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Hi whats up

Whats Up People? How Are You?

Hey you, Whats up? How are you doing? Is 2017 the year for you so far? I have been pretty busy for the most of 2017 so far. Today, I want to update you guys on whats going on with me so far and what I plan to do as the year passes. I wrote a post last year after the first quarter of 2016 passed. This year, I am on a different page altogether.

First off, I am in a pleasant mood and happy to be alive in this too much work too little rest no time for anything year. I am exhausting busy at work which is the second main reason for me not being online. First reason being, family affairs.

Since January, we have been quite busy with March closing month. For those who don’t know, I am an Assistant Manager working with one of the largest banks in India, ‘Bank of India”. Being the second in command I am learning to work in a whole new light. It’s rigorous work, there are too many people without bank accounts and my current branch being situated in an industrial area we are always busy with new accounts, advances, and other products. To those wanting to join banking sector in India, my advice is, learn to be tough and kind, it is very important in our country where more than 30% population is illiterate and don’t know banking at all. Banking is not for the faint-hearted in this era of evolution in India.

Whats up. A scene in General Banks in India

                       Any day, this amount of customers is nothing new to me now.

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Write Every Day… A Rarely Followed Classic Advice.

Awhile ago I received an advice,“Write every day”. There’s nothing new here, it’s an age-old advice. It’s still great because it’s true. I agree, writing on daily basis is exceptionally helpful to budding writers like me. It helps you increase your vocab and learn new things. It teaches you to break off from laziness and write stuff, stuff that matters to you.

Perhaps writing stories become easier as you go on, your mind develops a fluidity and words flow. Whenever I am writing something with continuity I can feel the words flowing like a river but as soon as I skip a day or two it stops. Then I have to force myself to write and do it till I can feel the flow again. I have been blogging for a year and three months now and I have not written 100 posts by now nor do I have thousands of followers. Makes me look like a lazy person and I become one time to time. Just so you know, I love my blog and adore writing here being around people who write/take photos/share their thoughts is awesome. I am sorry for not being more punctual.

Write Every Day. Enid Bagnold

Writing is addictive.

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Advice That Mattered. Reliving Memories.

We all have a few advice that mattered to us as children but ones that we forgot as teen-adults and kept getting our butts kicked because of that. My one such advice was given to me by my sister. She used to tell me, “Look around. Learn from others. Their mistakes/failures/success/actions etc. You don’t have to do them all yourself. Learn from others. Whatever you want to do, believe in yourself.”

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365 Days of Blogging. My Journey So Far.

If a writer falls in love with you, you live forever.

365 days passed so fast. 365 days of blogging or the lack of it. I am not a big fan of birthdays or any other kind of celebrations, not that I do not enjoy it, it’s just that I find them unnecessary due to my lack of time for writing. A hearty wish is more important to me then a party and gifts. I flutter and smile like a child when my siblings and my parents wish me and I take in their sweet thoughtful presents like a child. “What did you bring me?” I would ask like a child and gasp getting excited when my brother presents me with a Harry Potter book on my 16th birthday! Gosh! Best gift ever. So guess what happened when my blog turned a year old on the 3rd of July? Nothing special! I wished myself and went to sleep. Hardly even came online for almost half the month. Didn’t even mention it to anyone.

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2016. Sunny side up. Sunflower. Hows you been

First Quarter of 2016 Gone. Hows it been?

Years pass us by and we keep asking ourselves, “where has the time gone?” Time is absolute and he doesn’t like to be kept waiting unlike one’s boyfriend. It is almost mid April and three months of the year 2016 has passed us by. Hey, hi how are you doing? How’s your New Year Resolutions doing? How’s you treating yourself? You can answer this in the comment section of this post, please do, it would be fun to know.

After one week of awesome time in Goa I am back home and back to my job. I loved April so far. Since March end and closure of the financial year I have been entirely away from blogging. Good for me, I am back now. My mind is aching to give voice to the thoughts I have been having. I have tons of books and manga to read. I want to read and devour lots of blogs I have been putting off. I want to binge watch anime/movies. I have so much to do. Good thing, I do not make resolutions or they would be in tatters.

I could do so much more.  2016

Yep. Exactly.

How did it go for me till now? Ummmm… Let’s see:

  • Blogging is a bug and I can’t get rid of it. I want to write as bad as I want to read articles. Adventures, people, worldly matters, life, travel, books etc fight in my head to be written about first.
  • Steadily becoming healthier.
  • Planning a few adventures. Living for them.
  • I am reading again. Not like read a novel in a month but read an entire novel in one sitting. Crazy reading, I am back.
  • Had a day when I kept asking, “What a day. Is this destiny?” Still asking.
  • Silence is golden.
  • There’s no such thing as too much cheese. I LOVE CHEESE.
  • Sky gives hope. Sun, Moon, Stars, Planes, Satellites, birds… Sky is full spectrum of life. Spectacular Sky.
  • Writing. Trying to find my balance.
  • Asking questions. (As usual. Roll eyes all you want!) :p

2016 is a year full of adventures and fun little moments. Difficult times are bound to come just as the great times. I am ready to embrace them both.

Live. Love. Laugh.

Take care pals.

Wanna share about your 2016 so far? Comment 🙂

3 Day Quote Challenge Day III

Today is the final day of my three-day quote challenge and I am frankly speaking thanks so much Samantha for nominating me because I am so sick these days it’s tough to write nicely after a full day at work. I hope what I am writing for this challenges is worth reading because I am struggling to stay awake and it’s only 10 PM. Man I miss those days when I used to stay awake till 6 in the morning and still be roaring to go for another day. Lol I feel like I am crying with my words. Sorry if I bored you. So, third day huh? Can’t believe I made it. Ain’t gonna give any information about the awesome people I quote today, if you want, read about them at your leisure.

