Socrates O` Socrates… Food For Thought.

Socrates school of philosophy

No one could possibly be happy if they acted against their better judgment. And he who knows how to achieve happiness will do so. Therefor, he who knows what is right will do right. Because why would anyone chose to be unhappy?

My philosophical brain went on a huge brainstorming session after reading some of the old Socrates quotes and one Greek Philosopher book I did a project on in my school. I kept googling and jumped right back in Socrates’s school of philosophy. When I did come out I was amazed with this little pearl of wisdom. I couldn’t agree more. Socrates does have a point. Why would anyone chose to do what isn’t right? Why would someone chose to be unhappy?

Unhappiness is a choice just like happiness.

God I was better kid then this weird grown up I have become. As kid I never used to stay sad over the same thing for more than a few hours and now, let’s just say I gave sadness its chance with me, we did become good buddies but then my senses kicked in and I had to say goodbye for the time being. Why choosing happiness is such a big chore? Maybe because we analyse too much and accept too little. Well will talk about that some other day. What you think, happiness over unhappiness?

Which reminds me, I saw the movie Inside Out after much bugging from my boyfriend and I thought the movie had some really good points. Sadness is equally important in life as happiness. You can’t know what being lucky is until you have been unlucky or what is happiness until you have been sad etc. Well, I don’t think being always happy is possible but smiling though your problems and learning to move on, is highly possible.

Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony. ~ MKG Aka Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

Socrates was born ages ago but his philosophy and wisdom is ageless. (You can read his Wiki Page if you are curious and then go dig his books. Although philosophy is not everyone’s cup of tea, there’s always something to enjoy when you read it.)

Have fun. 🙂 See ya.

8 thoughts on “Socrates O` Socrates… Food For Thought.

  1. Perhaps “Therefore, he who knows what is right will do right. Because why would anyone chose to be unhappy?” is slightly flawed because happiness is very subjective and can be driven by other parameters. What is right could also be considered subjective. People who believe that money will bring them happiness may well be unscrupulous/dishonest in order to achieve their goals. It would not be right but, from their perspective, it is justified in their (misguided) pursuit of happiness. People do wrong in so many ways – they are dishonest with taxes; exceed speed limits on roads; lie to be accepted by their peers; break various laws etc. etc. Just thinking

    1. You are right. Some people are dishonest and liars. Some are even proud of their these characters. These people do not do it to be happy though. They do it cause money makes them feel powerful. Just imagine someone really being happy just because they have money in their bank accounts. In this quote Socrates is not talking about making choices which enables you to have money but to chose happiness when you have everything to be unhappy about. There’s always a silver line lurking around the dark clouds, you just gotta find that. Instead of being unhappy because you lost your pup maybe you should try giving your love to another being from their kind. Instead of crying over someone who left you, maybe you should try loving yourself. That’s all…

      1. Hi Hemangini – I really don’t think that it is as simple as “These people do not do it to be happy though. They do it cause money makes them feel powerful.”

        I find it hard to believe that all those people who buy lottery tickets are doing so because they want to feel powerful. In fact, all the people I know that play lotteries are doing so because they believe that a big win will make them happy for the rest of their lives. Sadly, the marketing strategies of lotteries total focus on self indulgent spending and everybody being ecstatically happy!

        1. Agree on that one… Different perspectives on a single thought is what makes it interesting..There’s always something negative about something that seems positive from one side. Having money isn’t going to make one happy. Happiness is a state of mind, something that comes from within, something that comes from being a helping hand… These are just examples. Isn’t that what this quote in discussion is about? Choosing happiness instead of unhappiness? What people make of it is their way of thinking, right? Wallowing in self pity instead of being happy because you have a sweet pup with you, your choice, right? Having Ray was something that made you happier, you felt it was right to do so.. no?

          1. You both are missing the point, “Therefore, he who knows what is right will do right. Because why would anyone chose to be unhappy?”. In this statement, Socrates is assuming the “he” will know more than the majority of other people. It is difficult to explain, but “he” has seen what people would perceive as “good” and “evil”, thus knowing a person’s cause to go toward good/evil. In this argument, I will not assume that people are created to do good, but in difference where the person is affected by the events around them and their choices. So, if a person had reached a state where they could see why a person would want to do evil, than that more (let’s just say) enlightened person may be able to relate/empathize with others and choose to do “good” in order to better everyone else.

            Also, on the point of “money giving happiness”, the people who wish for more money are the ones that are less fortunate (thus less privileged, I believe is the term). The argument has dried itself out, so I’ll stop.

          2. Thanks so much for this explanation Michael. Well not all people are created to do good, I think so too. It’s the circumstances and the situations in which people take decisions. So maybe yes, the person who knows to do right, will do right no matter the environment effecting his/her decisions.

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