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Ramu’s optimism and his fun life…

It’s a beautiful, rather fun morning, Ramu thought to himself as he opened his eyes and smiled for the first time that day. He looked at wife sleeping beside him, he bent and kissed her good morning before getting out of the bed. Ramu was early as usual, it was still dark outside. He usually woke up early and went for a run in the park nearby his house. Although it was risky these days since there were many vehicles in the morning as well. Ramu left the bedroom and went towards the bathroom to get fresh for his morning run. He forgot to turn on the lights and on his way to the bathroom he hit his head in the bath door. Cursing in a soft voice he turned on the lights and rubbed his forehead. He applied some tooth paste on the brush and turned on the radio, a wonderful morning raga poured out and Ramu hummed along as he brushed his teeth. Soon he was done brushing and slapped his face with some cold water, it woke him up completely. He just loved washing his face with cold water in the morning, a habit his wife disliked naturally. She thought he was mad for liking cold water. Smiling to himself he wiped his face, changed into his track suit and went back to the bedroom.

He kissed his wife’s forehead and said, “Wake up darling, it’s a wonderful day. Let’s go running.” His wife made faces in her sleep and covered her face with blanket as she said, “I don’t want to wake up. You go. Bring some milk on your way back.” With that she was fast asleep again. Ramu hugged her and stepped out of his warm and cozy house and into the cold morning breeze. Immediately he felt cold. He plugged in his  earphones and put on his carefully selected playlist as he started to walk slowly. On his way to the park he saw a little fox by the side of the jungle. The fox looked at him and stopped in the tracks, Ramu felt uneasy at that, he had never encountered a fox ever before. The fox advanced towards Ramu and Ramu felt scared, just then a car passed by, the man turned his lights on and honked, the scared fox ran into the jungle and Ramu waved and yelled “thanks” as the car rushed on. Ramu looked to the jungle, looking for the fox and then walked faster, almost jogged to the park. He got busy with his warm up exercises and soon began to run as he forgot about the fox. Soon the morning sky was colored in red and orange as the sun came up. Ramu set on the park bench after his long run, looking at the sky he wondered what the sky would look like from top of a mountain. He was planning a camping trip to the mountains, a surprise for his wife. They had been too busy trying to make a living they had forgotten to live. She was so busy with her office and so was he. They were at the prime of their life. After starting to run Ramu had come to understand life was more than crunching some numbers into your bank accounts and it was more fun outside the office. He had made a mental note to wake up early and do things before he had to go to office. His optimism was on a high and he loved living now, specially those days when his wife would wake up early and join him. “Optimism makes life fun,” Ramu smiled and said out loud as he started back to his home.

He bought milk bag from the vendor at the crossroads. A speeding car came out of nowhere just as he was crossing the road and before he could move out-of-the-way Ramu was hit. He lay breathing heavily on the road as others rushed to him. “Are you okay?” Someone was asking. His neighbor  was also passing by after his run and he saw what happened. He called an ambulance and with the help of others they took Ramu on the sides. Everyone got scared for a moment that he was going to die but soon Ramu was conscious enough and everyone kept him busy by talking to him. The calm and serene morning was suddenly filled with tension and worry. Ramu saw his leg covered in blood, he could hardly feel his leg and tear formed in his eyes as he thought of his lovely wife. Someone offered him water which he declined since it shouldn’t be had when he was bleeding. Ambulance arrived in no time and Ramu was rushed to the hospital. His neighbor had informed his wife and she rushed to the hospital without changing from her pajamas or doing her hair. She cried as her neighbor explained what had happen and said, “Don’t worry everything will be all right.”

In an hour the doctors stitched up Ramu’s injured knee, his leg was covered in plaster. The doctor advised him a month’s rest and no running until his leg was strong again. After the doctor went away his wife scolded him for not being careful. His neighbor brought some tea and snacks for his wife and before they knew they were talking and making fun of Ramu. Soon the environment became light and merrier. Ramu’s wife chimed in, “Still think it’s a wonderful day?” to which Ramu replied, “Oh darling it’s a wonderful month! I don’t have to travel all the way to the office, maybe work a little from home and spend a lot of time with you.” Ramu winked and his wife and neighbor laughed out loud. His neighbor left in sometime since the poor man had to go to office!

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    1. haha Ramu’s wife loves him very much and to others she looks cold. The people close to us are known best to us, no matter what others think, that’s the fun in life isn’t it?

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