of ourselves, come to terms with and learnt to deal with our loneliness, we meet the people we are supposed to meet. People who will lift us up and take us higher just by being with us because we have learnt that we can. Maybe Alice is also getting ready and she too will find her mate. 🙂

We are never the same. We hardly notice changes that happen in us on daily basis but slowly we change so much that we can’t recognize ourselves from ten years ago. That’s why, “our storms changes us. Giving us a new birth. We are never the same again and there is no shame in it.”

Face it. Confront it. Accept it. Situations are there for a reason and I believe a certain situation will keep repeating itself until we have learnt our lesson from it. That’s just how we grow.

To my friends*, I hope you have the courage to keep going despite your troubles.

No troubles are bigger than your lives.

Your quiet echos sometimes die before reaching the other.

But believe it, there are people who can hear them.

Don’t go away too soon.

Don’t you dare end your life.

You are important.

Quiet Echos. Unheard Voices Sound Louder.

Reading about Alice, I thought of all the people who commit suicide or feel like it because they feel lonely. Let me tell you, there are people who care and are ready to lend you an ear if you are in need. Have you heard about a website named 7Cups? It’s a website where you can register and you can actually find someone who can listen to your problems. I know, “whats the use of telling a stranger anything about ourselves?” Right, I agree. Sometimes just a pair of ears can help us more than we think someone can. Being listened to is the biggest problems of today’s times.

Listening means hearing what someone is saying and be focused there only. We all hear but very few people are actually focusing on what someone is saying to them. Basically that is one of the worst reasons why people feel lonely. 

Often times what saves us is a moment of courage when we are on the verge of giving up.

Things to do if you do not want to tell someone about your troubles:

  1. Write: Write about your troubles in a journal. Now a days you can write anywhere – mobiles/computers have memos or simple note apps or you can create a creative diary on computer with the help of Microsoft Office, both have locks so you can feel easy, no one’s gonna see it without your permission. I on the other hand prefer a journal. To me, there’s something romantic about writing in a journal with a pen/pencils/sketch-pens etc.I stopped writing journals for a short time in my life and I felt horrible. Writing it again brought me a clarity and happiness that nothing else could have. Because that’s what works for me. Start a blog even. Yes, divert yourself. Get lost in the world of blogging for an hour every day. Read other’s stories and share yours. I came across some bloggers who share their most personal depression/anxiety stories on blogs and they have great community support. Try it?
  2. Read: Reading can help us in the weirdest ways we can imagine. Apart from self help books I read as a youngster I find something to look up to in each book I read. Something positive and fun. It’s fun. 🙂
  3. Talk To Someone: If talking to someone else is your cup of tea, please go for it. Foreign countries are very lucky in this regard since India and many Asian countries still look down on depression/anxiety and mostly no one wants to admit that someone in their family have troubles. Talk to a friend, your partner, your parents, siblings or a stranger. Again, 7cups** is really nice community of people if you want to give it a try.

    In a famous author’s words; “The World is not a wish granting factory.”

  4. Get Out: Stop caging yourself in your room. Get out of your room and take a stroll across the corner better yet, take a stroll in the park.
  5. Try Something New: Remember that knitting/painting/cooking/dancing class you wanted to take but you didn’t or couldn’t? (Add anything that you left or kept putting off till now.) Maybe now’s the time.
  6. Give Your Quiet Echos a Voice: Knowing when to speak and when not to, is something really wise, saves you from many troubles. I am not so wise though. I find myself down the rabbit hole of “not being so wise” many times and frankly, I have stopped caring. I’d rather learn and move on. Speak up. Your quiet echos need to be given a voice. Make a video, write a story, draw a painting, find a new math equation (I’d hate you for that!) or do anything that pleases you, that gives your stress a way out.
  7. Remember to Breath: Just BREATH. Take a deep breath – hold it in for a few seconds – exhale. Repeat if you liked it! 😛
  8. Remember to Reward Yourself: I hate that sizzling fudge brownie topped with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup. Take my money and give me those calories. LOL. Yes, I am guilty of having pleasures that many deny themselves because those calories, darn they are so hard to burn. But I like the smile I have when I eat it, especially if there’s someone to share it with, yep! dragging someone along is fun! :p
  9. WHATEVER YOU DO, HAVE FUN. BREATH. KEEP MOVING. LIFE ISN’T FAIR, you weren’t born with any such contracts that promised so.

Like Alice, we are all going through something and we are sending our vibrations. I hope mine reaches you. I long to hear something more about Alice, please share if you know new news.

Have a wonderful week ahead friends. Take care.

JaMata Ne.

*You are a friend. Thanks for coming over and reading. I am glad to meet you. You can talk to me, if you need to share anything. Let’s connect.

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**One of my friends is a listener at 7Cups and she hears says, “Volunteering for this community has given me a different perspective of life and I will never stop doing this.” I hope she doesn’t.

PS. If you want to become a member of 7Cups, just visit their website at Maybe your 5 minutes can save someone’s life.


10 thoughts on “Quiet Echos. Looking For Someone To Listen To, At The End of The World.

  1. A beautiful post, Hemangini. None of us would like to be that Lonely Whale. What a tragedy when someone’s voice remains unheard 🙁

    Just checked the 7cups website. The concept is noble. Will explore it more later. Thanks for letting me know… 🙂

  2. What a wonderful thought provoking and beautifully constructed post … on topics that are so important. Thanks for putting a voice on this … the whale’s plight, the humans plight, and the hope that’s out there.

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