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Is Society Responsible For Killing Our Creativity Skills? Let’s See In An Award Winning Animation

Every child is born with an unusual creativity skill that keeps their childish enthusiasm alive.

“Never lose your childish enthusiasm….”

So we tell our kids as they grow up and enter adulthood.  But our society has to tell us on every step of our life how we should live, how we should behave, dress and so on. Sadly, it doesn’t stop there, it also needs to dictate what we should do with our career and how we should earn instead of ‘live’.

Clean Slate – every child is born as one until they begin to understand the world around them and we begin to tell them how inappropriate their actions are and how they need to change. Dictation starts at home and then it drags on to public/private school. The education system is the best place to kill a child’s creativity, except if you have Mr. Han or Miss. Gruwell to teach you.

Even though we see differently in the movies the school system doesn’t actually support the real talents in music, poetry, writing, photography, painting, dancing, acting or any other field of art. If you tell someone you are an art graduate most will act as if they have seen a zombie. A parent and even teachers celebrates when their kids ace in subjects like maths, science, history etc. Hallelujah! But what about those who do not fit this bill? What about the misfits and the fishes that can not climb the trees?not all who wonders.... mypetridish

When my sister wanted to be a painter she was told she can not make a living with it. When my brother wanted to do photography he was told it doesn’t pay enough. Although my parents always supported their dreams of being a what my siblings wanted to be, they also hoped for their kids to have a steady job. Monthly paychecks are more welcome. Living in a society where your children are seeking business opportunities is a difficult sight.

When most our gifts are crushed unopened during the first two decades of our lives, what happens? Tom-Riddled anyone? Sounds similar to your own childhood, right? Why not celebrate some traits of our kids that make them more like themselves.

Further search only brings to light how sometimes a parent just has to give into peer pressure to make their kids an engineer or doctor etc. Parental life is not easy but realizing that what you want for your kid might not be the best for them is important. Let go & trust in your upbringing. Your silent presence means a lot while they walk through difficulties. A 9 to 5 life may not be best suited for everyone. 

Alike is the brainchild of two animators from Madrid, Daniel Martineze Lara and Rafa Cano Mendez. They have made an animated movie with Blender an open source 3D rendering program. The movie named ‘Alike’ is dedicated ‘to our families, to helping us not to lose our colors’.

Without further ado, here’s the movie:

Let’s reform our education system. 🙂 Many people do not get the meaning behind this video. Creativity is as important as maths or science. Life is a creation with our actions and a little bit of creativity brings us a long way further than imagination. We need to let go of our age-old systems and find new ways to create a better future for ourselves and our kids.

25 thoughts on “Is Society Responsible For Killing Our Creativity Skills? Let’s See In An Award Winning Animation

  1. Ah, this little movie brought tears to my eyes. How much do I love this?! While I think it’s important for women to catch up in the STEM arena, I think it’s more important that we teach STEAM in schools and let kids gravity toward what they want to be. I would like to reblog this, but the wordpress button doesn’t seem to work. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yes, the movie is quite powerful. If STEAM begins to be taught in school, kids will surely have a much brighter future. Here in India education system sucks much more than before, I hope there will be some changes soon. I don’t know why Reblog button doesn’t work on my posts. :/ Thanks for it anyway dear. Much appreciated.

  2. i’ve watched that animation before, and was touched by it. it is never enough to remember to nurture our children’s passions and creativity. because it will be those that will guide them through life, will make them happy, will give them a purpose, and the help they need to go through their obstacles.

    thank you for another beautiful article. <3

    1. I agree, hidden talents should be helped to bring about and have fun. For who knows what gift those little ones can bring to us. Thanks for this lovely comment dear. 🙂

  3. Beautiful article! Loved the video. My first read and a great start of the day. Yes you well said that, their hidden talents should be find out when they are young. We should give them the opportunity to explore each and everydoor of talents. Looking forward for more of your amazing posts. Thank you Hemangini. Following you like a satellite😊😊

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