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SuperCouples Inspiring Stories of Couple-Preneurs By Prachi Garg

SuperCouples are a necessity in today’s world. SuperCouples by Prachi Garg is a book that contains 19 inspiring stories of couples who started a business together, stayed together through the ups & downs and created a successful venture out of thin air.

Most couples who work together to bring their dreams to life end up inspiring hundreds of others in the process. Still, it is a fact that being a business couple is tough. Taking decisions about different aspects of business and living under the same roof is a huge responsibility. As a result, respecting each other’s opinions and understanding values that they stand upon is important. Furthermore, arguing is a part of life, imagine being with your life partner in every situation including work & personal i.e 24*7. Yet, the 19 couples in the book SuperCouples by Prachi Garg keep surprising people.

Love and work can go hand in hand, when your life partner becomes your business partner.

After reading Prachi Garg’s first book SuperWomen I was intrigued to read the second book asap. The second book is more surprising than the first one in the aspects of inspiration, especially for couples. If you are a couple who is about to start a business or who wants to do so in future, you must read this book. Many of the couples came as a surprise because I have been using their products since ages and never realized whose brainchild it is.

For example, SoulFlower, did you know that a couple is behind this whole home spa idea? Yep, Amit & Natasha are one such couple. If you have not tried any Soulflower products yet, I urge you please give a try to their superb range of mindblowing calming and relaxing products.

Facebook Artologue and you will find another couple beaming at you from behind the scenes. Stories and art from their travels around India in an attempt to promote art for all. Imagine making a business out of Art for all? Nice concept. Hats off to Meenakshi & Jey.

Supercouples by Prachi Garg A BOOK REVIEW
Becoming a business partner with your life partner is a dream for many. While it seems exciting and daunting at first it is doable. These couples are living proof.

Book: Super Couples by Prachi Garg (Paperback:198 Pages)

My Stars: 4.5/5

ISBN 10: 9382665897

ISBN 13: 978-9382665892

Publisher: Srishti Publishers & Distributors

A few words with Author of SuperCouples- Prachi Garg

Prachi Garg Author
Prachi Garg

A beautiful person hailing from Delhi, Prachi is a woman of many trades. She is an entrepreneur, an author, and an avid traveler. She agreed to answer few of my questions upon request, I humbly thank you Prachi for this opportunity to know you and learn from you. 

Que: When did you start writing?

Ans: I started writing while I was 10 years old. I used to drop a note on anything and everything I felt like. Since childhood, I have been a girl with opinions and I have never shied away from sharing them.

Que: What inspired you to begin looking for couple startups and write about them?

Ans: Relationships these days are fragile and so are startups. I was curious to know what would happen when two of them meet and this book Supercouples is a result of it.

Que: Where do you find the enthusiasm to keep going with your writing when you have a writer’s block?

Ans: Messages from readers, good ambiance, and simplicity.

Que: You are an entrepreneur yourself, can you give a future entrepreneur just one tip as they begin their journey?

Ans: Never get disheartened with small hiccups of life. Just keep moving. It is your life and you need to drive it your way.

Que: Can you tell us about your future projects?

Ans: SuperSiblings is on cards next year, which is again a non-fiction and stories of siblings who chose to be co-founders.

Prachi Garg Author of SuperWomen
Prachi Garg at an event.

Congratulations Prachi on this wonderful success of both SuperWomen & SuperCouples. Wish you all the best for SuperSiblings next year. Have fun writing.

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