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The Shooting Star by Shivya Nath. A Girl, Her Backpack & The World

The Shooting Star is a blog by Shivya Nath, one of the very few single Indian girls travelling the globe at their pace and time. Shivya Nath is a known name among bloggers of India. Not only she is an inspiration to the people who pen down their thoughts for people to see but also for single/married Indian women who want to travel extensively.

Shivya’s blog has been beacon of inspiration to young girls of India. Girls are now charting different routes rather then the ones they were born to walk on. All due to inspirational women like Shivya Nath.

On a surprising evening I caught the Facebook status of Shivya Nath. Her book The Shooting Star was now available for pre-order. Being the fan that I am I checked it out immediately. I said out loud, “I wish I could do what she is doing. I bet her book would be a window to her soul.”

My intrigued husband asked me to buy it but when I said no I would rather not. He understood by the gloom in my voice how sad I was for not being able to travel at all since last few months. Thankfully, he ordered it for me. I had a three day holiday coming up during Muharram. So why not get away from your normalcy routine once? Happily, I nodded an okay and felt utterly grateful for him. 

The Shooting Star by Shivya Nath. Review 

You don’t have to convince anyone of your journey. It is your Journey. Learn to own it.

I have read some of Shivya’s blog posts. Yep I am not her die-hard fan and I haven’t read each of her posts nor seen all her photos on Instagram. From what I gathered she left her corporate job at the age of 23. With a little to her name in the bank and started off with the life of a digital nomad. Still she had a base in Delhi from where she wrote. Tried to travel as much as she can while staying afloat on her freelance income.

For the first two years of her digital nomad life she rented a place and after sometime she gave up the place too. She became what you call a homeless. Paraphrasing her own worlds, ‘Without a home to go to, I have a home everywhere.’ Thus began her crazy long journeys around the world which lead her to became a vegan. Bringing about changes in her life that normal people feel afraid of even in their seemingly normal life.

The thing about solo travel is, you can never feel 100% ready. There will always be a tiny voice at the back of your head asking, “Are you crazy?

Shivya Nath

In the next few years she traveled non-stop from USA to Guatemala to Ecuador to Japan (my dream country) and where not. In her book The Shooting Star she shares her thoughts on her travel just the way she does it on her blog and social media.

Shivya talks about her escapes into the world of travel where she discovers Ayahuasca. An entheogenic brew made out of Banisteriopsis caapi vine and other ingredients which leads you to have hallucinations. So how does a Solo Indian female traveler ends up deep in Peru having a brew that can give you hallucinations while a shaman chants around you? Well, that happens only if you are bitten by a very serious travel bug.

Spiti is a place of interest among India’s rising population which loves to travel. But what is traveling? Really, has anyone ever stopped and thought about it? We are rarely responsible with our lives. When it comes to travel it is mostly about having fun. Completely forgetting that the place you are visiting is part of a unique geographical and environmental interests.

I like how Shivya travels, she is mindful of her actions and what she is leaving behind for others. Her hitch-hiking

So, how many stars for the soul stirring book?

I thought long and hard about how many stars I could give this book. Maybe a three for the content or maybe a five for her simple poetic style with which she fills the pages of the book with sheer magic? Finally, I decide not to give it any stars at all. For how can I decide what putting your soul out on the paper is worth? 

You can buy this book here : Amazon

There is a plethora of awesome articles about solo female travelers as well as fabulous destinations on Shivya Nath’s blog. Do give it a visit, it will be worth your while.

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