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Hi whats up

Whats Up People? How Are You?

Hey you, Whats up? How are you doing? Is 2017 the year for you so far? I have been pretty busy for the most of 2017 so far. Today, I want to update you guys on whats going on with me so far and what I plan to do as the year passes. I wrote a post last year after the first quarter of 2016 passed. This year, I am on a different page altogether.

First off, I am in a pleasant mood and happy to be alive in this too much work too little rest no time for anything year. I am exhausting busy at work which is the second main reason for me not being online. First reason being, family affairs.

Since January, we have been quite busy with March closing month. For those who don’t know, I am an Assistant Manager working with one of the largest banks in India, ‘Bank of India”. Being the second in command I am learning to work in a whole new light. It’s rigorous work, there are too many people without bank accounts and my current branch being situated in an industrial area we are always busy with new accounts, advances, and other products. To those wanting to join banking sector in India, my advice is, learn to be tough and kind, it is very important in our country where more than 30% population is illiterate and don’t know banking at all. Banking is not for the faint-hearted in this era of evolution in India.

Whats up. A scene in General Banks in India

                       Any day, this amount of customers is nothing new to me now.

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Write Every Day… A Rarely Followed Classic Advice.

Awhile ago I received an advice,“Write every day”. There’s nothing new here, it’s an age-old advice. It’s still great because it’s true. I agree, writing on daily basis is exceptionally helpful to budding writers like me. It helps you increase your vocab and learn new things. It teaches you to break off from laziness and write stuff, stuff that matters to you.

Perhaps writing stories become easier as you go on, your mind develops a fluidity and words flow. Whenever I am writing something with continuity I can feel the words flowing like a river but as soon as I skip a day or two it stops. Then I have to force myself to write and do it till I can feel the flow again. I have been blogging for a year and three months now and I have not written 100 posts by now nor do I have thousands of followers. Makes me look like a lazy person and I become one time to time. Just so you know, I love my blog and adore writing here being around people who write/take photos/share their thoughts is awesome. I am sorry for not being more punctual.

Write Every Day. Enid Bagnold

Writing is addictive.

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Characters You WOULDN’T Want to Trade Places With. Top 5 Wednesday.

However easy it sounds, it is quite difficult to find characters you WOULDN’T want to trade places with. I thought how hard could it be? The answer to that question is quick enough, tough as Earth’s crust. I want to thank the Goodreads group – Top 5 Wednesday run by  Samantha of Thoughtsontome and Lainey of Gingerreadslainey which has given me the opportunity to brainstorm about the books I have read till now and come up with a few characters I wouldn’t like to trade places with.

Characters you WOULDN’T like to trade places with


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Challenges Vs. Humanbeanies

Challenges Vs. Humanbeanies

“Don’t handicap your children by making their lives easy.” 

Robert A. Heinlein

Challenges are meant to grow us. It’s only us who become obstacles in its way… Don’t agree? How about we take a challenge… Try touching your nose with your tongue. Did you even try? Come on, give it a try. Okay, maybe some of you will be able to do it, I am horrible at it. I can hardly reach above my upper lip. But it was fun. I laughed before I started to write this post. One down.

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Ignoring health till too late

Humanbeanies are funny… Ignoring health till very late.

Tons of overweight people, hospitals are full of patients, we run to doctors even if we catch a cold. We are fearful of becoming sick, yet we do not take care of our health as much as we should. Newspapers and internet forums are full of tips and tricks for a good health and still the global health scale is going down. There’s going to be more people on support of medicines then ever before. How did this happen?

Aren’t we ignorant enough? We ignore many things and we get over things as easily. We forget about out health the same way we forget to clean our attic for years. Soon ghosts occupy the attic and health troubles get accustomed in our body. Don’t just laugh it off, the later is true enough. 

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Service Industry

Important things to remember for service industry worker & customer

The service industry comprises of people providing services and products on behalf of the company they work for. Customers are most important to this industry sector and they try their hardest not to lose the customers. It’s very important that you understand the basic on which this post is being written. Remember the last time you went to the post office and the lady behind the counter asked you to buy tickets of so and so amount so that your letter can reach a certain place? Or remember the last time when you went to a bank and the person behind the desk asked you to fill up a form which seemed maddening and you asked the person to fill the form for you but they denied and you felt like kicking them in the butt? Yep, that’s the service sector. Not always pleasant.  With that, let’s begin.

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Albert Einstein

Hey Albert Einstein… Lessons from a great science man

AEIOU… Albert Einstein Is Outstandingly Unique !!

Hey Albert Einstein, it’s me, the one student who failed horribly at understanding the theories of physics and maths, I am sorry I didn’t mean to nod off when my friend talked about your theory, I am really interested but I still don’t understand why, E = mc 2. Yo did all these so nicely and made sure that it looked as difficult as it could, so that we remember you today and celebrate your birthday in your absence. Umm, even though you didn’t like celebrating your birthday, Happy Birthday man, you are a star.

Okay okay I’ll stop with the stupid jokes now. I really do love Albert Einstein but I am horrible at physics. To all those kids who are studying very hard so that they can be next physicists or astronauts I salute you and wish you luck. I didn’t know it’s Einstein’s 137th birthday today when I set down to think about what to write today & I am so happy that it’s birthday of a guy who has kept me mesmerized ever since I got to know that he was a dyslexic. He was a tough cookie, this man! Just imagine having your teacher tell you to stop learning since you can’t learn anything of what they CAN teach. Joke is on you teachers. :/

Albert Einstein suffered a lot as a kid because he did not have the same learning capacity as every other kid. His teachers said he was mentally slow, unsociable and adrift in his own head. He was extra-ordinary kid and his teachers failed to understand that. Although his mother didn’t give up on him. Blessed lad.

Hey ALbert EInstein…. LEssons from the great Science man

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Pledge for parity. Women empowerment

Being Woman in 2016… Empowered much?

International Women’s Day website has been asking to pledge for parity in 2016, so we can accomplish our goal of being equal to men in the next 117 years. 117 YEARS? I can live two lives by then. In 117 years mankind might have accomplished the goal of having a colony on Mars. It’s amazing what could happen in 117 years. Why is it that it would take 117 years to have equal rights for men and women when we have been co-existing since the beginning of humanity?

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Where art thou? Thoughts on sickness & life…

Where art thou?

Where art thou?
[Image source:]

I have been on and off from blogging world for almost a month now. 

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Dream Much Bigger

The great man said, “I would dream much BIGGER.”

Dream much bigger

Listen to the wise ones. 😉

One fine evening my sister called me up from her induction training program and told me to remind her that she has to tell me a story about few great men who were told by their General Manager. Then she went ahead and asked me, “Hemu, what would you do if you had another life?”, I was confused but I said, “I’m not sure but maybe I’d try harder and work on my dreams… ummm… where is this going?” “Okay, you pass… Will tell you the story, remind me. See ya!”

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