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Super Women Inspiring Stories of 20 Women Entrepreneurs by Prachi Garg

Super women exist all around us. That being said, nowadays it is not usual to find stories of Women entrepreneurs in newspaper articles and magazines. But to know the full story we have to look around us and take help of Google to know more about these women. Even then it is difficult to get to know a good deal about how those women achieved success in their endeavors.

Super Women by Prachi Garg focuses on 20 women entrepreneurs who chose careers in different fields despite the herd-mentality of people around them.

You can either be part of the problem or the solution.

I knew one of the Women-preneurs, Alicia Souza from Facebook. I love her illustrations and seeing her mentioned in the book was exciting. Check out her illustrations you will feel warm and happy in no time. Rest of them came as a surprise to me even though I regularly follow news especially related to Women Entrepreneurs. 

One of the stories focused on a beautiful woman (all of them are beautiful including you, dear reader) Ria Sharma founder of Make Love Not Scars, an NGO that works to stop acid attacks and other forms of gender-based violence, along with supporting survivors. Ria used to be a girl who loved makeup, studied fashion along with social media and worked at her step-mother’s Jewellery design shop. Still, the issues of acid attack consumed Ria’s conscience and she wanted to make a collage project on that.

She came back to India to research the topic and make her project. The project became her life path soon and she started the NGO Make Love Not Scars. One interesting turn came during the reading her story about how Ria stopped using her beloved makeup for a year while she was beginning with her NGO to help the acid attack survivors gain confidence in their own skin and not feel ashamed. For a girl who uses makeup every time she steps out of her home to meet someone or to hang out with others to leave makeup, go out and help acid attack survivors is a huge step.

I shared her story here because I believe in the power of being comfortable with one’s own skin. Now, I am emailing the NGO after checking out Make Love Not Wars website. Maybe, I will volunteer as well as donate as I get a reply. Please support any kind of social cause as you can, your small actions can make a difference.

Another story that inspired me was that of Sunita Jaju and Swati Maheshwari, founders of Rustic Art. They started bringing eco-friendly & organic products to the ones around them because of their love for nature. Saying on social media that we love nature and trees is useless unless we do something about it. There is a fun story related to their products which is included in the book.

Super Women By Prachi Garg

Paperback: 168 Pages

Publishers: Srishti Publishers & Distributors (12 February 2016)

ISBN-10: 9382665633

ISBN-13: 978-9382665632

My Stars: 4.5/5

Why Read This Book: For inspiring stories that otherwise go unnoticed

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The author Prachi Garg herself is an entrepreneur who is ambitious, strong and someone who looks for solutions even after failures. She is the founder of GhoomoPhiro, a travel site organizing corporate travels as well as solo travels for women. She is also an author of two books Super Women and Super Couples. Check out an article about her at Women’s Web.

Reading about the many women who dared to be different, facing the hardships that came their way to be a success in their chosen fields was truly inspiring. I believe in the strength and serenity of womanhood. Believe in the ability of women to be unapologetically successful. If you do too, this book will make you smile more than often.

I will be reviewing Super couples tomorrow with a few inputs from the author herself. Stay tuned.


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  1. Thank you do much for the inspiration! I love this kind of books. My daughter and I are currently reading “Good night stories for rebel girls.” It’s a similar idea directed to younger girls. Most of the stories starts with once upon a time, to appeal a young audience. It’s a very inspiring book. Each story is only one page, and opens up for very interesting discussions with kids.

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