So here we go.

                                    quote Challenge Day iii
Robert Frost. Quote challenge

Who doesn’t know Robert Frost? If you have been Googling for more than 5 years you must have stumbled upon him minimum once. If you haven’t the loss is yours. Better go make up right now.
He was one heck of a poet & writer. This quote never fails in making me laugh. So whenever I feel bad I say this quote out loud and laugh. It lightens me instantly. Maybe try it when you are in such situation?

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Quote Challenge Day II

3 day quote challenge day II

It’s a new day.  Hi you ^.^ I always feel fresh and happy about the thought of one more day (except sometimes I wish I didn’t have to go for work). Today is the second day of 3 day quote challenge and I am delighted to say that today I will be sharing quotes from a few women whose thoughts resonates with mine. Yesterday I quoted two men it’s only fair that today I give the chance to women or feminists will point at that as well. Lol just kidding.

My first choice is Frida Kahlo. I designed this image to share it yesterday but I didn’t for a few reasons.

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3 Days Quotes Challenge

3 Day Quotes Challenge Day I

 The threeday quotes challenge

Every now and then I find myself referring to  different quotes. We love quotes, don’t we? It makes it easier to convey our points with the words of someone who has been there, done that and said something about it.  Yesterday Samantha from Dictionary Dutch nominated me for the famous 3-day-quote-challenge. You can read her entry here, I am excited to read her day II take on the challenge.

Fortunately today is my home country, INDIA’s republic day and I couldn’t have been nominated at a better time. I want to thank my country man who fought for justice and brought into existence the “Constitution of India” as we know it. Every constitution has its strong points and weak point but to have one was a fight in the 1950s. Well, that’s a topic for another day.

Quotes Dr. B R Ambedkar

Dr. B R Ambedkar was fondly known as “Babasaheb”. He was a juror and he completed his study from London School of Economics and Politics. I love the way he talks about ideas and their mortality. I can not remember how many ideas have died down inside me because I had to write them later! Later I couldn’t remember at all. His this words instill my energy to work better on my writing.

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Coco Chanel, blogging

New to Blogging? Here’s few things you must remember

Blogging is a mammoth. More than 1.7 Million blogs are being created everyday. So that means by the time I am done writing this post around 7 thousand blogs will be born. 7 Thousand baby blogs in half an hour & more than 1.7 million in a day. That is a huge amount! This amount is only for blogs which means blogspot, tumblr, wattpad etc numbers are not included. Now let’s take it a notch up – more than 52.8 million posts are published, more than 48.6 million comments are made, more than 20.6 billion pages are created and (yes just one more) more than 409 million people are reading blogs in a month. Okay lets take a deep breath and continue.

1.7 million new blogs everyday is pretty mind-boggling. I don’t know about you but I am pretty amazed and thinking, “wow that means my blog is visible for like one millisecond a day!” No one tells newbie bloggers that blogging is a battle field where fiery arrows are being released every second and you got to ditch them all. Everyone is making nice content and everyone wants more recognition. Which is even difficult and so many of us give up midway and never return. I just want to write this post to tell you that, take a deep breath and hold on, keep doing what you can do best and you will make it. Let’s get on with the main points.

  • Remember why you started blogging.  – I started blogging because I wanted to write. I wanted to make someone feel that what they do is important. To me blogging is serious, I am not here for time-pass. But for the first few months I wasn’t able to write a lot! I was lucky to have a few visitors! I felt like no one reads why should I be here? But thanks to someone who inspire me, I kept blogging. I am glad I did. Talent is natural but talent can be of no use if you do not learn to harness it, building it is up to you just like we do with skills. Don’t get tired easily.

Don’t aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally. ~David Frost

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“A New FRIEND” Weekly Column by Kaushal Bhatt

“A New Friend” is a new fun weekly column by our fellow blogger – Kaushal Bhatt. Blogging is versatile. It has many perks and one such perk is “meeting new people and be able to read their thoughts” & in the long-term some even become your constant companions in the blogosphere. Communication becomes the key if you want to have an engaging presence in the bloggoshpere.  Inventing new ways to communicate and having fun in the mean time is the side effect of being a blogger.

Kaushal from Expressive Human is an innovative guy and few days ago he asked me if I would like to be a part of his new column: “A New Friend”. To me the idea was new and fun, something I had never done before. So I took the offer. Turned out to be a wonderful experience. If you would like to be a part of this column please contact him.

The Original Post-  A New FRIEND

Here’s a glimpse –

Blog & Talk. I’m adding a new feature ” A New Friend” on my blog in which I’ll publish the response of a fellow blogger to my questions. It’s a great idea to grow the community and to learn from the experiences of others. Yes, this is about talking.

A little introduction


A New Friend

Cute. Isn’t she?


Few days back, I met a blogger whom I found interesting and was able to connect with her because:

  1. She writes because she believes in that.
  2. If you will ask courteously, she will surely respond to your request. (No shit, please. I meant only in a professional way.)

Her name is Hemangini and she writes for My Petridish. It will be enough to tell that she has reached from 28 followers (that’s when I subscribed) to 90 followers in a quick span of time.

Now the Q (by me) and A (by her) part, for which this post was meant

Head over to this link – “A New Friend” to read the rest of the post.

I’d like to thank Kaushal once again for asking me to be a part of this.

Have a good day everyone. 🙂



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