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Storytelling Happens By Writing Everyday. Why I Am Not Writing As I Used To & Happy New Year.

Storytelling is an art that requires time and tender care. Don’t agree with me? Try writing a story that rings a bell or two in someone’s heart. Perhaps, try writing a story that moves people without time and care. See how it turns out, if you succeed, please come back to taunt me. I have not been writing at all since last 7 months. No stories & I don’t count book/movie/any kind of review as writing. I have missed writing, as I write these words I feel some sort of soothing calmness. Writing is medicine for my tired mind and it is health food for everyone. With just posts, this year has been a faux pas in writing.

As I have written previously in my Essential Year End Post I have married and moved to Bangalore for the time being.  As a result of the move, I kept moving off writing to do other essential things to settle down in a rented apartment. Not the best choice but what option do you have.  Thank God for the few trees on the roads where I live. So now I have happily settled down in my little cocoon which needs to be a little bit warmer. Since, my return from the United Kingdom I find myself uneasy during winters, my favorite season, for some reasons does not agree with me anymore.  Sometimes I feel like setting a fireplace so I can have some comfortable evening for once. Instead, I have warm bournvita.

Because of the weather conditions, I get sick every month with the exception of December 2017. Which was settled by getting sick on the very 1st day of the New Year? Yes, I am still recovering. Much to my worst imagination, I had to take a sick leave yesterday. Oh, how I miss my mother. At home, she used to do everything (Which I always wonder, how).

Thus, I had more free time to recuperate and write once I got back from work. Now, I don’t. Simple. As a result, I have put my writing on the shelf and stopped looking at it. The poor thing (me) keeps looking at the shelf as she does other things and wonders, when again will I write something like ‘That Woman Across The Street‘ or ‘Crimson Nights, Starry Skies, Crimson Tides‘ or ‘Found In The Wreckage‘ or ‘Stardust Wanderer‘or on and on. Imagining and storytelling, what a wondrous thing to do. Storytelling can set you free in many ways like you can forget about your worries and just tell a story. You wander off into the imaginary and for that short amount of time, you have achieved euphoria.

Hence, at the beginning of 2018, I have taken another oath, like the one I took last year to buy fewer(no) books. So, this year I am taking part in different ‘to dos’. I will be taking part in GoodReads 2018 A-Z Reading Challenge. A post regarding the list of books will be posted soon enough. Also, this year I want to be writing not talking about writing or writing about writing which I am absolutely guilty of doing right now. Furthermore, I will be doing a 28-day challenge in February which will include doing something different on daily basis. As March is a month of heavy work and financial year-end for us bankers I do not expect to write much during that period.

In between this days, I might throw in another challenge for myself. All I wish is to have more adventures and to do more than I did before. Move and stay strong. Storytelling time needs to be taken out and not asked for.

A sense of humor will help to go through the worst times. A little laughter is full of magical energy. Sometimes a handful of the sky is enough to spread wings and take a flight. I hope some of these shines through my writing here.

NeNeil Gaiman New Year Wish Storytelling

Wish you all a wonderful 2018. Have lots of fun and DO what you must with what you got. Be brave and stay strong. Bless you.

Take action. Do what you are afraid of doing, do it.
Make mistakes and learn from it. Today and forever.

Happy New Year.

9 thoughts on “Storytelling Happens By Writing Everyday. Why I Am Not Writing As I Used To & Happy New Year.

  1. “Do what you are afraid of doing.” I love that. It’s so very difficult to do, but usually well worth it. Happy New Year to you! I hope you’ll accomplish your goals or, if not, make some amazing mistakes that will provide some excellent learning and perhaps good story fuel as well.

  2. Hi hema.. wish you a wonderful year ahead… hope you have settled down in your new apartment…

    What I feel on writing is, it happens quite naturally… like sometimes my pen writes for me something totally different from what I have thought…
    I really liked your wish, to make awesome mistakes😉😂.. that’s a rare but meaningful wish

  3. Happy New Year to you too, Hemangini. Wishing you a speedy recovery and prayers that you find better health and more time to keep up with the challenges that you have listed for yourself. Take care!

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